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Downtown Parking

February 2, 2008


I received an email with the following information. The Sports Complex Garage is offering $.50 a day parking (M-F) during Trolley hours.

Looking for inexpensive hourly or daily parking in Downtown? Here’s a few:

Downtown Garage (entrance on Clay St. between Forsyth St. and Adams St.)
Rates: $1 per hour with a daily maximum of $5. First hour of parking is free. Enter before 9:00 a.m. and stay until 2:00 p.m. for the early bird special rate of $3 for the day.

Jacksonville Landing Parking Lot (entrance on Independent Dr., east of The Landing)
Rates: $1 per hour with a daily maximum of $10 on Monday-Friday if you enter between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., or $1 per hour with a $5 daily maximum if you enter after 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday or on weekends or holidays.

Sports Complex Garage (Located on Duval St. near A. Philip Randolph Blvd.)
Rates: $.50 all day parking Monday-Friday during hours of trolley operation)

And the only real free parking is….



Riverside Area Neighborhood Watch

January 24, 2008

I’ve mention it before, but just to reiterate, Riverside now has a neighborhood watch program.

And, though it’s not the same area, an armed robbery at the Southside European Street with an AK-47 and shotgun definitely raises some eyebrows.

Contact Jennifer McCharen to get on the email the email list here –

From a recent list email..

“I was researching crime statistics recently, and I wanted to share the link for those of you who haven’t done this.

Click to accept the terms and conditions. This opens the mapping system. You can click on the map, zoom in, or enter a street address. Then click the “crime stats” button for a readout of crimes within a ½ mile radius of that location.

I was surprised to find that where I live, on Oak and King, is no safer than portions of North Riverside. Neither is the area immediately surrounding RADO’s office. The numbers for assault/battery are particularly alarming to me. Note that these numbers are just for the past six months. I think we should track these statistics over time, to see if our activities have a positive effect.”


We now offer paper and electronics recycling.

October 30, 2007

Joey at Urbanjacksonville said it best.  This is a copy of his recent post.
Springfield paper recycling
SPAR Council, in conjunction with Inertia Records (umm.. that’s us) and SRG Homes and Neighborhoods, is proud to announce a community recycling drop off center. This service free to the community and if it’s successful, we’ll look at possible expansion to other items.

Starting immediately all paper recyclables, with the exception of cardboard, can be dropped off in a paper only dumpster located outside of Inertia Records, which is located at 1520 N Main St. The City of Jacksonville curbside recycling only covers the following items: (a full list of curbside items)

  1. Newspapers & inserts (on rainy days, please hold until next collection day)
  2. Magazines, catalogs & telephone books
  3. Brown paper bags (can also be used to hold excess recyclables)
  4. Corrugated cardboard (flattened and cut in pieces 2′ by 3′ or smaller)

The hopes are to enhance the City’s recycling options, not compete with them.

Also starting immediately, during normal business hours Inertia Records will also be a drop off point for electronics recycling.

Many are not aware that consumer electronics, often called “e-waste”, contain an alarming amount of toxins, pollutants, and carcinogens. For instance, a single 17″ CRT computer monitor may contain two pounds of lead, and electronics boards in a computers contain lead, mercury, nickel, and other potential industrial contaminants that often end up in landfills where they can contaminate soil and ground water.

Inertia Records staff will accept electronic items from microwaves, to TVs, to computers and computer components. We do ask that if you have larger items like appliances, please contact us at, and they’ll help you coordinate getting your item directly to the proper location. They ask that all items being dropped off be contained in a box or a bag, since Inertia is simply a drop off point, not a recycler.

If items are left in front of the building or by the dumpster after hours, the electronics portion will be discontinued. This program will only work with community participation and policing, so please be mindful and respectful when you drop off your recyclables.

Thank you for understanding and helping, and please let us know if you have any ideas to enhance of expand this service.


Saturday – Rock School w/ The Yellow Crayons, Urban Jacksonville Party

October 16, 2007

First things first.. here’s a reminder to stop by the store Thursday night. 

10/18 @ Inertia – Community Activist meeting. 7pm.
Preparation for Anti-War and Anti-Recruitment Demonstrations.

Now on to Saturday….

So some of you may already know, but my day job is working at the Main Library downtown in the Children’s Department.  I help out storytimes, do special programs and whatnot – And this program just so happens to to tie together my work life with my ‘everything outside of work’ life very well.

I started a new band called the Yellow Crayons.  Becky (of Peace Trout) plays guitar, Erik (of Civilization) plays keyboard, James (of Vultures and Casey Jones) plays bass, and I play drums.  Saturday at 2pm in the Children’s Department at the Main Library we’re performing for a program called Rock School. We play songs, talk about our instruments, and then children are invited to come play the instruments.  Should be fun and crazy.  The program is free, but only open to children 6-12 and their caregivers – so get your little brother, sister, niece, neighbors kids – whomever – and I’ll see you Saturday.

Then Saturday at night…


Saturday October 20th – Free
Shanty Town 9pm to 2am
Urban Jacksonville Reader Appreciation Party and Best of Folio Celebration
The Snacks Blues Band

Triple Blog Attack DJ Crew
Like you haven’t heard of us?…

DJs Joey Marchy AKA DJ Herb-ane
Tony Allegretti AKA DJ Biggie Tea – Long Island Iced that is..
Josh Jubinsky – me.. you’re already on my blog page. AKA DJ Deadtank, or something..

Oh, there will also be a Free Keg of Yuengling.

Come by Inertia before this mad party! The Best Record Store in Jacksonville just got a new paint job.  So pardon our total lack of a sign. We’re grey with yellow trim. Fancy.


Best Blog? Best Record Store? Best DJ? Franzia?

October 10, 2007

What happens when the (possibly) best blogger and (possibly) best record store owner go head to head DJ style on the wheels of steel? Biggie Tea, AKA Tony Allegretti, laments of downtowns shortcoming for rock are revealed here. Not really, we just txt messaged enough to find out like 9 more people came to Shanty Town last night.

But yea..
Tuesday at Mark’s Downtown is Teatime!
And Tuesdays at Shanty Town Brendan, Jason, Dylan and myself DJ. We get paid in beer. Funny how it takes four of us to DJ.

More recreational news…


The Jax Urban Assault crew have whipped up this little event. We’re the starting point and finish line. Here’s a message from them.

“So the time has come to put on a rediculous bike race that combines the wonderful world of bike riding and getting tore up from the floor up.

For all those unaware Franzia is a magical and delicious wine sold in the finest form that an alcoholic beverage can take a box.

The start will unofficially be taking place at the new Inertia Books and Records Location in SpringField. 1529 N. Main St.

There will be a ten dollar registration fee due at the start point or you can bring your own five liter of Franzia and the fee will be waved. You must RSVP on this page if you want to race, well have a few spare boxes of Franzia but we need a rough number of how many we need to get.

Overall this will be a 3 to 4 mile loop through Historic Springfield. Well be having check points throughout the course where you will refill your water bottle provided by one of our gracious sponsers. The name of the game is who can hold there boxed wine while keeping their peddles moving the longest. Well be doing 8 laps. Whoever is left and crosses the line first after that eighth lap wins mad respect, sweet prizes and probably a hell of a hang over the next day.

Besides the race we’re going to try to pull off Jacksonville’s first Bike polo match. Well try to provide as many mallots as we can but if you can put any together yourselves it would be greatly appreciated. And also due to an impressive number of tall bikes being spotted around town were gonna see if we can get a little bike jousting comp together.

Come on down and race!! Or just come down and experiance the festivities. Also if you want to do a little more we need volunteers to help out with checkpoints and to ride the course keeping an eye on the participants.”


Upcoming Three Day Rager

September 29, 2007

Last Friday was loaded. Riverside house parties. Jaxcore benefit at The Pearl.  Airport Factory and Wuden at TSI.  Dark Castle, Antartic, Hadouken and 2 Legit at Yesterdays. Well, weekends are one thing. Active, nice – but kind of expected.  Weekday events that rule… That’s the sign of a killer city gone right.  Every day of the week something exciting.

Two weeks ago there was a house show on Myra – featuring Livewire Boys, Shitagoddamn, 2 Legit and one other band.  This show was on a Wednesday night in someones living room!! (not what’s pictured above – that’s Shittagoddamn playing at The Pit.)  Anyway, totally crucial times.  Turned to a friend of mine who wants to move to Portland – “Why do you want to move to Portland? This rules.” 

So… weekday events.

Day One. Oct 2nd @ Shanty Town.

Wednesday’s ‘Crucial Helping’ DJs, Dylan, Jason and Brendan, haved switched nights. Tuesdays and getting crucial now.  They’ve also taken a rookie into their ranks – me.  I’ll be spinning records on Tuesdays now as well.  I promise Television, Bayonettes, Observers, Wipers, The Vicious, Jay Reatard, Kill The Hippies, Onion Flavored Rings, Carrie Nations, and some Cypress Hill for good measure.  Dude, they’re good.

Day Two. Oct 3rd @ Downtown – A celebration of my birth… and Art Walk.
Yep. Downtown Vision whipped us this little event for my birthday, thanks guys!

Day Three. Oct 4th @ Shanty Town – Shitagoddamn and ICU.

You think you’d get tired of this place, you really would. But nope. Enough diversity between nights and it’s all good. Plus some record store, with righteous hours of operation, is right next door.  ICU is some New York punk ‘featuring’ Dave (of local Pull The Trigger fame) on Bass.

And then rest up for the Vegan Potluck October 6th at 7pm @ Inertia.


This Saturday – Potluck!

September 18, 2007

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