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Dear Jacksonville, Get Thrashin!

August 1, 2007

Blog wizard Joey Marchy of throws down a great interview here with the person behind the Dear Jacksonville zine project. Click the link to figure out how to make your anonymous submission.

San Marco gets THRASHIN’ this weekend for the midnight movie…


“As a story, Thrashin’ is basically a remake of West Side Story, with much of the plot and character interaction modeled after this contemporary American musical version of  Romeo and Juliet. This is not surprising when you discover that the director, David Winters, played one of the Jets in the Broadway and film versions of West Side Story. But let’s face it, the storyline and even the dialogue isn’t the reason you watch a film like this. It’s for the photography and skateboard action scenes, not the plot. Josh Brolin has the look of a skateboard champion, and there is an on-screen chemistry between Brolin and Pamela Gidley that transcends their dialogue. Although is some attempt to introduce other characters in Corey’s circle and among the Daggers, and a few humorous bits, the film soon focuses on the triangle between Corey, Hook, and Chrissy. There is a good selection of skater music, and an early video appearance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers that give the film authenticity. But this film is really a symphony of skater moves and multiple chucks shots, a real period piece of the L.A. skater scene in the mid eighties. That is the basis for someone to enjoy Thrashin’.”

Thrashin plays August 3rd and 4th at midnight at the San Marco Theatre. Bring in your Kona Skatepark receipt and get a buck off admission.


Give Me Back

March 23, 2007

splash.jpgGive Me Back, the zine that formed in the wake of Heartattack’s demise, has completed it’s first issue.

This issue features interviews with Seein Red, Philly’s Pissed and Philly Stands Up, Tiny Hawks, Envy, Donna (of RVA’s C.L.I.T. Fest) and Jeb Branin of the Crass Menagerie zine. It’s also packed with great columns from Kent McClard, The Down There Health Collective, Hope, Keith Rosson, Katy Otto, Travis Fristoe, Julia Booze and more. Plus, there are all the reviews and tons of great photos from Joshua Peach, Matt Average, Karen Kirchhoff and Fil.

If you would like to help distribute zines or just order a copy for yourself, get in touch with them! Give Me Back is basically free, but they cost a lot to mail to you. Below are the rates they’re using. Please make all checks or money orders out to “Give Me Back”.

Single Issues:
In the US: $1.50
Canada and Mexico: $2.00
World (airmail): $5.00

Distro Boxes: (buy a box and give them out at shows!!!)
US: $5.00 = 8lbs, $10.00 = around 22lbs
World: $10.00 = 4lbs

PO Box 73691
Washington, DC 20056

We’ll be getting a box for the store. But you should get some from them too!