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Southern Alliance for Clean Energy / Vegan Potluck

September 23, 2007

This Wednesday at Inertia, 6:30pm.

A free volunteer training session by Nikki Benoit of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Nikki said it best – “Basically, I’m recruiting folks across the state to attend any and all candidate events to ask questions about global warming and our need for clean energy initiatives.”

Every candidate that comes into our state must know that you care about clean energy and stopping global warming.

For more information, visit The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

See you Wednesday.


Vegan Potluck update!

The above image is of a vegan bicycle team, read about them here.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our first vegan potluck on Saturday.  From 7pm to nearly 11pm we had over 30 people bringing vegan dishes and hanging out.  It was remarkable for such a last minute event.  Thanks again. Pictures up soon.

The next vegan potluck is Saturday, Oct 6th – same time, 7pm. Remember to make a mix tape/CD for the mix tape trade bin.  You can actually bring by your mix tapes / CDs whenever we’re open and drop them in the box.

…and finally.

Refer to previous posts here and here, for things we’ve ordered that come in this week. We’re a great bike destination (with AC!)  for you and your friends. Come hang.

…and let me just dispell some rumours and let some cats out of the respective bags – for those you really reading this.  Mt. Eerie is playing the store on Thanksgiving night. Iron Lung is playing (ok, but you should already know that).  We’re setting up things to be a paper and electronics recycling drop off point.  We’re setting up things to be a meeting / cooking place for Food Not Bombs. October 16th marks the first class of Freeschool at the new location.


Followups on Bizarre Market and other tidbits…

June 2, 2007

Bizarre market was a total success and super-fun. Lots of people were asking when it was happening again – someone even asked “is this happening every Saturday?” I wish I had that kind of time! It will be a quarterly thing, so start saving your voltrons, sharks in bottles and records you wish to reliquish to the masses.  Thank to everyone who came out to sell stuff and everyone who came to just hang and look at stuff. 

Ryan Sweeney wins the “holy shit tons of free/donation records in the back on a pickup truck” prize,  Joey and Mackenzie Marchy win the “I’m still finding LED throwies stuck to anything metal” prize.  Flo raised some money for her cat bills with her psychedelic frosting cookies. All Laura’s kittens were given away.  The new faces both of vendors and people coming to see what’s up was great.  That’s seriously the best part – new people.  Joey from posted some Bizarre Market pics here.

The tidbits part…

12×12.jpgJune 6th Artwalk is having an artshow featuring record cover artwork called “12×12”.  It’s at the Thief in the Knight building at 115 W. Adams.  Inertia Records is sponsoring it, which really only means Chaz said we can have a table there, and we get put on this sweet flyer.  I have no idea what I’m bringing to it.  Records come to mind… I’m actually really excited about this event and very glad it’s happening.  Reminds me of the Skate Deck art show that we had at The Pit, and then got moved to TSI. 

Oh yeah so… TSI.  That’s a weird bird. Brendan Clark was interviewed by Urbanjacksonville’s contributor Adrienne here.  He’s the guy who sets up the shows at TSI.  He’s nice, we lived together briefly – and he was almost my new roomate where I live now.  So, nothing personal here.  I have to admit, I’m not really into TSI though.  I went to the Mono/Grails show and got to watch bands with 20 people while everyone else was outside drinking.  And the internet being the great scene equalizer/informer/sheepherding tool it is, I’m sure the Dean Deacon show was packed.  Many thanks to Pitchfork combined with the recent mall sale on white belts / black hair dye and peoples desire to be seen.  I could see how “Hey that could happen y’know? These kids just show up” factor is a possibility, but catering/pandering/profiting off this crowd is a mixture of just ridiculous and ‘someone has to do it’ I guess.  I must admit, more choices of things to do in Jacksonville is appreciated.  

I saw The Show is The Rainbow at Miami’s 305 Fest in 2003/2004 (?) – Dean Deacon minus the hype. And a great human being.

I went to see Mice Parade at Jackrabbits last night – and although I’m no fan of Jack Rabbits, it was very refreshing to be a in a place with a clean slate – a place with no preconcieved notions about who occupys the space and why.  I think it’s a great that a place has been around that long and still defys being pigeon-holed as one thing, or intentionally pigeon-holing itself as a means for marketing.  Also, Mice Parade is a great band.


Something to read over the weekend, and more. 1,2,3..4

May 25, 2007

Well firstly, remember to swing by Bizarre Market on Saturday at Inertia. 3-8pm!!

Secondly, visit for your typically insanely helpful ‘weekend roundup’ post.

Thirdly read about why corn is ‘the worst thing ever’ here.

omnivoresdilema.gifThat above link makes reference to a this by Pollan, called The Omnivore’s Dilemma. So fourthly, start reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma! As an added bonus – finish by July 12th, come to Panera in San Marco at 6:30pm to talk to the Green Team Project’s folks about this incredible book. Contact them at

Have a rad extra day off!


American Cheeseburger, Bizarre Market, new items

May 23, 2007

I’m madly condensing posts here since I’m madly handling other stuff – mostly record label and Europe tour stuff. Getting that Environmental Youth Crunch LP done before tour as well as represses of the split 7″ with Defiance Ohio. Having no internet at home is starting to take its toll I think, but no way in hell I am buying it. I’d rather release records and get new stuff for the store – plus I am only home to garden, eat and sleep.

The freeschool on bike repair had a small turnout – but that actually worked great. Every person got to bring their bike inside and address individual problems one on one to use as examples for everyone else. Very rad. Thanks again to Joe Gaskin, who squeezed this freeschool in-between some traveling with the punx and an upcoming 6 month trip to Africa. Joe is amazing.

Ok, just a gentle reminder of some rad happenings for this week. Tonight at Shanty Town is a free show. American Cheeseburger bring flannels and thrashin punk from GA. Dylan with the fancy French last name I can’t spell made this rad flyer.  Listen to American Cheeseburger here.  

American Cheeseburger

And then this Saturday..


Scanning my brain for some particulars…. The people from Assemble will have a table and are teaching classes on making LED throwies and Fabric Pinwheels, I’m not even too sure what these are, but I’m excited to find out. More info here. Flo, Becky and Alex are making baked goods to sell as a fundraiser for Flo’s cat, who recently died but left her some expensive vet bills.  Librarian Laura has rescued some kittens and will be giving those away. She said they are even potty trained.  A lady with an engraving machine will be there. I think (I hope!) she can engrave bikes – that’d be rad! Gilmore St and represents strong with a full table of records and punk-a-phernalia.  Hand blown glass vases and glass sculpture.  Lots of hand made amazing things.  Tables of comics, clothes and randomness.  I think this will be wonderful.  

Speaking of wonderful things, last Sunday EYC played in Tampa with The Ergs and Lemuria and loved it. We have new albums by both these bands at the store.  Alex Kerns, drummer of Lemuria, runs a rad label called Art of the Underground (more drummers who run labels, yes!).  Anyway, the label has a great mailorder 7″ single series, which people subscribe yearly too.  More info on his label and all here. He’s also a really nice guy.

Seven Inches to Freedom

Another brilliant part about that Tampa show, I mean besides listening to lots of Madonna and Infest and getting to drive back that night for 3 hours of sleep before work, was seeing those wonderful Ft. Myers guys from the band Merkit. They played The Pit a while back, and I released a 7″ with them. 

Long story short, Joe of Merkit has a zine called Seven Inches to Freedom.  I’ve gotten the past issues, and love them. And now we have the issue in the store.

From the site – “This one looks killer and I think has the best content yet. In this one there is a history/HUGE discography story on the mighty ENEMY SOIL, Tips of DIY touring, A feature on some of the worst records i’ve ever bought…and some tips that will hopefully save you from making the same mistakes i did. There are 3 “My First Record” Stories, a write up on the NO SECURITY/DOOM split for the Best Record Ever!?! contender, Reviews, Columns & I asked a group of punks about their Top 5 NON-PUNK records! That plus some stuff I know i’m forgetting. The cover to this was done by Sean Fitzgerald of Protest Zine plus some awesome art from Kris Garcia inside! All of this and suprisingly, NOT THAT MANY TYPO’S!!!” More info here.

Upcoming interviews with Brett of… that corn field, on the corner of Park and Forest St, and The Firefly show and community space in Miami.  Let’s learn from communities at home and abroad!  


Animal fat skids the left and right a bit closer?

May 21, 2007

bio.jpgAnimal fat could very well be the spark to ignite biofuel into a monetarily sustainable, ie – interestingly enriching for $ome, endeavor.   So you vegetarians and vegans can start figuring out where you’d like to fall in this madness.

“Today, only a tiny fraction of U.S. biodiesel is made from chicken fat, but that seems likely to change. The rising cost of soybean oil – which accounts for roughly 90 percent of all biodiesel fuel stock – is pushing the industry to exploit cheap and plentiful animal fats.”

Keywords – exploit, cheap, industry, plentiful. Read all about it here.

This certainly reverberates with Alexis Zeigler’s article that in-part discusses our history of essentially using what easiest to get, not what’s smartest to use. As well as his query as to why both the politically right and left are embracing biodiesel.

This blog certainly posts a lot of good info and biofuels.

And here is an interesting page on what corn is used for in this country.


Bizarre Market Coming Soon…

April 22, 2007

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Energy Saving Tips?

April 16, 2007


A bit of talk was certainly flying around last Saturday about energy saving.  While alot of discussion was focused on energy alternatives, remember that lowering energy consumption goes right along with that.  Though most of this isn’t the more integral approach of a ‘culture change’ as Alexis Zeigler mentioned (i.e. we’re not giving up cars, just using different fuels),  it’s easy to get swamped in literature about energy saving.  Just like, well.. anything else, people are trying to sell you things and promise you a better life.  And likewise make you feel better, because you think you’re helping.  And maybe you are a little bit, but no one wants to be the dumbass who buys a fancy energy alternative saving car, when everyone knows you can walk or bike to work. 

Culture change over capitalist change.  As a speaker at the forum mentioned, “global warming is big business.”  Exactly. You can buy into the ideas for free, but buying a bunch of solar panels or a hybrid car, while undoubtedly very cool, is your firm grip on a slick oil covered rope held 100 stories high. Have fun.

Many variations of ‘turn off the light’ wisdom can be found at the US Department of Energy tips page here, and the Powerhouse Group’s page here.  Plenty of other webpages and books exist brimming with similar advice.  Even most local power authorities, like JEA’s page here, let you calculate how much energy your appliances use, and remind you to fix the leak in your toilet tank.  This is all very useful information for the consumer and the local power authorities.

Here’s another power solution they aren’t advertising, though I’m sure you’ve heard of it.  It’s a clothesline. You hang clothes on it to try in the sun.  The most complicated you can make this is to say it ‘uses solar power to dry your laundry.’  If it costs you more that $10, you’re doing something wrong. It’s going to save alot more energy (and money) then you buying a new energy saving dryer.

Now when it comes to fixing that leak in your toilet… some people would think that a leak occurs every time you flush (not just before, harhar).  And it does. When you flush you are using clean water, the same water you are washing dishes with, etc.  You can use sinkwater to flush your toilet. This is a simple and totally safe way to use greywater.

Step one: Disconnect the pipe from the evil sewer.
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Step two: Brush your teeth, wash your hands.
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Step three: Bucket is getting full, use that water to flush!
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You can also have a bucket in the shower to collect the waiting that runs while you are waiting for the hotwater.

And if you’re looking for a fun project and have an old bike laying around you can give a pedal powered washing machine a go! Here are links to various types of bike powered washing machines. Wash! Your! Clothes! The first link has detailed instructions for the construction of it’s own container for clothes. The next two modify existing washer containers.