Some Downloadables…

February 17, 2008

Japan’s Gauze released a new album is December. It’s called “Binbouyusurino Rhythm Ni Notte” and will be available around May on vinyl format from Prank Records.  Until then check out the download.  10 songs in 13 minutes.

Download the 5th Gauze record here.

Here’s some older Gauze stuff as well, taken from a comp called City Rockers released in 1982.  It was actually the first stuff they ever reorded.   Much more akin to early Discharge than later Gauze stuff.
Download comp tracks from City Rockers here.

fram.jpgNot musically too much, but personally, Gauze remind me alot of Framtid… er, maybe more like Framtid remind me more of Gauze, I dunno. It’s just that Framtid is one of the the only Japanese bands that remind me of Gauze that I’ve seen live. While on tour in Europe, Environmental Youth Crunch played with them at Trash Fest in the Netherlands. This was there first show on that tour, having just gotten off the plane that day.  Didn’t matter, they were great.   

Watch a video clip of Framtid here.
Download “Under The Ashes” here.


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