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Drip Drip

September 17, 2007

…is the sound you hear inside the new store.  One or two buckets and it’s no big deal – in fact, we saw these leaks coming.  Hence, nothing between the new LP bin and the shirt rack.  A leak or two isn’t nearly as bad as this. 


At 1pm, nearly 6 inches of rain in San Marco.  Here’s one wet hot argument for the city to give the OK on bus shelters. Seriously folks.  Less wet people on the bus, and less cars on dangerous wet roads. Florida ice anyone?


Local Bummer – Wolfgang Robbed

July 14, 2007


This picture is of an advert in next week’s Folio.  Just wanted to get it filtered out into the  community another way. Serious reward offer, folks. Curtis has put up $1000, cash, to the person that first provides the information that results in the arrest and conviction of those involved in the felony.  Curtis is one serious dude when it comes to people stealing food off of his plate.  I don’t know much about fancy jeans – but I do know it sucks to have your store robbed.


Post Artwalk Posts, New Library Website, Inertia gets Assembled.

May 3, 2007

The digitization of Artwalk is upon us! Joey Marchy of has posted a picture of every piece of art from three Artwalk Galleries here.  So now that you know some of what you are missing, don’t miss it again!

New Library SiteAnd speaking of digitization of the physical world, the library has posted a preview of it’s new website here. The new design will go into effect on May 29.  What do you web design people think of this?

Lastly, the good folks at Assemble, a slowly and diligently coming to fruition craft community project and store, asked me some questions about Bizarre Market and Freeschools. Reading the answers can be done here.


Biodome show! Brooklyn Development

April 30, 2007

Bio dome Foamdome!
Saturday’s show in St. Augustine at The Biodome was amazingly rad.  I haven’t played 500 in forever (you know, that game with the football) and I still can’t catch well. 

The first band, Secretary of the Future, was really good. It was the Secretary’s first show. Then Alligator played (they played here at Shanty Town once I know – with Tigershark).  Followed by Lily, aka Inertia, and Environmental Youth Crunch.  It was a benefit show for St. Augustine’s Collective Press, a great non-profit publication. The show raised over $100. Oh, and it was at a house and a total blast.  Look at our flickr page for some more pictures.

Totally unrelated (or not?) … I saw this biking home from work yesterday.  Corn!Corn!

I seen lots of drawings and proposals about development in the Brooklyn area (that’s the area of town by The Pit), but I didn’t know how promising it would be until now. 

Corn Corn!


Film Quest IV

April 28, 2007

Film Contest
The Main Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library is hosting Film Quest IV, the fourth annual amateur film contest. This year’s contest has a fantasy theme, so make a short (under 7 minute) film on either DVD or VHS fantasy movie (think Conan the Barbarian, Harry Potter, Clash of the Titans, pretty much anything with wizards, swords or mythological creatures) and submit it before May 18th. On the 19th at 2:00 we will screen the movies and the winners will receive prizes donated by local merchants. In the past, this has been a great way for aspiring filmmakers to show their work in front of an appreciative audience. Oh – and you have to use the phrase, “By Odin’s Beard” at least once.


More Reasons to Love Jacksonville

March 22, 2007

Growing up in Jacksonville, Troy Lukkarila had a talent for breaking things. Windows, cars, noses, laws, friendships–all were fair game. So he created Lukalips Destruction Co. because he felt there was a demand for a professional breaker.  After two years of going door to door giving free demonstrations of his remarkable breaking abilities, Troy realized that the business was not ever going to make any money. It turns out that most people are quite capable of breaking things themselves and often resented Troy for destroying their possessions during his free demonstrations. Troy reorganized the company, of which he was the sole employee, and turned it into a record label, though he also does claymation, videography, and animations.

debbiestill.jpgEvidently someone gave these phone messages to one of Troy’s (only) friends who gave it to him and he made these two great cartoons:  “Ten Dollars” Part I and “Ten Dollars” Part II.  The second one is the funniest, but it’s also kinda sad because it’s obvious that “trashy ass bitch” Kathy owes poor Debbie’s disabled mom $10. It seems the prison only allows Mike one visit a week.  Troy also has some videos on youtube here.