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Riverside Area Neighborhood Watch

January 24, 2008

I’ve mention it before, but just to reiterate, Riverside now has a neighborhood watch program.

And, though it’s not the same area, an armed robbery at the Southside European Street with an AK-47 and shotgun definitely raises some eyebrows.

Contact Jennifer McCharen to get on the email the email list here –

From a recent list email..

“I was researching crime statistics recently, and I wanted to share the link for those of you who haven’t done this.

Click to accept the terms and conditions. This opens the mapping system. You can click on the map, zoom in, or enter a street address. Then click the “crime stats” button for a readout of crimes within a ½ mile radius of that location.

I was surprised to find that where I live, on Oak and King, is no safer than portions of North Riverside. Neither is the area immediately surrounding RADO’s office. The numbers for assault/battery are particularly alarming to me. Note that these numbers are just for the past six months. I think we should track these statistics over time, to see if our activities have a positive effect.”


Movement for a Democratic Society

January 23, 2008
Some locals starting up a Jacksonville Food Not Bombs group. Drop them a line if you can help in any way.  We’ll have information and a canned food/ dry goods donation box at Inertia shortly. The following is from an email Donny sent me. 

“We had a pretty successful FNB this past Sunday in Riverside park. We gathered and cooked all vegan food and handed out blankets. I’ve attached an image for your blog and below is somewhat a summary about what MDS is about:

Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) is an education and social action organization dedicated to increasing democracy in all phases of our common life. The goal of MDS is the creation of a more egalitarian society in both the political and economic spheres. MDS believes in participatory democracy, the expansion of human rights, universal healthcare, the rejection of discrimination based on race, gender or sexual preference, the preservation of the earth’s environment, the expansion of workers’ rights, a more equitable distribution of wealth, and the rejection of militarism and war as a way of resolving differences among peoples and nations.

I organized the chapter after being motivated by a large (over 2,500) anti-war protest in Orlando, FL on Oct.27, 2007.

Let me know if you need anything else, and if you got any ideas you’d like to share.

Thanks for the support,

Donny Q.


Community Garden Project

December 20, 2007


A message from your local Community Garden Project…

“Dear friends,

We are working steadily on the Junkyard Community Garden in Springfield, on Main Street between 1st and 2nd Streets. You can see a few photographs on . Just a few weeks ago we harvested a few delicious pounds of redleaf lettuce from the first constructed beds. We work together on site each Saturday at noon, and welcome you to join us.

Although we are seeking to use primarily salvaged materials for the garden, there are some things we simply have to purchase brand new, such as (at the moment) nails, rebar, concrete and mortar. We’re in a rather urgent need for these particular things right now, as earlier this week a section of the front retaining wall fell apart, and we’re faced with the need to repair this section of the garden rather quickly so as to avoid injury or further damage.

We are writing to ask you for funds to help cover the cost of these materials. Our budget is quite small, so even the smallest donations help a great deal. Donating between $5 and $50 right now would make a huge difference.

We have added a paypal donation button to our website,, for your convenience. It’s just like buying something on Ebay, with a fraction of the anxiety (and no shipping charges!). It’s instant grassroots gratification.

Alternatively, if you know of a source for donations of or good prices on the materials themselves, please get in touch. We can give you the specifics.

The garden is coming along beautifully, but we could really use a little bit of help.

Thank you very much for your support.

Happy Holidays!

-Jennifer McCharen”


Events, Lawsuit Roundup…

December 20, 2007

Fucked Up vs. Rolling Stone.
Fucked Up vs. Camel Cigarettes.
Read about it here.  Some ad where Camel was name dropping some bands.

Here’s some commentary on the lawsuit…

User: Mattdealsrecords
“Rolling Stone has been the music industry schills for 35+ years and RJ Reynolds is a corporate death machine. If Fucked Up could bankrupt both companies in 1 lawsuit I’d call them the punkest band ever.”

User: Bazdmeg
“i just find it utterly fascinating how Fucked Up has stopped at nothing to climb and climb to find the uppermost “acceptable” eschelon of so-called “indie” status – being on MTV, Vice, lame cooking shows, these weird “collaborations,” etc, much of this organized by Jade Tree and their tentacles of A&R connections, while at the same time trying so hard to retain “underground cred”… And then they act surprised when something like this happens? Come on… Its like, this is what you’ve been signing up for!”

User: Setyourselfonfire
“RJ Reynolds almost certainly hired an outside firm for that ad, almost every ad is done that way now. And it’s pretty stupid to assume that they and these ad firms don’t know what all trends and subculture are like. It’s not middle aged guys in suits who are making all the calls here, they do extensive research, hire young people to discover trends and scour college campuses, etc. I saw an interesting documentary in one of my classes last semester on this thing called “The Merchants of Cool”.

Also RJ Reynolds also didn’t expect that after seeing the ad loads of hipster kids would rush out to the store and start buying loads of camels. However such a kid who already smoked might develop a more positive view toward the brand by associating it with his favorite bands, much like many of us no doubt have toward Morton Salt thanks to Jawbreaker. I know we like to think that people in underground subcultures are smart enough not to buy a product just because their favorite band likes it like 12 year olds who buy shoes or drinks because of their favorite athlete endorsing it, but let’s face it, many are.

And that’s where the problem lies. Implying that Fucked Up supports using Camel cigarettes without their permission and without providing them any direct compensation is really shitty. ”


Don’t miss this…..

Daytona’s THIS IS FOR YOU FEST! Dec 28, 29 and 30.
Fest happens at BACKSTAGE @ 282 North Nova Rd. Daytona Beach, Florida. It is directly behind the mall. – Out of sight, out of mind =)

INERTIA IS CLOSED THESE DAYS – We’ll be at the fest!

START TIME EACH DAY 1:00 first band 1:30




Way more info here –

…And after you holiday time has settled back down…


This Tuesday, last weekend.

November 4, 2007

Oh, first off, the future..
Inertia resumes regular hours of operation Tuesday.

And most secondly, more futurisms…

FNB Freeschool

Thirdly, the glorious past…

Touring with Vultures was amazing.
Thank you Matt and Lily in Tampa, Matt and Becky and anyone else who lived at that house in Orlando, Ali and Jenny and peas in princess beds in Orlando, and Joe, puppies, fires and crowd surfers in Deland. Pictures in our flickr page, linked to the right, and Lily’s flickr page, linked here.


Feral Cats in Jacksonville

May 17, 2007

Thought of this after it came to my attention that someone is bringing kittens that need a home to Bizarre Market.  A feral cat had kittens under their home.

Inertia’s Joe Flowers pulled together this info for you all.

There are thousands of feral cats living and breeding in Jacksonville, thanks to our temperate climate and people who allow their unaltered pets to roam the streets looking for love. These animals generally live short, difficult lives -about 2 years on average- and the traditional model for dealing with feral cat populations has been “Catch and Kill”, which only makes room for more cats to come in and fill the niche left by captured cats.

feralcats31.jpgFortunately, there is an alternative. Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) has been shown to be an effective and humane way to control feral cat populations, and on July 20 and 21 The Humane Society of the United States will be offering a seminar in Jacksonville–Implementing a Communitywide Trap-Neuter-Release Program for Feral Cats.

You should attend this seminar if you are interested in helping out with local feral cat programs, or if you would like to learn how to maintain and protect your own feral colony. The program is sponsored by First Coast No More Homeless Pets and Jacksonville Animal Care and Control. It’s only $15 a day, OR $20 for BOTH days, and scholarships are available.  See the website for more information here.

Also check out Jacksonville’s No More Homeless Pets, and the services they offer for homeless pets and low-income pet owners, by going to The place where they do the cheap or free spay/neutering is on Edison Ave in Riverside.

For more facts about feral cats and information on a city with a more pro-active / progressive Trap-Neuter-Release program go to Many cities are implementing programs like this with amazing success!


Veronza Bowers, Jr.

April 30, 2007

veronza.jpgHey we have some new items in the store. Two new CDs, one is of Veronza’s music and one of his spoken word.  All the money from these CDs goes to Veronza Bowers, Jr – a member of the Black Panther Party, whose over 30 year sentence, which he has served in Federal Prison in Coleman, FL, has been forcibly and illegally extended. 

This was taken from
“Veronza was convicted in the murder of a U.S. Park Ranger on the word of two government informers, both of whom received reduced sentences for other crimes by the Federal prosecutor’s office. There were no eye-witnesses and no evidence independent of these informants to link him to the crime. At his trial, Veronza offered alibi testimony which was not credited by the jury. Nor was testimony of two relatives of the informants who insisted that they were lying. The informants had all charges against them in this case dropped and one was given $10,000 by the government according to the prosecutor’s post-sentencing report. Veronza has consistently proclaimed his innocence of the crime he never committed — even at the expense of having his appeals for parole denied — for which an admission of guilt and contrition is virtually required — he insists on maintaining his innocence.

The Black Panther Party was targeted by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI in its infamous which, during its years of operation from 1956 to 1971, surveilled, infiltrated, manipulated and tried to provoke criminal activities by entirely lawful civil rights and peace demonstrators exercising their First Amendment rights to oppose government policies. Hoover referred to the BPP as “the greatest threat to the internal security of this country” and authorized surveillance of many black and antiwar leaders including Martin Luther King.

Veronza’s “final” hearing on his petition for mandatory parole was held on October 6, 2005. This case has been given extremely high priority by the administration in response to a request by the Fraternal Order of Police (the largest police lobby in the nation) to keep Veronza imprisoned for life in spite of having served his full sentence and being a model prisoner with an spotless record for the past 21 years. Not surprisingly, by politicizing the case and throwing the full power of the Department of Justice, the Bush administration was able to strong-arm the Parole Commission to reverse its two prior decisions granting Veronza parole. In doing so, it abandoned its commitment to fairness and impartiality in favor a partisan political agenda.

veronz.jpgIn its December 6th decision, the U.S. Parole Commission reversed its previous decisions based on a narrow interpretation of the statue governing mandatory parole. It was decided that Veronza violated “serious” institutional rules during his incarceration, was a “threat to society” and likely to re-offend if released from prison. This conclusion is in direct contradiction to the opinion of prison administrators and unit managers who worked hand-in-hand with Veronza, a highly-respected authority on prison recidivism who subjected him to rigorous psychological testing, prominent attorneys, seasoned parole examiners and a member of the U.S. Congress all of whom testified on-the-record at numerous hearings supporting Veronza’s petition for parole.

This reversal is clearly a violation of the U.S. Parole Commission’s own rules and regulations and in blatant disregard to Veronza’s civil and human rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The reality is that the rule of law in this nation is being overwritten and subverted by the very individuals and agencies sworn to uphold it. Indeed, one does not have to go to Iraq to witness gross violations of human rights and prison abuse. It’s happening right here in our own back yard. ”

An article that appeared in the Washington Post dealing with U.S. Parole Commissioner Isaac Fulwood and his thoughts about Veronza’s petition for Mandatory Parole is located here.

“Where We Live” is an excellent radio program about US political prisoners and the prison/industrial complex. On WBAI 99.5FM, New York City Public Radio, since 1988. It is linked here.