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Movement for a Democratic Society

January 23, 2008
Some locals starting up a Jacksonville Food Not Bombs group. Drop them a line if you can help in any way.  We’ll have information and a canned food/ dry goods donation box at Inertia shortly. The following is from an email Donny sent me. 

“We had a pretty successful FNB this past Sunday in Riverside park. We gathered and cooked all vegan food and handed out blankets. I’ve attached an image for your blog and below is somewhat a summary about what MDS is about:

Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) is an education and social action organization dedicated to increasing democracy in all phases of our common life. The goal of MDS is the creation of a more egalitarian society in both the political and economic spheres. MDS believes in participatory democracy, the expansion of human rights, universal healthcare, the rejection of discrimination based on race, gender or sexual preference, the preservation of the earth’s environment, the expansion of workers’ rights, a more equitable distribution of wealth, and the rejection of militarism and war as a way of resolving differences among peoples and nations.

I organized the chapter after being motivated by a large (over 2,500) anti-war protest in Orlando, FL on Oct.27, 2007.

Let me know if you need anything else, and if you got any ideas you’d like to share.

Thanks for the support,

Donny Q.


This Tuesday, last weekend.

November 4, 2007

Oh, first off, the future..
Inertia resumes regular hours of operation Tuesday.

And most secondly, more futurisms…

FNB Freeschool

Thirdly, the glorious past…

Touring with Vultures was amazing.
Thank you Matt and Lily in Tampa, Matt and Becky and anyone else who lived at that house in Orlando, Ali and Jenny and peas in princess beds in Orlando, and Joe, puppies, fires and crowd surfers in Deland. Pictures in our flickr page, linked to the right, and Lily’s flickr page, linked here.


Summer is slowing down…

August 26, 2007

…at least for me.

Save this evenings Wayward Council Benefit show with Environmental Youth Crunch in Gainesville, I’m done.  The summer has been jammed packed with shows, tours, records and the naturally accompanying great times. But it’ll be nice to recede into the cooler months with a much needed deep breath.  

Part of this is my decision to not do mailorder.   I was so excited about everything in Europe, and I come home and add to my already busy life by trying to do mailorder?  No thanks.  An error of exuberance and excitement perhaps, but an error none the less.  Concerning mailorder, I’ll only be dealing with Dead Tank releases and friends releases as I always have.  

Speaking of the label, the Environmental Youth Crunch “Let’s Ride” LP has been completed and copies are available at Inertia. The CD version on Bakery Outlet Records will be available at the store soon.  Other upcoming releases on the in-house label include Gomek’s “What The Hell Happened?” 7″, from Orlando, and New York’s Dessert Storm on a 7″.  For good measure, Gomek’s myspace page is here, and we posted previously about Dessert Storm here. I’ll be doing an LP version of the Cassette LP on Bakery Outlet Records, with the bakers themselves – that is, a split label release. Cassette is Samantha Jones of Bitchin/Rumbleseat/Slang. Listen to her songs here.

Lily from Tampa, who rode with us to Best Friends Day, sent me some pictures BFD stuff. Check out our flickr page, linked to the right.  Playing with Environmental Youth Crunch at Richmond’s Best Friends Day was unbelievable. Thanks to all of Richmond for everything and the massive amount of Floridians who made the drive.

Oh yeah…

All this talk… sometimes I lose sight of the fact that this is a blog for a record store.  Here’s the cut n’ dry of it.  We’ll have these new two great records soon from Richmonds Rorschach Records.

* Brainworms / The Catalyst split 7″ 
* V/A – Best Friends Day Compilation feat.  Brainworms, Pink Razors, Snacktruck, Kylesa, Ultra Dolphins, Deadfall, Environmental Youth Crunch, Tigershark, Best Fwends, Iron Lung, Rager, Dynamite Arrows. All proceeds go back to the bands, Best Friends Day(so they can keep stuff cheap), and Marty Zanin’s efforts in El Salvador.

And some not so great news…

Don’t have any big orders for new records on the horizon, we recently did that a bunch and still have something for everyone in the bins. 

Otherwise, summertime commerce, as it were, has been slow.  And while I’m not sweatin’ that by any means, it’s been slower in fact for the Heartworks Cafe with whom our fate as a record store resides.  We opened the store a means for them to stay open,  and despite Inertia’s fruitful efforts at earning rent, dutifully paying taxes, and increasing general interest in the space – Heartworks is still sort of plodding through these hot months of drippy AC units. 

That being said, swing by for a carrot dog or for weekend brunch.  I’m not even sure what plan B is at this point.  Though believe me I’m working on it. Right now all it looks like is one less vegetarian/vegan place to eat, a town with no independent record store, and my garage having a lot more records.  Sticking to plan A sounds good.


Orlando Food Not Bombs member Eric Montanez arrested.

April 5, 2007


Erik Montanez is a pedicab operator ie. bike taxi! He plays in that band Republicorpse, they played at Ouroboros’s first show. That was fun. Erik also helps with the Orlando Food Not Bombs group. Who feed people in Lake Eola park every Wednesday and Sunday.

erik.jpgHe was arrested last night for violating a controversial city ordinance that states quite simply that you can’t feed more than 25 people inside Lake Eola’s park.  Violation of this ordinance is a misdemeanor. 

Police spokeswoman Sgt. Barbara Jones said officers worked surveillance and counted exactly 30 people that Erik fed. Local news station WFTV said that, “Police even took a sample of what was served as evidence.” You can watch a video of the stations coverage here

Erik got out of Jail this morning on $250 bond.

Food Not Bombs and Erik are plaintiffs in a federal suit against the city arguing that the ordinance is unconstitutional.  The group is persuing this along with, a grassroots coalition fighting the ordinance and the criminalization of homelessness in Orlando.

nweofnblogo.jpgACLU lawyers were meeting Thursday afternoon to take legal action against the arrest of the homeless advocate. They said the city publicly said it would not enforce its ordinance about feeding the homeless until the ACLU lawsuit worked its way through the courts. They don’t think the city’s law has a leg to stand on.

In regard to this incident, the ACLU claims it’s just another example of the harassment it endures as its group, and several others supporting the homeless, try to help those in need. They believe the city doesn’t want the homeless around because of the image some worry it presents to the public.

Jacksonville’s Jerry Moran, mentioned here in Folio’s Blog, has a different approach to dealing with homelessness. Remember? He was the guy who would takes pictures of homeless people and post youtube videos of them publicly defecating.  I haven’t heard much about him lately, you? He certainly has a different perspective (arguably his wallet) when it comes to homeless people. Well, the Orlando Food Not Bombs group is being entirely more helpful to the  community for sure!  Please check out the group’s website, or even look over a wishlist of items they need.