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Back From Tour

March 19, 2008

Athens, GA - The Hangar

….and I have some pictures up on the flickr page.  Not a whole lot since my camera was acting up, but I’ll be getting some more from a friend shortly.  

Slowly getting back on the horse here since returning…  


Upcoming Three Day Rager

September 29, 2007

Last Friday was loaded. Riverside house parties. Jaxcore benefit at The Pearl.  Airport Factory and Wuden at TSI.  Dark Castle, Antartic, Hadouken and 2 Legit at Yesterdays. Well, weekends are one thing. Active, nice – but kind of expected.  Weekday events that rule… That’s the sign of a killer city gone right.  Every day of the week something exciting.

Two weeks ago there was a house show on Myra – featuring Livewire Boys, Shitagoddamn, 2 Legit and one other band.  This show was on a Wednesday night in someones living room!! (not what’s pictured above – that’s Shittagoddamn playing at The Pit.)  Anyway, totally crucial times.  Turned to a friend of mine who wants to move to Portland – “Why do you want to move to Portland? This rules.” 

So… weekday events.

Day One. Oct 2nd @ Shanty Town.

Wednesday’s ‘Crucial Helping’ DJs, Dylan, Jason and Brendan, haved switched nights. Tuesdays and getting crucial now.  They’ve also taken a rookie into their ranks – me.  I’ll be spinning records on Tuesdays now as well.  I promise Television, Bayonettes, Observers, Wipers, The Vicious, Jay Reatard, Kill The Hippies, Onion Flavored Rings, Carrie Nations, and some Cypress Hill for good measure.  Dude, they’re good.

Day Two. Oct 3rd @ Downtown – A celebration of my birth… and Art Walk.
Yep. Downtown Vision whipped us this little event for my birthday, thanks guys!

Day Three. Oct 4th @ Shanty Town – Shitagoddamn and ICU.

You think you’d get tired of this place, you really would. But nope. Enough diversity between nights and it’s all good. Plus some record store, with righteous hours of operation, is right next door.  ICU is some New York punk ‘featuring’ Dave (of local Pull The Trigger fame) on Bass.

And then rest up for the Vegan Potluck October 6th at 7pm @ Inertia.


Heartworks has Closed

September 29, 2007

Between investors pulling out, coolers breaking and a general lack of business – Elaine Wheeler, Heartworks owner, has called it quits today.  A sad day indeed. 

Our store opening was a way for Heartworks to reopen over a year ago.  After Elaine found more suitable partners, Inertia was asked to leave – which worked out great for us, and I thought would be great for Heartworks.  But, rather quickly, the new investors weren’t working out for one reason or another – and here we are with even more limited options for Jacksonville’s vegetarians and vegans.


Medusa Buttons

September 14, 2007

Well, we’ve barely cracked open our doors to the public – shit, we didn’t even get to hang a sign last night because of the rain – and the space is already prompting some other great uses.  One of our employees is utilizing that ‘just chillin and watchin the store’ time well.


So if you need buttons for your band, organization or whatever – now you know where to go.


New Space Construction and Black Power

September 4, 2007

PhotoNew Inertia

Sunday afternoon Steve Sikes, Ryan Strasser, and I built the separating wall, and hung the door.

Monday, for a few hours, Joe Gaskin, Jessica and I took apart some existing shelving and made a shelf useful for our purposes.   John and Eli showed up in time to clean up, and they missed pizza, heh.  Many thanks to everyone who helped!

Also on Monday, Joey Marchy, of the famed Urban Jacksonville blog, stopped by and took some pictures.  Check them out here.

Speaking of fame, Jacksonville band Black Kids are featured in both Vice and NME.  So tour already guys.

PS –  Remember to check out all the new stuff we’re getting in!


Shellshocked Distro

August 11, 2007

Our in-house label Dead Tank started out as a distro in 2001.  Setting up a table at shows to sell records and books.  That turned into the label, and all of that turned into our store six years later. 

Cory from Shellshocked (far right) emailed me a while back about his distro.  I was really excited because not many distros exist in Florida.  I thought I’d pass on the word about what he’s doing.

“Shellshocked Distro was started back in 2004 and due to some financial trouble I had to take a break for a year but now I’ve started it back up again.  I’m hoping to keep it going for good this time. Same as before, all money that I make will go back into buying other records. I try my best to get crust, d-beat and stenchcore records that you don’t normally see in a FL distro, especially releases from Swedish, Japanese, Finnish, Polish, South American and yes even US bands. If there’s anything you’re looking for that I don’t carry let me know and I’ll see if I can get ahold of it for you. “ shelshock.jpgTo order just email or contact him through his myspace page with what you’d like. Shellshocked is currently operating out of Venice, FL –  but is moving to Tampa shortly.
You can contact Cory via email at, and through his myspace page here.

Click the “More” link below to see the current Shellshocked Catalog. Read the rest of this entry ?


Local Bummer – Wolfgang Robbed

July 14, 2007


This picture is of an advert in next week’s Folio.  Just wanted to get it filtered out into the  community another way. Serious reward offer, folks. Curtis has put up $1000, cash, to the person that first provides the information that results in the arrest and conviction of those involved in the felony.  Curtis is one serious dude when it comes to people stealing food off of his plate.  I don’t know much about fancy jeans – but I do know it sucks to have your store robbed.