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This Friday

August 28, 2007



Summer is slowing down…

August 26, 2007

…at least for me.

Save this evenings Wayward Council Benefit show with Environmental Youth Crunch in Gainesville, I’m done.  The summer has been jammed packed with shows, tours, records and the naturally accompanying great times. But it’ll be nice to recede into the cooler months with a much needed deep breath.  

Part of this is my decision to not do mailorder.   I was so excited about everything in Europe, and I come home and add to my already busy life by trying to do mailorder?  No thanks.  An error of exuberance and excitement perhaps, but an error none the less.  Concerning mailorder, I’ll only be dealing with Dead Tank releases and friends releases as I always have.  

Speaking of the label, the Environmental Youth Crunch “Let’s Ride” LP has been completed and copies are available at Inertia. The CD version on Bakery Outlet Records will be available at the store soon.  Other upcoming releases on the in-house label include Gomek’s “What The Hell Happened?” 7″, from Orlando, and New York’s Dessert Storm on a 7″.  For good measure, Gomek’s myspace page is here, and we posted previously about Dessert Storm here. I’ll be doing an LP version of the Cassette LP on Bakery Outlet Records, with the bakers themselves – that is, a split label release. Cassette is Samantha Jones of Bitchin/Rumbleseat/Slang. Listen to her songs here.

Lily from Tampa, who rode with us to Best Friends Day, sent me some pictures BFD stuff. Check out our flickr page, linked to the right.  Playing with Environmental Youth Crunch at Richmond’s Best Friends Day was unbelievable. Thanks to all of Richmond for everything and the massive amount of Floridians who made the drive.

Oh yeah…

All this talk… sometimes I lose sight of the fact that this is a blog for a record store.  Here’s the cut n’ dry of it.  We’ll have these new two great records soon from Richmonds Rorschach Records.

* Brainworms / The Catalyst split 7″ 
* V/A – Best Friends Day Compilation feat.  Brainworms, Pink Razors, Snacktruck, Kylesa, Ultra Dolphins, Deadfall, Environmental Youth Crunch, Tigershark, Best Fwends, Iron Lung, Rager, Dynamite Arrows. All proceeds go back to the bands, Best Friends Day(so they can keep stuff cheap), and Marty Zanin’s efforts in El Salvador.

And some not so great news…

Don’t have any big orders for new records on the horizon, we recently did that a bunch and still have something for everyone in the bins. 

Otherwise, summertime commerce, as it were, has been slow.  And while I’m not sweatin’ that by any means, it’s been slower in fact for the Heartworks Cafe with whom our fate as a record store resides.  We opened the store a means for them to stay open,  and despite Inertia’s fruitful efforts at earning rent, dutifully paying taxes, and increasing general interest in the space – Heartworks is still sort of plodding through these hot months of drippy AC units. 

That being said, swing by for a carrot dog or for weekend brunch.  I’m not even sure what plan B is at this point.  Though believe me I’m working on it. Right now all it looks like is one less vegetarian/vegan place to eat, a town with no independent record store, and my garage having a lot more records.  Sticking to plan A sounds good.


Two Cool Jacksonville Shows

August 21, 2007


Someone sent me this message about a show on Wednesday…”We’re trying a guerilla show. No permits, no permission, were just taking back the parks of Jacksonville with good music and good food. Well be starting the Vegan potluck and music at 8p.m. Wed. Aug 22nd at Treaty Oak park. 1123 Prudential Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32202.

If you feel the urge bring some food, bring a friend. If you decide to bring anything alcoholic please make sure its concealed. Ex. Water bottles, flasks, camelbacks. We will be at a city park, so lets play it smart and have some fun.

Bands: Delands Lauris Vidal
Katie Grace Helow
Whatever the folk it takes
Girl Swirls and Mushroom clouds
Big Black Joe

Spread the word. This will be intimate but this aint no private party.

House show at the Good Idea House (2057 Ernest St)

2 Legit
We Are Bears (Richmond Va)
Since 1913(Richmond Va)
Hadouken 8pm

Free Kegs


Best Friends Day #6, Post 1

August 20, 2007


Refer to our previous post here to get the info on what Best Friends Day is…

So get prepared for a series of random and half prepared posts as I find pictures online or friends email me pictures.  The one above is one of the group photos from Hadad’s on Saturday.

Day one was the show at Skatelab.  I was in Jacksonville playing a show at The Pit with EYC and Landlord.  But I found from flickr photos from that show here. I’ll forever be amazed that this place opens its doors to hundreds of punk kids on rollerskates, kegs, and hardcore bands for evening on insanity.

Friday was the Scavenger hunt.  This photo was taken from this myspace profile.

Haven’t found any pictures from Saturday’s show yet with Rager,  Ultra Dolphins and Baroness.  We left Jacksonville just it time to get to Richmond for this show.

Saturday was the infamous Hadads.  Here is a video of Nate from Snack Truck / Ultra Dolphins playing at Hadads. The following pictures from Hadads were culled from this flickr account.

Dance Machines


The Other Bikes

Intense Slides


That night, the show was cancelled for some mysterious reason.  Things stilled pulled through and Environmental Youth Crunch, Pink Razors, and Dropdead playing in a Richmond basement. Word travelled fast and the basement, backyard and street were full of people.  After all was said and done the basement was sadly ruined.  The drop ceiling w/ ceiling tiles was completely obliterated, and the floor had caved in. 

Oh, and I found  a video of some Best Friends Day 5 footage here.


I’ll post more things as I find them etc.  The next few days I’ll be out of town on tour with Civilization, Black Cobra and The Kult of Ouroboros.  Listen to newly recorded Civilization jams here.

Tuesday – Common Grounds in Gainesville
Wednesday – Transitions in Tampa
Thursday – Uncle Lou’s in Orlando


This Thursday at THE PIT

August 14, 2007

The Pit in Riverside..
Pit Show


Show at THE PIT, Vegetarian Potluck.

August 8, 2007

Pit Show!

The show starts on time.  Weird, right?  I want to party and have a good time, but it’d be nice if the show was accessible to everyone, that means not having it go till 3am.  8pm is a good time to hang and eat food, and 10pm is a good time to get loud and crazy.  No underage drinking.  Please don’t ruin this for everyone else.  Definetly come hang out, but stay inside the fenced area and clean up after yourself.  I know it’s just a parking lot, but people pay rent at The Pit – people who get fined by the city and pissed when you leave it a mess.  Please respect this space, bullshit attitudes stay home.

The band Instrumenstration will be playing during the potluck.  It’s Carmen and Kia from The Mountain Yellers.

Bring food to the potluck already cooked and prepared, we won’t have a grill or anything at The Pit.  If you show up a with a pizza, you and a friend get in for free.  I mean cooking is good and all, but pizza is also good.  Also, beer is not food.

Bands links..
Shitagoddamn myspace link
Extorbosocial myspace link
Section 802
FTN myspace link


Weekend times…

August 3, 2007

Friday brings forth Blacks Kids to TSI.  I saw em play at Art Walk and liked it.  I’ll be in Tampa Friday for the last Holy Mountain show. Saturday is your day of rest… and Sunday…

If it rains, it’ll be that much crazier….

And plan ahead for next weekend. Saturday August 11th yields a glorious show at THE PIT in Riverside.  8pm kicks off the vegetarian potluck. Bring food at 8, and the show only costs you $2-3.  Two chill bands play the potluck – Instrumenstration, and Tuffy. Things get loud around 10pm with Shitagoddam, Extorbosocial, Section 802, FTN. The last three bands are from Miami and are touring together. Lets show them a good time!