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Some Downloadables…

February 17, 2008

Japan’s Gauze released a new album is December. It’s called “Binbouyusurino Rhythm Ni Notte” and will be available around May on vinyl format from Prank Records.  Until then check out the download.  10 songs in 13 minutes.

Download the 5th Gauze record here.

Here’s some older Gauze stuff as well, taken from a comp called City Rockers released in 1982.  It was actually the first stuff they ever reorded.   Much more akin to early Discharge than later Gauze stuff.
Download comp tracks from City Rockers here.

fram.jpgNot musically too much, but personally, Gauze remind me alot of Framtid… er, maybe more like Framtid remind me more of Gauze, I dunno. It’s just that Framtid is one of the the only Japanese bands that remind me of Gauze that I’ve seen live. While on tour in Europe, Environmental Youth Crunch played with them at Trash Fest in the Netherlands. This was there first show on that tour, having just gotten off the plane that day.  Didn’t matter, they were great.   

Watch a video clip of Framtid here.
Download “Under The Ashes” here.


Sound Idea Net Radio

February 2, 2008


Bob Suren of Sound Idea Distribution (Brandon FL!) has a net radio show though his website.  He posts a new show every Saturday morning and leaves it up all week. After that, it is gone! So act fast, bookmark his page, do what you gotta do so you don’t miss the weekly rock session. There’s no talking between songs, and he puts up really well written commentary for each song on the site…  such as this..  

“01 Maggot Sandwich “My Florida” (FL)
I love this band. I love this song. It’s from their third record, the “Get Off The Stage” LP, released by singer/guitarist Vik Kaos’ own label, KML Records in 1987. I used to pen pal with Vik a lot and he kept me up to date on punk happenings in Florida’s panhandle, an area of the state that doesn’t get a lot of attention. He gave me a few cool records and tapes over the years. Maggot Sandwich started back in 1984 when Vik and brother Steev (That’s how he spells it!) started jamming and called their band Kaos. (They took the name from the evil organization from the old “Get Smart” TV show.) When they discovered that there were other bands named Kaos, Kaaos, Chaos and C.H.A.O.S., they changed the name to Maggot Sandwich. For a while, they had a zine of the same name. Maggot Sandwich went through several line ups over the years. Some of the members left under less-than-good terms. Eventually the band broke up in the late 1990s. A couple of years ago, we reconnected and I asked Vik if I could put out a Maggot Sandwich discography. He said he would love to do it, but that it might not sit well with some of the ex-members and that some of them might actually threaten me with legal action if I did so. So, I have wisely avoided this quagmire. Perhaps some day all of the members of MS can kiss and make up and the world will get the complete musical output on CD. Until then, you can visit the Maggot Sandwich My Space page, which has photos and a few MP3s.

02 Teen Idles “Get Up and Go” (Washington, DC)
This is the big bang of D.C. hardcore. Or at least Dischord Records. After seeing the Bad Brains, some D.C. teenagers, including Jeff Nelson and Ian MacKaye were inspired to start a band. The Teen Idles were part of the D.C. hardcore explosion that brought S.O.A., Untouchables, Government Issue and later Youth Brigade, Void, Faith and Minor Threat. The Teen Idles “Minor Disturbance” 7″ (Dischord Records, 1981) was released after the band broke up but it is still a landmark of the D.I.Y. ethic. And the cover art is some of my favorite of all time. Some have called the early Dischord releases sonically inept, amateurish, etc. So what? That’s what hardcore IS! It’s all about the ATTITUDE and the early D.C. crew had that in spades. ”

From early 80’s Florida punk bands to classic DC. Show’s got everything.

Check it out


Music Downloading, Blogs in Funny Places, Things to Listen to….

November 21, 2007

Real quick.. We’re closed November 22nd and 23rd.  Otherwise, normal hours.  Enjoy your holiday!  on to the post…

So a “Stop Pirating Music” myspace account has posted a blog with some questions for labels to respond too.  You can look at the Blog post here.

Answers from Visible Noise Records, Revelation Records, Lookout Records, 31G Records, Ninja Tune, and Deep Elm.

Highlights, of sorts, include…

Deep Elm being referred to as “THE Original Emo Rock Label”, as well as it’s owner coming across as a total jerk as well as a lyricist for most his label’s bands… “Think about that record that you love so dearly…the record that makes you feel better when you are down…the songs that make you smile and the songs that make you cry. Now imagine that they never existed. Shame on you.”

Justin Pearson of 31G Records commenting on cross marketing thusly – “But for us, it’s a bit harder to see something like Orthrelm on a car commercial.”… and in regard to people’s perceptions changing over paying for music downloads – “Well people in the bigger parts of Europe, say Germany, hated the jews and that changed.” … and in response to the final question of ‘any other comments?’…  “We’re screwed”


And filed under the “Thing to Listen to”… here’s some of my favorite bands from Florida right now.  And yes, I’m more than aware that these are all bands Dead Tank has either released records with, or is planning on releasing records with – that’s the point of a label, to release music you love.

(Adrien on Gomek at the Firefly in Miami)

If crusty kids played Orchid songs? Drunk gators and a punk show? Tough female vocals over a barrage of tons of crazy shit going on at once, gently falling into place. Hear it
here.  Gomek plays with Iron Lung and Religious as Fuck at Inertia Nov 26th.

Picture 006
(I don’t have any pictures of Brainstorm playing, this is Austin tho…)

Just listen to this band. They’ll be in Jacksonville in December, and touring the east coast late December. And, holy punk rock surprise, the record won’t be done by then. Listen to Brainstorm here

Dead Friends
(…and real Florida hardcore genius would know that this picture of Tony is of him playing not with Dead Friends, but his other band – Assholeparade.)

Dead Friends from Gainesville. Think Assfactor 4  – tipping the hat to Twelve Hour Turn’s harsher moments? Listen to them here and decide for yourself.


Want to Download Out-of-Print Florida music?

September 17, 2007


OK, so this pretty much rules. Fucking Sunshine State is a fairly new website supporting Florida’s DIY music scene. The site has 2 main features: show listings and free music. Anybody can submit a show to the website and it shows up instantly. The music section is an attempt to document and share rare music, ranging from albums that have been out of print for a few years to demos from brand new bands. Music is added in issues.  It has 20 albums total, including quite a few unreleased albums (most notably from Kite Flying Society and Aphid Ant Constructions), label samplers, and a lot of demos from bands you may not have ever heard of. The second issue is already being worked on, so if you have any rare music to share please visit the site to find out how to submit it.

All the out of print releases from our in-store label, Dead Tank Records, will be available through them at some point.


Weekend Times

July 12, 2007

So, my first weekend back in Jacksonville and it’s jammed packed with rad things to do…  

whman.jpgI should mention first off, since we’re a music store and all about the music,  that Vinyl Frontier is having a record show that lasts all weekend!  So if you thing is buying records, you have no excuse not to go. Here’s the stats…

July 13th, 14th and 15th.
Friday 5-10pm = $10
Saturday / Sunday 10-5pm = $3
A three day pass is only $10

2116 Atlantic Ave.
Jacksonville, FL  32207
For more info call 483-0650

Right-Oh. And here’s the rest of the weekend day by day.

>>  Friday 

So, it seems like everyone is planning on going to the Monster Art Show on Herschel St… you can get a map here.  I am so stoked based on what of the submissions I’ve seen. There will be Creatures from artists such as Mark George, R.Land, Shaun Thurston, and Urban Art Warfare as well as some pieces from artist’s as young as 9yrs old. See you there.  

Also on Friday, is a show at Inertia – 10pm, after the dinner.  You can totally do both and have fun I promise.  Its a nice walk or bike ride from one to the other. The show has two touring bands, Nice and Friendly (myspace) and Life Under a Tree (myspace) and then three of your favorites locals Tuffy, Becky from Peace Trout and Max Wood. 

>> Saturday

First things first – get brunch at Heartworks and look through all the new items at the store.  


Shanty Town hosts a show Saturday night for two touring bands. Republicorpse ( from Orlando,  FL bring Man in The Bastard/Assuck style grind. They just released a 7″ (pictured) on a new label from Orlando called Deathroll Records (   Dead Radical ( hails from Scranton, PA – and play sort of technical thrashy grind. They’ve done a split 7″ with XBrainiaX.  Local band Hallelujah is also playing.

Saturday night also has a show at Yesterdays (corner of Park and Dancy).  I don’t know much about it except that Tuffy and The Yusge are playing along with like 10 other bands, and it’s a benefit to raise money for better sound equipment at Yesterdays.

Also, if you’re in the traveling mood. Orlando is hosting an Alley Kat Bike Race (link), finished off by a set from The Holy Mountain.  I’ve heard it will be one of the Mountain’s last shows.

>> Sunday

And of course Sunday means more Heartworks brunch. Noice!

Then Hip Hop all day!  Bike to this event!



This Friday Art and Bands

July 9, 2007


So, in addition to going to the Monster Art Show on Herschel St…  this Friday at Inertia – 10pm (after dinner) is a rad show. You can totally do both and have fun I promise.

Two touring bands, Nice and Friendly (myspace) and Life Under a Tree (myspace)and then two of your favorites locals Tuffy and Becky from Peace Trout.  Max Wood has also been added to this show kinda last minute-ish.

Also, Tonight at Jack Rabbits, the mostly white, Black Kids will be perfoming tonight at Jack Rabbits with People Noise (Zeke Buck from VHS or BETA + Matt Johnson of Boom Bip) and The Winter Sounds. Doors open at 8:30.


American Cheeseburger, Bizarre Market, new items

May 23, 2007

I’m madly condensing posts here since I’m madly handling other stuff – mostly record label and Europe tour stuff. Getting that Environmental Youth Crunch LP done before tour as well as represses of the split 7″ with Defiance Ohio. Having no internet at home is starting to take its toll I think, but no way in hell I am buying it. I’d rather release records and get new stuff for the store – plus I am only home to garden, eat and sleep.

The freeschool on bike repair had a small turnout – but that actually worked great. Every person got to bring their bike inside and address individual problems one on one to use as examples for everyone else. Very rad. Thanks again to Joe Gaskin, who squeezed this freeschool in-between some traveling with the punx and an upcoming 6 month trip to Africa. Joe is amazing.

Ok, just a gentle reminder of some rad happenings for this week. Tonight at Shanty Town is a free show. American Cheeseburger bring flannels and thrashin punk from GA. Dylan with the fancy French last name I can’t spell made this rad flyer.  Listen to American Cheeseburger here.  

American Cheeseburger

And then this Saturday..


Scanning my brain for some particulars…. The people from Assemble will have a table and are teaching classes on making LED throwies and Fabric Pinwheels, I’m not even too sure what these are, but I’m excited to find out. More info here. Flo, Becky and Alex are making baked goods to sell as a fundraiser for Flo’s cat, who recently died but left her some expensive vet bills.  Librarian Laura has rescued some kittens and will be giving those away. She said they are even potty trained.  A lady with an engraving machine will be there. I think (I hope!) she can engrave bikes – that’d be rad! Gilmore St and represents strong with a full table of records and punk-a-phernalia.  Hand blown glass vases and glass sculpture.  Lots of hand made amazing things.  Tables of comics, clothes and randomness.  I think this will be wonderful.  

Speaking of wonderful things, last Sunday EYC played in Tampa with The Ergs and Lemuria and loved it. We have new albums by both these bands at the store.  Alex Kerns, drummer of Lemuria, runs a rad label called Art of the Underground (more drummers who run labels, yes!).  Anyway, the label has a great mailorder 7″ single series, which people subscribe yearly too.  More info on his label and all here. He’s also a really nice guy.

Seven Inches to Freedom

Another brilliant part about that Tampa show, I mean besides listening to lots of Madonna and Infest and getting to drive back that night for 3 hours of sleep before work, was seeing those wonderful Ft. Myers guys from the band Merkit. They played The Pit a while back, and I released a 7″ with them. 

Long story short, Joe of Merkit has a zine called Seven Inches to Freedom.  I’ve gotten the past issues, and love them. And now we have the issue in the store.

From the site – “This one looks killer and I think has the best content yet. In this one there is a history/HUGE discography story on the mighty ENEMY SOIL, Tips of DIY touring, A feature on some of the worst records i’ve ever bought…and some tips that will hopefully save you from making the same mistakes i did. There are 3 “My First Record” Stories, a write up on the NO SECURITY/DOOM split for the Best Record Ever!?! contender, Reviews, Columns & I asked a group of punks about their Top 5 NON-PUNK records! That plus some stuff I know i’m forgetting. The cover to this was done by Sean Fitzgerald of Protest Zine plus some awesome art from Kris Garcia inside! All of this and suprisingly, NOT THAT MANY TYPO’S!!!” More info here.

Upcoming interviews with Brett of… that corn field, on the corner of Park and Forest St, and The Firefly show and community space in Miami.  Let’s learn from communities at home and abroad!