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The Talkies / Bogda Art Show / Tangerine Festival Photo Recap

January 31, 2008

From one weekend to the next…


“Night of the Living Dead” is playing February 1st at 11:55 p.m and February 2nd at 9:30 p.m.  George Romero will be providing commentary on the Feb 2nd showing.

Visit for ticket information.

“The Talkies is the long-time pet project-come true of founder Tim Massett that first came to fruition in October 2006.  It is essentially cinema shouting back against the DVD/home theater. It’s a 35mm, two-night event. The first night we screen a classic film in 35mm. The next night, not only does the director join us, but he or she also provides running commentary throughout the screening. The audience watches and listens along to both the director and the film. It’s taking something the DVD offers (the alternate commentary track) and making it oh so much better.”

Twitch blog mentions the event here.
Joey Marchy at Urban Jacksonville mentions it here.

The Talkies’ first guest was Herschell Gordon Lewis “talkied” along to a super great print of his classic film 2000 Maniacs and even sold tickets to his own event from the San Marco Theatre’s box office.

Bogda Art Show

Visit the Bogda Myspace –

Tangerine Festival Photo Recap…

Pictures are posted here from the start of the bike race, some jousting shots and some random fest activities are here.

Pictures from Davey at Boone Park and and the start and end of the bike race are

The Jaxscene blog had a Tangerine Fest Post found here. You can straight to the Jaxscene flickr here.

Please comment with any more picture links you may have.  Thanks.


Tangerine Fest

January 23, 2008


This Saturday is the third annual Tangerine Festival! Farmer’s markets, bluegrass music,  potato sack races, pottery demonstrations, soccer tournaments, glass blowing, frisbees, handmade crafts, painting, food and much more. 

More information –

… and..  a Bike Race.

Tangerine Festival Bike Race:

January 26, 2008 @ 1pm
-Meet at Memorial Park

Registration is at noon and is FREE. The race will be activity heavy and around 10 miles.

There is also a bike show, entries should be submitted at noon. Tall bike jousting, foot down and other games will be happening post-race. The race begins and ends at the Tangerine Fest. So, racing will not inhibit your fun.


New Years, No Time..

January 9, 2008

The last 5 weekends I’ve been almost exclusively out of town on tour with bands or at fests. That, coupled with my full time job that I DO need to be in Jacksonville to do, has left this site fairly sparse in the way of updates. Here’s some catch up.

Random Update 2.0

* We’ll be changing our hours of operation soon. Starting the week of January 21st we’ll be open only Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Details on the times soon.

* This Sunday, Jan 13th at Doozers Pub (7636 North Main Street Jacksonville, Florida 32208) – these three great bands…


Mekago N.T – Southern Florida’s newest thrashing maniacs. Pummeling fast, raw and heavy. Five tracks of old school heavy grindcore with a twinge of dbeat. These are surprisingly lengthy and brutal songs with heart. Features members from TORCHE and SHITSTORM. Listen

(RI) – “Bong ripping, labyrinth metal.” listen

Saint Jude (RI) – listen

* Dylan, your favorite Shanty Town Bartender, as well as guitarist for the local band Shitagoddamn, has started scanning the formitable pile of punk show fliers of Jacksonville days past. He’s been uploading them to a flickr account here.

* RADO is pulling together a neighborhood watch group for Riverside.  Read about it here, you know – before you get shot.    


This Friday Art and Bands

July 9, 2007


So, in addition to going to the Monster Art Show on Herschel St…  this Friday at Inertia – 10pm (after dinner) is a rad show. You can totally do both and have fun I promise.

Two touring bands, Nice and Friendly (myspace) and Life Under a Tree (myspace)and then two of your favorites locals Tuffy and Becky from Peace Trout.  Max Wood has also been added to this show kinda last minute-ish.

Also, Tonight at Jack Rabbits, the mostly white, Black Kids will be perfoming tonight at Jack Rabbits with People Noise (Zeke Buck from VHS or BETA + Matt Johnson of Boom Bip) and The Winter Sounds. Doors open at 8:30.


Monsters + Art = Friday the 13th…of July

June 15, 2007

On July 13th there will be a house show going on in Riverside! For one night only, anything from Monsters and Goblins to Creatures and Zombies will be covering the walls of 2646 Herschel in Riverside. Featuring over 20 artists from all over North Florida, the Monster Show will feature an OPEN call for entries. Thats right, YOU, can submit something. The only rule being, the work has to be about monsters. What kind of monster? you decide. Drawing, painting, or sculpting? its up to you. if you can dream it we will take it. All entries must be dropped off at Inertia Records by Wednesday July 11th. All skill levels will be represented at the show so dont let your crappy drawing skills keep you from submitting. its a monster. you cant mess it up. the uglier the better. so go grab your crayons, pipecleaners and paper bags and get working. you have less than one month!

all questions can be emailed to Clay:
claydoran(-at-)gmail(-dot-)com (put monster show as subject (spam sucks) )
or buddy up with the artshow’s myspace here



June 6, 2007

I set up stuff for this show last night. We have a vendor table at the show with a bunch of my records up on the wall behind it.  See you all tonight!


Something to read over the weekend, and more. 1,2,3..4

May 25, 2007

Well firstly, remember to swing by Bizarre Market on Saturday at Inertia. 3-8pm!!

Secondly, visit for your typically insanely helpful ‘weekend roundup’ post.

Thirdly read about why corn is ‘the worst thing ever’ here.

omnivoresdilema.gifThat above link makes reference to a this by Pollan, called The Omnivore’s Dilemma. So fourthly, start reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma! As an added bonus – finish by July 12th, come to Panera in San Marco at 6:30pm to talk to the Green Team Project’s folks about this incredible book. Contact them at

Have a rad extra day off!