Dylan Invalid

February 17, 2008

Dang, once a week for three weeks straight.  This dude’s on a roll of dependability.  Here he is…

Ok, I’m just gonna type this one out all quick like because it just passed three a.m., I’m tired, and I want to watch “The Man With the Screaming Brain.”

Firstly, if you tried to go by Inertia this past Wednesday I’m sorry I couldn’t make it out as I had some shit to take care of.

Second style, if you didn’t go to the RAGER/2LEGIT/TOKYO FACE PUNCH/TALKSICK EARTH show you missed out on some thrash out.

Thirds, a confused old racist tried to fight one of my regulars today over a heated argument regarding the jukebox to TV volume ratio. I tried to make the guy settle down, but the fact that my customers were watching the NAACP Image Awards seemed to make the thing disrespectful to him. “I’m just tryin’ to hear the music in the jukebox and they got the TV over there and blah hyuck blah” I stopped listening and killed the TV volume hoping that would make my new pal happy, but he kept at his speech because he had a point to make. I tune a lot of people out if I simply disagree. It’s like when you’re 15 and drunk and your dad is all yelling at you but in your head all you can hear is Minor Threat.

The regular customer, we’ll call him “Regs” from now on, offers his hand in trying to calm the man down saying something to the affect of “maybe we should all just be quiet and shut up for a little while.” My new favorite racist won’t hear of it and threatens Regs to a fight but it settles down pretty quickly and I resume standing in silent rage and staring at the wall for a tense few minutes. It felt like a million years went by before the jukebox guy ordered another beer, which I denied. He didn’t like this either. As he stormed out he started yelling incoherently saying “Fuck Y’all, Y’all intellectuals are all bullshit” and insulting the heritage of good old Regs. He also called me a “fucking punk” before he stormed out, so I guess we understand each other.

Dudes, I heard people like this are all over the place at other bars in town. Jacksonville Rules!

End notes: Shora is a very brutal band that you should check out.


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