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Dead Tank Records and Mailorder

June 3, 2008

The store is closed.  We do mailorder and still release stuff as Dead Tank Records.

Visit the site here.



December 21, 2007

Time killer? All killer-no filler? 


The December Issue of New Scientist, talks about how computer servers are as bad for the environment as SUVs. Hmm..

In a very “off the record but potentially going in my blog” conversation with Jennifer McCharen (you know,, the following statements / information was culled…

“Nothing is safe from the overwhelming pessimism of the environmental movement! … I knew it already, I just hadn’t read a comparison that direct… The EPA issued a report on data center energy usage….It’s currently at 1.5% of all energy consumed in the US, expected to double in 5 years.”

Lengthy, but interesting, article about a Chinese Factory in Shenzhen at The Atlantic – Try to read that in time for your winter holiday, especially you last minute shoppers.

And speaking of gifts, here you are! – You can watch Philip Glass’s short films for Sesame Street, from 1977, here.

Also, bored record goons take note, I’ve started ‘cataloging’ all of my records – you can look at the list here. Mostly for trading / whatever purposes. I have a list posted on viva la vinyl as well, but having one as a separate page means anyone can see it. Like it says, I’m not done typing it out.

Lastly, and speaking of potentially silly websites, I have a Facebook and Myspace account. Like everyone and there mother, I was on myspace first. Facebook had no one on it, and seemed weird for me to use – I’m not into like re-reconnecting to my friends. Anyway long story short(ish) Max Wood, of Applied Communications etc, gave me some rad code to wipe out the advertisement crap on Myspace – I did this as a short of half assed response to alot of the anti-myspace chatter in various punk/hardcore circle.  So… you can basically turn your myspace into what you want, but still have a connective point for your Myspace loving “friends.” Anyway MY space is Email me if you want that silly code.  

Have a good holiday.


Inertia is closing…

August 28, 2007

Details forthcoming, maybe.  But yes – as of Sept 9th, no more record store. 

So I guess swing by one last time before then.



Richmond’s Johnny Z

May 8, 2007

The following was taken from a Richmond News page here.  Johnny recently came through on a Florida tour with Tigershark.

“Police probe activist’s death
Body of ‘Jonny Z’ was under the Boulevard Bridge in Richmond

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 – 12:08 AM


An abandoned bike, a pair of sneakers and blood on Richmond’s Boulevard Bridge were among the pieces of evidence detectives pored over yesterday as they tried to solve the death of a popular city musician, artist and activist.

The body of Jonathan Raymond Zanin, 26, was found about 4 a.m. beneath the north side of the bridge.

Police were unsure yesterday whether Zanin’s death was an accident, suicide or homicide. The pedestrian walkway where his bike and sneakers were found is narrow, and the fence that protects walkers and riders on the outer edge is about 5 feet high.

“We’re still actively working to determine not only the cause of death, but the circumstances surrounding his death,” said Rich-mond police spokeswoman Cynthia Price.

She said there was no preliminary indication that Zanin had been robbed, but the investigation is continuing.

Zanin’s body was taken to the state medical examiner’s office.

Friends said that just hours before he died, Zanin — known as “Jonny Z” — had organized a fundraiser for the group Food, Not Bombs at the New York Delicatessen in Carytown.

They believe the slightly built activist, who rode his bike wherever he went in Richmond, was heading across the bridge to his home in the 800 block of West 49th Street in South Richmond when he died.

“I would be 100 percent shocked if it was anything but foul play,” said Kriss Wilson, owner of Superior Documents, for whom Zanin had worked for several years.

He left in December to help run the Bizarre Art Market on East Grace Street, near the Virginia Commonwealth University campus. Zanin was a VCU graduate.

“He was one of the most giving people I’ve ever known,” Wilson added. “He was very involved with feeding the homeless and [other] charity work and had a great heart. He was full of life and compassion for other people.”

Friends said Zanin worked in restaurants such as Café 821 and Joe’s Inn to help support himself and the causes he embraced. He was also an accomplished drummer who played in a number of bands that toured the country, said Café 821 owner Andrew Clarke, a close friend, neighbor and fellow musician.

“Anywhere I’ve ever been in my life there’s always been one person who wondered if I knew Jonny Z,” said Clarke, describing his friend’s magnetic personality. “And they always had the best things to say about him.”

Yesterday, Zanin’s love of life was remembered by groups of friends who gathered in Oregon Hill and near Zanin’s home, where their loss was expressed in floral bouquets and mementos that filled his porch steps.

“He wasn’t concerned with himself,” Wilson said. “He was concerned with everyone else.”