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Negative Reinforcement

November 19, 2007

So, in my last post I mentioned Billy in Daytona, This is For You Fest and the like – and this morning I get a message from him about how he’s doing shirts again too.  We’ll be getting these shirts in the shop soon.  Amazing stuff.

Some rad animal rights / vegan ones, stuff about bikes, and great band shirts…





Check out the Negative Reinforcement myspace profile for more shirts designs and contact information.


Heartworks has Closed

September 29, 2007

Between investors pulling out, coolers breaking and a general lack of business – Elaine Wheeler, Heartworks owner, has called it quits today.  A sad day indeed. 

Our store opening was a way for Heartworks to reopen over a year ago.  After Elaine found more suitable partners, Inertia was asked to leave – which worked out great for us, and I thought would be great for Heartworks.  But, rather quickly, the new investors weren’t working out for one reason or another – and here we are with even more limited options for Jacksonville’s vegetarians and vegans.


Potluck Pictures…

September 26, 2007

… are posted at our Flickr page. Thanks to Crystal for taking some photos, even if you did show up late when most people were leaving.

>>>>>>>>>>>   Next Vegan Potluck – October 6th <<<<


Southern Alliance for Clean Energy / Vegan Potluck

September 23, 2007

This Wednesday at Inertia, 6:30pm.

A free volunteer training session by Nikki Benoit of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Nikki said it best – “Basically, I’m recruiting folks across the state to attend any and all candidate events to ask questions about global warming and our need for clean energy initiatives.”

Every candidate that comes into our state must know that you care about clean energy and stopping global warming.

For more information, visit The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

See you Wednesday.


Vegan Potluck update!

The above image is of a vegan bicycle team, read about them here.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our first vegan potluck on Saturday.  From 7pm to nearly 11pm we had over 30 people bringing vegan dishes and hanging out.  It was remarkable for such a last minute event.  Thanks again. Pictures up soon.

The next vegan potluck is Saturday, Oct 6th – same time, 7pm. Remember to make a mix tape/CD for the mix tape trade bin.  You can actually bring by your mix tapes / CDs whenever we’re open and drop them in the box.

…and finally.

Refer to previous posts here and here, for things we’ve ordered that come in this week. We’re a great bike destination (with AC!)  for you and your friends. Come hang.

…and let me just dispell some rumours and let some cats out of the respective bags – for those you really reading this.  Mt. Eerie is playing the store on Thanksgiving night. Iron Lung is playing (ok, but you should already know that).  We’re setting up things to be a paper and electronics recycling drop off point.  We’re setting up things to be a meeting / cooking place for Food Not Bombs. October 16th marks the first class of Freeschool at the new location.