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Josh’s email:
deadtank at gmail dot com

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1520 N Main St
Jacksonville, FL 32206
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  1. Salutations!

    I would love to give you folks business, but when I see the amount of trash and cigarette butts in front of your business, it makes me sad.

    Please clean it up, take pride in your business and responsibility in your community, then I will be back.



  2. Sarah! Is it really that bad? All these cigarette butts, trash, expensive condos, high rent and horrible businesses are littering this whole area – It makes us sad too.. But we try!

  3. hi there, thanks so much for picking up some bleubird rip usa the birdfleu 2LP’s it makes me happy that these great records get spread around!!

    Gr, jorrit

  4. yo josh,
    i’m organizing an art show for the june art walk in the w.a.knight building. the theme is LP cover art! basically, whoever wants to display there favorite LP & 12″ covers is welcome to contribute. i’m also planning to buy 100 blank 12″ sleeves w/ the hole and pass them out to local artists (think graf & painters, etc) and hopefully display their original work. i’d love inertia records to display and maybe even set up a table and sell records.
    email me & let me know what you think.

    dj caz

  5. so obvious you like real music.
    pls visit http://typingisnotactivism.wordpress.com/2007/06/19/just-one-more-reason-to-hate-christina-aguilera/
    for a stoopid weird chuckle

  6. maybe i’m just retarted, but do you guys have a phone number?

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