Sound Idea Net Radio

February 2, 2008


Bob Suren of Sound Idea Distribution (Brandon FL!) has a net radio show though his website.  He posts a new show every Saturday morning and leaves it up all week. After that, it is gone! So act fast, bookmark his page, do what you gotta do so you don’t miss the weekly rock session. There’s no talking between songs, and he puts up really well written commentary for each song on the site…  such as this..  

“01 Maggot Sandwich “My Florida” (FL)
I love this band. I love this song. It’s from their third record, the “Get Off The Stage” LP, released by singer/guitarist Vik Kaos’ own label, KML Records in 1987. I used to pen pal with Vik a lot and he kept me up to date on punk happenings in Florida’s panhandle, an area of the state that doesn’t get a lot of attention. He gave me a few cool records and tapes over the years. Maggot Sandwich started back in 1984 when Vik and brother Steev (That’s how he spells it!) started jamming and called their band Kaos. (They took the name from the evil organization from the old “Get Smart” TV show.) When they discovered that there were other bands named Kaos, Kaaos, Chaos and C.H.A.O.S., they changed the name to Maggot Sandwich. For a while, they had a zine of the same name. Maggot Sandwich went through several line ups over the years. Some of the members left under less-than-good terms. Eventually the band broke up in the late 1990s. A couple of years ago, we reconnected and I asked Vik if I could put out a Maggot Sandwich discography. He said he would love to do it, but that it might not sit well with some of the ex-members and that some of them might actually threaten me with legal action if I did so. So, I have wisely avoided this quagmire. Perhaps some day all of the members of MS can kiss and make up and the world will get the complete musical output on CD. Until then, you can visit the Maggot Sandwich My Space page, which has photos and a few MP3s.

02 Teen Idles “Get Up and Go” (Washington, DC)
This is the big bang of D.C. hardcore. Or at least Dischord Records. After seeing the Bad Brains, some D.C. teenagers, including Jeff Nelson and Ian MacKaye were inspired to start a band. The Teen Idles were part of the D.C. hardcore explosion that brought S.O.A., Untouchables, Government Issue and later Youth Brigade, Void, Faith and Minor Threat. The Teen Idles “Minor Disturbance” 7″ (Dischord Records, 1981) was released after the band broke up but it is still a landmark of the D.I.Y. ethic. And the cover art is some of my favorite of all time. Some have called the early Dischord releases sonically inept, amateurish, etc. So what? That’s what hardcore IS! It’s all about the ATTITUDE and the early D.C. crew had that in spades. ”

From early 80’s Florida punk bands to classic DC. Show’s got everything.

Check it out http://www.soundideadistribution.com/radio.html


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  1. I am hosting all of Bob’s old shows for him on my site. It’s a blogspot site right now until I can afford real hosting again. Check ’em out at http://www.punk-radio.net if you want to listen. I will post more of them in the future, it just takes time to upload them all.

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