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Gainesville Fest / Halloween House Show

November 1, 2007

Some pictures from Gainesville Fest and last nights Halloween show. More pictures on our flickr page.  

Gainesville Fest
…in Gainesville. I didn’t get many band pictures…
In order of appearance. Old Growth, selling records on the sidewalk, people at Environmental Youth Crunch show, Environmental Youth Crunch, fresh tattoos “See You Next Fall”, Off Minor.
old growththinkin eyc eyc See you Next Fall. offminor

Halloween Show
…at the Good Idea House.
Halloweenshow 032

Halloweenshow 005 Halloweenshow 009

Halloweenshow 026Halloweenshow 024

Fun Costumes
Halloweenshow 033 Halloweenshow 037 Halloweenshow 043 Halloweenshow 035 Halloweenshow 034


New Band, New Records

October 30, 2007

vult.jpgI’m in a new band called Vultures.  We’re playing at the Good Idea House (on Ernest St.) Wednesday night with 2 Legit and Mommy’s Mistakes.  Starts around 8, ends around 10.

Then we’ll be playing a few dates around Florida.

Go to our website here for more information. It’s a myspace account, but thanks to some help from Max Wood, we blocked out all the ads and ugly useless stuff.  Still get connected easily to other people on that ugly social networking tool that literally everyone and their mother uses – but at least it’s a little bit more on our own terms.

We’re closed until November 5th since we’ll be out of town.  Here’s some new records coming in though.  Everytime I go out of town and get stoked on so many neat things – like last weekend being at Gainesville Fest –  I come back so amped about stuff and always end up buying more records for the store. Well not just any records. I always get stuff that I am super into. Anyway, this stuff we’ll be here in a week or so…

BORN DEAD – The Final Collapse LP

Gatefold sleeve + 8 page printed booklet. Charging Anarcho-punk, steeped in East bay hardcore moodiness and UK peace punk politics, this second LP by Oakland’s BORN/DEAD offers no let up in blasting fury, with seven new tracks and a raging cover of ’90’s English band CRESS. Ignited with raw guitar attack and pummeling drums, fueled by Dual vocal shouts spewing point blank politics, BORN/DEAD balance their street level, direct punk assault with the dark, artful edges of East Bay Hardcore (Ala Dead and Gone, Christ On Parade, Econochrist). Recorded by Greg Wilkinson ( Brainoil) at Ear Hammer with a flat UK’82- recording style, this LP comes packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with a printed 8- page lyric booklet. BORN/DEAD is currently on their third tour of Europe, following Multiple tours criss-crossing North America and Mexico and touring Australia and New Zealand in January.

LOOK BACK AND LAUGH – State of Illusion 7″
That’s right, this is a 7″ version of their out of print 4 song LP. A relentless barrage of raw and frenzied U.S. hardcore/punk with raging full-throttle politically/socially charged vocals. “State of Illusion” picks up right where their “Street Terrorism” EP left off, featuring some of the band’s most assaultive recorded material to date.

Germany and Sweden finally team up for this lil’ piece of fast and furious thrash! YACÖPSAE pay tribute to GANG GREEN (“Let’s drink some beer”) and VERBAL ABUSE (“I hate you”) while MASSGRAV fuck your brain with with cover of king of rock Eddie Meduza ( “Sossial Demokrateraa” ) and LOS CRUDOS (“Asesinos”).

VICIOUS – Alienated LP
Another retro record that sounds fresh in the modern day sound scape. Punk rock akin to Avengers, The Bags, or say 45 Grave but with a male singer. Catchy and enjoyable.

The second piece of vinyl by Hamburg’s thrash torpedo T.G.A.O.C., 7 more tunes that pick up where they left off after their 7″ debut in 2006. To the point, tight as fuck, still pulling the strings, ranging between something that once was called Powerviolence and ripping 80’s thrashcore! Just as somebody mentioned before: putting the hardcore back into hardcore!! After their smashing split 12″, Miami’s supernova of grindcore aka SHITSTORM deliver us some more immense assaults of blistering whirlwind-grind, that don’t let any time to draw breath in between! Absolutely determined to disassemble everything in range!!


YOUNG LIVERS is the first all-new Gainesville band that No Idea have released records from in a while. YOUNG LIVERS features folks from GLASS & ASHES, FIYA, and other musical brutarians and luminaries. Were I to say it sounded like Thin Lizzy, I would be taking a leap of journalistic license, but damn, those dueling guitar leads and jams do ignite the soul’s furnace in ways unexpected and joyous! So let’s drop names like the verb farmers we all are: Glass and Ashes, Wipers, Hoover, Drive Like Jehu, Sleepytime Trio, beer and good times hanging out at the show with brothers and sisters in arms. Hell yeah, that’s what I say.

INEPSY – No Speed Limit LP

Anticipated 3rd LP/CD by these canadian road warriors. They came out of nowhere with a fresh sound, stuck to it for their second LP, and turned up the filthy rock influences on this third one. More TANK, more KISS, less D-beat. Still the same old band though. Great production as usual, characteristic artwork, and a solid release.

INSECT WARFARE – World Extermination LP

Surpassing the brutality displayed on their earlier 7″ EPs, INSECT WARFARE deliver some of the fiercest grindcore since NAPALM DEATH`s From Enslavement on this LP. Seriously, this needs to be heard to be believed. No tech, no minimalist noise, this is pure, straight forward, raw grindcore that no other band seems able to deliver these days. While the larger death metal labels are salivating over this band, IxWx stay true to their DIY roots and prove that 1000mph raw grindcore belongs in the underground. Be prepared for slaughter.


Recorded by Zach (ex-SHARKATTACK) and Justin from MINDERASER on drums over a year and a half ago and features some of VIOLENT MINDS fastest tracks to date. Straight forward fierce hardcore stripped of polish – just raw distorted hardcore delivered at high velocity. Fans of DISCHARGE, MOTORHEAD and early American hardcore like NEGATIVE APPROACH take notice.

Straight out of the boozer and into the studio, these balding old timers from San Francisco bring the sounds of a northern council estate onto their second vinyl release. Four tracks of WIPERS, REALLY RED inspired post-punk darkness mixed with some C86 WEDDING PRESENT jangle and a dash of late 70’s Irish powerpop.

THE OBSERVERS – Walk alone 7″

Finally out after a couple years waiting THE OBSERVERS Walk alone 7″ European press finally sees the light of the day! The A-side track is driving, intense, brooding, melodic and wholly unique while the 2 songs on the B side are a perfect example of timeless catchy yet moody punk rock. The recording and production is raw but that just adds to the tension and intensity. It’s somewhere between THE WIPERS, NEWTOWN NEUROTICS and THE ADVERTS. This 3 tracker is limited to just 500 copies.

RED DONS – Death To Idealism LP

The Red Dons are the continuation of the Observers. After members abruptly left the band in 2005, Douglas Burns, the Observers’ lead singer, artist, and primary songwriter teamed up with Hajji Husayn to continue on with the band. Next, Justin Maurer (Clorox Girls) on guitar and re-named this new line-up the Red Dons. Death to Idealism is the group’s first full-length album, and is perfect for fans of the Vicious, No Hope For the Kids, Gorilla Angreb, Clorox Girls, and of course the Observers. As to be expected, this record stays in tune with the melancholy, melodic, and sometimes unpredictable punk sounds of the Observers, and even features the excellent ‘Walk Alone’ track which appeared on a previous Observers 7″ . Vinyl version comes with full color gatefold cover. The Red Dons are currently on an extensive European tour with an full tour of the USA planned for later in 2007.

MAXIMUM ROCK’N’ROLL #294 (November issue)
TALK IS POISON – Condensed Humanity LP 
PISSED JEANS – Shallow LP (gatefold) 
PHOBIA – Get Up And Kill LP 
MRR PRESENTS: PUBLIC SAFETY – comp LP with Limp Wrist, Look Back and
Laugh, Strung Up, Observers, Regulations, Deadfall, etc…
HIS HERO IS GONE – The Plot Sickens… LP 
INEPSY – City Weapons LP (gatefold) 
VICIOUS – Igen 7″ 
GORILLA ANGREB – discography CD 
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Feast of Shame LP 
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – The Pleasure Is All Thine LP 
OFF MINOR – Innominate LP 
TRAGEDY – Nerve Damage LP (gatefold) 
TRAGEDY – Vengence LP


Medusa Buttons

September 14, 2007

Well, we’ve barely cracked open our doors to the public – shit, we didn’t even get to hang a sign last night because of the rain – and the space is already prompting some other great uses.  One of our employees is utilizing that ‘just chillin and watchin the store’ time well.


So if you need buttons for your band, organization or whatever – now you know where to go.


Shellshocked Distro

August 11, 2007

Our in-house label Dead Tank started out as a distro in 2001.  Setting up a table at shows to sell records and books.  That turned into the label, and all of that turned into our store six years later. 

Cory from Shellshocked (far right) emailed me a while back about his distro.  I was really excited because not many distros exist in Florida.  I thought I’d pass on the word about what he’s doing.

“Shellshocked Distro was started back in 2004 and due to some financial trouble I had to take a break for a year but now I’ve started it back up again.  I’m hoping to keep it going for good this time. Same as before, all money that I make will go back into buying other records. I try my best to get crust, d-beat and stenchcore records that you don’t normally see in a FL distro, especially releases from Swedish, Japanese, Finnish, Polish, South American and yes even US bands. If there’s anything you’re looking for that I don’t carry let me know and I’ll see if I can get ahold of it for you. “ shelshock.jpgTo order just email or contact him through his myspace page with what you’d like. Shellshocked is currently operating out of Venice, FL –  but is moving to Tampa shortly.
You can contact Cory via email at, and through his myspace page here.

Click the “More” link below to see the current Shellshocked Catalog. Read the rest of this entry ?


Gainesville’s “The Ark” is closing

July 24, 2007

As you may or may not know, Gainesville’s “The Ark” is coming to a close this week. A showspace, community center and home to many – it will be celebrating its last run starting this Wednesday. A very sad, yet celebratory, time for many people. This is a tentative list of shows this week.

22 NE 11th St.

Wednesday July 25th:
Grabass Charlestons
Des Ark
Fourth World
Towers of Hanoi

Thursday July 26th:
Beat Buttons
DJ Rastacakes

BBQ @ 8pm
Strawberry Daiquiri bike ride @ 2pm

Friday July 27th:
Young Livers
Pink Razors
Erin Tobey
Dead Friends
Reactionary 3
Nervous Systems

Saturday July 28th
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb
Savage Brewtality
(Played the first show of the Ark and now the last)

Conversely, and with no competitive notions, this Thursday in St. Augustine is a show featuring these bands (perhaps if you can’t get to Gainesville on Saturday this is a good idea?)…

Thursday July 26th in St. Augustine
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb
Environmental Youth Crunch


Local Bummer – Wolfgang Robbed

July 14, 2007


This picture is of an advert in next week’s Folio.  Just wanted to get it filtered out into the  community another way. Serious reward offer, folks. Curtis has put up $1000, cash, to the person that first provides the information that results in the arrest and conviction of those involved in the felony.  Curtis is one serious dude when it comes to people stealing food off of his plate.  I don’t know much about fancy jeans – but I do know it sucks to have your store robbed.


Monsters + Art = Friday the 13th…of July

June 15, 2007

On July 13th there will be a house show going on in Riverside! For one night only, anything from Monsters and Goblins to Creatures and Zombies will be covering the walls of 2646 Herschel in Riverside. Featuring over 20 artists from all over North Florida, the Monster Show will feature an OPEN call for entries. Thats right, YOU, can submit something. The only rule being, the work has to be about monsters. What kind of monster? you decide. Drawing, painting, or sculpting? its up to you. if you can dream it we will take it. All entries must be dropped off at Inertia Records by Wednesday July 11th. All skill levels will be represented at the show so dont let your crappy drawing skills keep you from submitting. its a monster. you cant mess it up. the uglier the better. so go grab your crayons, pipecleaners and paper bags and get working. you have less than one month!

all questions can be emailed to Clay:
claydoran(-at-)gmail(-dot-)com (put monster show as subject (spam sucks) )
or buddy up with the artshow’s myspace here