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Post Artwalk Posts, New Library Website, Inertia gets Assembled.

May 3, 2007

The digitization of Artwalk is upon us! Joey Marchy of has posted a picture of every piece of art from three Artwalk Galleries here.  So now that you know some of what you are missing, don’t miss it again!

New Library SiteAnd speaking of digitization of the physical world, the library has posted a preview of it’s new website here. The new design will go into effect on May 29.  What do you web design people think of this?

Lastly, the good folks at Assemble, a slowly and diligently coming to fruition craft community project and store, asked me some questions about Bizarre Market and Freeschools. Reading the answers can be done here.


Patrick Hughes and Jon Resh.

April 12, 2007

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Patrick Hughes and Jon Resh will be at the downtown Jacksonville library next Sunday, April 22nd in a double shot of programming majesty.

Patrick Hughes has previously written for Thrasher, Jazziz and a number of other magazines. Pat will be plugging his soon-to-be released book, “Diary of Indignities.” The book is a collection of his blog writing, entitled Badnewshughes.

diary.jpgLibrary programmer Scott Adams says, “I don’t know what tales he will recreate, but if he tells the one about the bus that kidnapped kids and took ’em to church where he got kicked out for having a retarded kid kiss him, that’s worth coming downtown on a Sunday for, right there.”

After Pat’s talk, Jon will talk about his graphic design work, and will probably be all inspirational and stuff. Jon Resh who designed the book was a founding member of the Gainesville band Spoke, which was detailed in his book Amped. Since then, he’s started his own design company, called Undaunted, and has designed books for Krist Noveselic, Joe Meno, as well as several other books including the No Gods No Masters Anthology on AK Press. And a ton of band flyers and CD covers.

So come downtown to the air conditioning and hear some funny stories from some awesome people.


Jacksonville’s Step It Up 2007 Events, and more…

April 11, 2007


Scope this flyer! See you this Saturday.

Well you probably already read the article in Folio this week (which, if not, you should totally read asap! Owen Holmes is rockin!) –  and therefore you know that this Saturday is kind of a big day.

The topic of Global Warming is so big in fact that I saw that it made the cover of Time Magazine recently. (I’m sure it’s been on plenty of newsstands in various forms, I just noticed it while in line at Publix. And no, I didn’t BUY it, the library carries that magazine!)

And global warming is so misunderstood of topic that – a friend of mine recently mentioned how his mom asked him if he “believes” in global warming.  When he told her it’s been a topic he’s heard about for quite some time – like years – she was shocked. So apparently, even ‘yr mom’ may not know what’s up.

There are THREE individual events occurring Saturday, April 14th as part of Jacksonville’s participation in Step It Up 2007’s national day of climate change action.

10am: ALLTEL STADIUM. Step It Up press conference held by the National Wildlife Federation.

2pm: JCNI PANEL AND PUBLIC DIALOGUE ON CLIMATE CHANGE. At Riverside Presbyterian Day School.

5pm: RECEPTION AND CONCERT IN RIVERSIDE PARK. Featuring Teen Vogue Dot Com, Airport Factory, Joe Gaskins, Environmental Youth Crunch and Tubers!

And though not a Step It Up event, a nice way to end the day!…

8pm: AUTHOR/SPEAKER ALEXIS ZIEGLER will be speaking at Inertia. Check out our previous post about him here.

And the Public Library in all it’s wisdom (yes!) has an upcoming program titled “Global Warming: Crisis or Myth.”  From the Libraries website– “Lee McLane, Global Warming Messenger from the Al Gore Training Project, will speak on this timely topic, which is based on Al Gore’s book and movie An Inconvenient Truth.” Sounds awesome.  

That program is…
Monday, April 16 @ 6:00 PM.
Regency Square Branch Library
9900 Regency Square Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32225
(904) 726-5142