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The Weekend Starts Early

May 9, 2007

The weekend starts early for me. I’ll be on a short tour with the band Environmental Youth Crunch that I play drums for (tour dates on posted on the Deadtank site). So don’t expect any posts for a few days.  I saw these two show’s flyers and felt like I had to post about them.

Our second show is in Miami at The Fire Fly. I’ve been amped to check this place out for quite some time. A few friends of mine started it up but I haven’t been able to go. They have a lending library and scads of other rad things going on. Check out the website. I’ll be interviewing them for this blog at some point.  Scope this out though – A costume contest! you have to dress like a “water dweller.”

The Firefly

Our third show, third of four (FOUR DAY WEEKEND!) – is in Deland. This show features, among the obvious bands, a “Chug-of-War.” I have no idea what that is, but I’m thoroughly planning on trying my best to win – followed by an interesting set with EYC I’m sure. Also note “Mustache Required” and “Please, No Computers”.



Also, a while back I posted about the corn field on the corner of Park and Forest. Well I met the farmer, Brett, and his son, Chris, yesterday. He uses the nearby building as a art studio. And that old florist shop? His wife is planning on opening a mexican restauraunt in that space.  He talked about bands playing, and movie projections on the side of his studio.  When I get back into town, I’ll be talking with him alot more and letting you know all about it.  


Biodome show! Brooklyn Development

April 30, 2007

Bio dome Foamdome!
Saturday’s show in St. Augustine at The Biodome was amazingly rad.  I haven’t played 500 in forever (you know, that game with the football) and I still can’t catch well. 

The first band, Secretary of the Future, was really good. It was the Secretary’s first show. Then Alligator played (they played here at Shanty Town once I know – with Tigershark).  Followed by Lily, aka Inertia, and Environmental Youth Crunch.  It was a benefit show for St. Augustine’s Collective Press, a great non-profit publication. The show raised over $100. Oh, and it was at a house and a total blast.  Look at our flickr page for some more pictures.

Totally unrelated (or not?) … I saw this biking home from work yesterday.  Corn!Corn!

I seen lots of drawings and proposals about development in the Brooklyn area (that’s the area of town by The Pit), but I didn’t know how promising it would be until now. 

Corn Corn!


Make Your Own Record Cleaner

March 5, 2007

cleaner1.jpgHere’s an interesting page on how to make you own vacuum record cleaner.  Something to keep in mind next time you’re playing your record and end up pulling lumps of dust off the needle.  

Alot of places have various record cleaning machines and fluids for sale. Vacuum cleaners range anywhere from $250 to $2000.  And, well… that’s just stupid.