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Sundays – Bike Polo

February 10, 2008

Weekends keep coming with great stuff.   Friday I saw Fruit Machine at TSI.  I dig ’em.  Pony Pants also played and were good.  Saturday ws the big St. Augustine Alley Cat race, which I had a draft of a post to put up about, but I got busy and forgot.  Very big turnout for that.  Afterwards was a show at Cafe 11 – Pony Pants, Soulman and Breeze, Civilization.  I had a super good time.  The rest of February has some crazy good stuff coming up with shows and the like. I’ll post about it soon… until then, enjoy the weather with…

Polo.  ‘Tis the name of the game.  Alex will be opening up shop too and cranking out polo music, so come on by.  



The Talkies / Bogda Art Show / Tangerine Festival Photo Recap

January 31, 2008

From one weekend to the next…


“Night of the Living Dead” is playing February 1st at 11:55 p.m and February 2nd at 9:30 p.m.  George Romero will be providing commentary on the Feb 2nd showing.

Visit for ticket information.

“The Talkies is the long-time pet project-come true of founder Tim Massett that first came to fruition in October 2006.  It is essentially cinema shouting back against the DVD/home theater. It’s a 35mm, two-night event. The first night we screen a classic film in 35mm. The next night, not only does the director join us, but he or she also provides running commentary throughout the screening. The audience watches and listens along to both the director and the film. It’s taking something the DVD offers (the alternate commentary track) and making it oh so much better.”

Twitch blog mentions the event here.
Joey Marchy at Urban Jacksonville mentions it here.

The Talkies’ first guest was Herschell Gordon Lewis “talkied” along to a super great print of his classic film 2000 Maniacs and even sold tickets to his own event from the San Marco Theatre’s box office.

Bogda Art Show

Visit the Bogda Myspace –

Tangerine Festival Photo Recap…

Pictures are posted here from the start of the bike race, some jousting shots and some random fest activities are here.

Pictures from Davey at Boone Park and and the start and end of the bike race are

The Jaxscene blog had a Tangerine Fest Post found here. You can straight to the Jaxscene flickr here.

Please comment with any more picture links you may have.  Thanks.


Tangerine Fest

January 23, 2008


This Saturday is the third annual Tangerine Festival! Farmer’s markets, bluegrass music,  potato sack races, pottery demonstrations, soccer tournaments, glass blowing, frisbees, handmade crafts, painting, food and much more. 

More information –

… and..  a Bike Race.

Tangerine Festival Bike Race:

January 26, 2008 @ 1pm
-Meet at Memorial Park

Registration is at noon and is FREE. The race will be activity heavy and around 10 miles.

There is also a bike show, entries should be submitted at noon. Tall bike jousting, foot down and other games will be happening post-race. The race begins and ends at the Tangerine Fest. So, racing will not inhibit your fun.


New Bike Co-op/Shop! New Records!

January 19, 2008

New Bike Co-op/Shop! Details forthcoming… We’ve got some fresh blood in the building. And all parties involved are super stoked! Keep your ears to the ground, and your tubes inflated!

Here’s some new fun stuff coming in next week!

Planes Mistaken For Stars “We Ride To Fight” CD

Planes Mistaken For Stars has pounded the road (and the road has pounded back) for a decade, never relenting, never giving up an inch taken. We find here: a rusty lockbox, full to bursting with incriminating details, blood and hair samples, and photographic evidence culled from their first four years as a band. Are they Hoodlums? Are they Mountain Men? Do they have your back for life? Perhaps all of the above. PLANES lives in the seconds between a swing and a hit. Join them in the fight! Contained within are 24 songs, including the entire “self titled” album, “Knife in the Marathon” album, “Spearheading the Sin Movement” EP, “Fucking Fight” EP, four Black Flag covers, plus assorted comp songs and extras.

Defiance Ohio “The Fear, The Fear” CD/LP

D’OH return with 10 ten new songs! As unexpected as a new full album was so soon after “The Great Depression”, we were equally so very happy when we heard it! This is exactly what we needed to get us through the day: direct, yet sometimes poetic and personal lyrics that touch on politics and daily life, lotsa instruments weaving in and out, great string interplay… exactly what the doc ordered. Both realistic and uplifting, all the while grounded and imaginative. This may well be their best yet. “The List” melts my brain every time. Oh yeah, and the art is cool… same kinda printing as last time, poster insert, etc. (Watch out for the huge marketing campaign and ad spots on the WB. Just kidding! Haha!)

Young Livers “The New Era Drop” LP

Young Livers features folks from GLASS & ASHES, FIYA, and other musical brutarians and luminaries. Were I to say it sounded like Thin Lizzy, I would be taking a leap of journalistic license, but damn, those dueling guitar leads and jams do ignite the soul’s furnace in ways unexpected and joyous! So let’s drop names like the verb farmers we all are: Glass and Ashes, Wipers, Hoover, Drive Like Jehu, Sleepytime Trio, beer and good times hanging out at the show with brothers and sisters in arms. Hell yeah, that’s what I say.

IRON LUNG “Sexless / No Sex” LP/CD
Destructive power violence hardcore! The debut Prank LP from Seattle-via-San Francisco-via-Reno’s IRON LUNG features their abrasive blend of low end crushing heavy lumbering, split with devastating and inventive fast thrash and bleak lyrics skewed through medical malpractice. A 20-song second LP following up their “Life. Iron Lung.Death” LP on 625 Thrash on top of a ridiculous number of 7″‘s, split releases, cassettes, CD-R’s and other limited releases. The duo that is IRON LUNG sit at the forefront of the modern power violence resurgence, continually re-inventing the formula and pushing it to new extremes. IRON LUNG members were previously in ARTIMUS PYLE, GEHENNA, GOB and VAE VICTUS and have toured extensively throughout the US and Europe, been on TV in Iceland and also toured Australia, where they will return in 2008. “SEXLESS//NO SEX” was recorded at Polymorph Studios by Dan Rathbun (whose engineering and production includes some of the best of extreme underground hardcore – TRAGEDY, HIS HERO IS GONE, WORLD BURNS TO DEATH, FROM ASHES RISE). The cover artwork is mind blowing pen-and-ink scratching by NICK BLINKO of RUDIMENTARY PENI!

More New Stuff!

DILLINGER FOUR “This Shit is Genius” LP
DEFIANCE, OHIO “The Great Depression” LP
AGAINST ME! Reinventing Axl Rose LP/CD
BRAID Lucky To Be Alive 2xLP
MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #297 (February 2008) Zine -Thrillhouse Records, Oi Polloi, I Walk the Line, Contaminators…
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS All Things Move Toward Their End. LP/CD
TORCHE In Return 10″ + CD
WEAKERTHANS Left and Leaving LP
WHISKEY & CO. Leaving the Nightlife LP/CD
BLACK LIPS Good Bad Not Evil LP
BUG Poison Dart 1 – Feat. Warrior Queen 12”
DAWSON, KIMYA Knock Knock Who? CD
DAWSON, KIMYA My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess CD
DEATH Meeting Your Archangel LP
ENVY Abyssal LP
ENVY All The Footprints You’Ve Ever Left LP
F “Four From ‘84″ 7″
G3 Un Nuevo Enemigo LP
GLASS CANDY Miss Broadway 12″
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM Confuse The Marketplace 12”
MONO Sky Remains The Same As Ever DVD
PEANUT BUTTER WOLF Badd Santa 12-Inch 12”
RODRIGUEZ-LOPEZ, OMAR Apocalypse Inside Of An Orange 2xLP
SLEEP Sleep’S Holy Mountain LP
SMITHS Inside The Smiths DVD
WOODS How To Survive In + In The Woods LP


Wild Edible Food Hike, Bike Polo Pictures

October 15, 2007

These kids at UNF got some great things going on. Malory says, this wild edible food hike “will be either or both a class and a hike to learn about recognizing wild edible plants (as well as poisonous ones to stay away from). We need at least five people and up to 25 people. Twelve people (including me) have told me they are interested so far. I’d like to get as many people as possible to make sure that enough people show up the day of. No date is decided upon yet, So for those interested please give days/times you are available to do it so I can try to figure out the best day for everyone. I’ll find out if a weekend day is possible for the teachers.”

So email and let them know if you are interested in this, and what days are good for you.


Joey Marchy of Urban Jacksonville (Best Blog?) FAME stopped by the store last night, with a sunburned Jaguar nose, the brilliant gameday ‘I’ve been drinking since 1pm’ attitude, and a digital camera.  More pictures of the Bike Polo match that took place before the Tour De Franzia can be found here.  Thank you Joey for not posting pictures of me.

We have some more Tour De Franzia pictures up here soon.   The winner, Christian, came from Gainesville.  Congradulations Christian!  I didn’t get the person’s name who took second place, he starting taking a nap soon as he passed the finish line. 

Everyone have fun? 


Best Blog? Best Record Store? Best DJ? Franzia?

October 10, 2007

What happens when the (possibly) best blogger and (possibly) best record store owner go head to head DJ style on the wheels of steel? Biggie Tea, AKA Tony Allegretti, laments of downtowns shortcoming for rock are revealed here. Not really, we just txt messaged enough to find out like 9 more people came to Shanty Town last night.

But yea..
Tuesday at Mark’s Downtown is Teatime!
And Tuesdays at Shanty Town Brendan, Jason, Dylan and myself DJ. We get paid in beer. Funny how it takes four of us to DJ.

More recreational news…


The Jax Urban Assault crew have whipped up this little event. We’re the starting point and finish line. Here’s a message from them.

“So the time has come to put on a rediculous bike race that combines the wonderful world of bike riding and getting tore up from the floor up.

For all those unaware Franzia is a magical and delicious wine sold in the finest form that an alcoholic beverage can take a box.

The start will unofficially be taking place at the new Inertia Books and Records Location in SpringField. 1529 N. Main St.

There will be a ten dollar registration fee due at the start point or you can bring your own five liter of Franzia and the fee will be waved. You must RSVP on this page if you want to race, well have a few spare boxes of Franzia but we need a rough number of how many we need to get.

Overall this will be a 3 to 4 mile loop through Historic Springfield. Well be having check points throughout the course where you will refill your water bottle provided by one of our gracious sponsers. The name of the game is who can hold there boxed wine while keeping their peddles moving the longest. Well be doing 8 laps. Whoever is left and crosses the line first after that eighth lap wins mad respect, sweet prizes and probably a hell of a hang over the next day.

Besides the race we’re going to try to pull off Jacksonville’s first Bike polo match. Well try to provide as many mallots as we can but if you can put any together yourselves it would be greatly appreciated. And also due to an impressive number of tall bikes being spotted around town were gonna see if we can get a little bike jousting comp together.

Come on down and race!! Or just come down and experiance the festivities. Also if you want to do a little more we need volunteers to help out with checkpoints and to ride the course keeping an eye on the participants.”


Bikes! Bikes! Bikes!

July 19, 2007

Rain and more rain and hot Florida sun is stopping NO ONE I tell ya!  Visit St. Augustine July 20-22 for some crazy bike party action thanks to those Bad Cactus bikers! More info here.  

The fun doesn’t stop there… be back in Jacksonville July 22 and grind your gears to this amazing show… Use rappelling gear to drop into this place like a firestorm! Sneak in your own beers! Use the money you save to buy merch from the touring bands. Dark Castle and Torche have new releases. Remember it’s an early show.  I mean, we don’t want to intrude on dance night – do we?

And finally, the following weekend brings a killer event 3 hours west….


We’ve been a starting point and info center for a few alley-cat races where Tally kids have come over.  A few of those krank-it-up- ers are in bands Environmental Youth Crunch has played with as well. And darn if I’m not all too stoked on the following show with This Bike is a Pipe Bomb!  So mark your calenders! Visit for more information.

Whew. Summer. I love it.