Top 5 Records That Changed Your Life Vol #3

January 29, 2008

You’ve probably realized from past posts on this topic that I try to pair up different people within each post.  These two responses posted below have the largest difference, not just in terms of musical styles and taste, but more importantly in that one person operates a record label, whereas the other notes how the concept of an album is dead – instead opting for MP3 blogs.  Your thoughts?

Also, commenting with you own top 5 lists is fine, but I’ll gladly turn them into regular posts if you email them to me at this address – deadtank (at) gmail (dot) com.  Thanks!

And without further adieu…

Vol #3 of the series features Biff, of the band I-Object and record label Feral Kid Records – and Joey Marchy, of the local Jacksonville Blog Urbanjacksonville.

Here’s Biff,
… and here is Biff’s response..

“I’ve read a few interviews with bands or individuals where a similar idea to this was discussed. A number of times it seemed like those being interviewed attempted to seem superior to those reading the interview by naming off very obscure bands in order to appear more well-versed. They then never even went more in-depth as to discuss what these records were or who the bands were or why they were so important to them. I’ve tried to steer away from that as much as possible with this list. The following records have all withstood the test of time to me and mark very important landmarks in my life. They aren’t organized in order of importance, but more so in a sort of time line of my discovery of these records and just HOW important they are to me. Enjoy!

5 Records that have had a Profound Impact on my Life

1) Black Flag – Damaged LP – originally released December 1981 on SST Records, their first full-length LP.

Seeing as how this LP was released prior to my birth, I obviously did not pick it up hot off the presses, but it still hit hard with me nonetheless. I picked this record up at a time when i had first began to discover punk. I didn’t really know much aside from something about punk appealed to me. I also knew that if you liked punk, you liked Black Flag, that’s how it appeared to me anyways. Being young and highly impressionable I started searching everywhere I could for anything that I could find by this band and ultimately stumbled onto the Damaged LP at a record store. After picking it up and taking it home I knew that I had found exactly what I was looking for and to this day its fury is virtuously unmatched as far as I’m concerned.

2) Crimpshrine – Quit Talking Claude EP – pop-punk from Berkeley, CA. 1989 Lookout! Records

After being really into punk for a while, you start to notice just how much there is out there. There are so many layers related to DIY punk and once you start peeling them back you continue to become exposed to so many incredible, awe-inspiring bands. While I was still quite young in terms of punk years I started seeing the name Crimpshrine more and more. I asked a few friends of mine about them and everyone kept telling me just how much I needed to listen to this band. While flipping through some 7″s I wound up coming upon and purchasing the Quit Talking Claude EP. When I got home that night it was very late and I still lived at home. I didn’t want to deal with waking up the folks but couldn’t wait any longer to hear this much anticipated record. I popped it onto the record player in the living room with a big-ass pair of old headphones my parents had with it. After letting the record play for a minute or so through the first song I began scoping out the lyric sheet inside. I was absolutely floored. Never had I heard a band address such real life topics as Crimpshrine did within that 7”. As corny as it may sound, this record changed my life. I started viewing the world differently. It made me realize the long-lasting effect that punk was bound to have on my life. This is easily one of the most inspirational records i have ever purchased.

3) Assück – Misery Index LP – grindcore from FL. Released in 1996 by Sound Pollution Records

Getting into a thing like punk rock can be a very overwhelming thing. Countless bands within countless sub-genres, how could you possibly know them all? Standardly, People seem to start off by focusing on one specific sub-genre that they know they like when they first get into punk. Ultimately they begin to branch out and experience more and more of all that is encompassed within such a diverse musical genre. Assück was another band whose name I had been seeing everywhere. I had not at the time been very interested in the aspect of brutality within my punk rock. Being from Buffalo, NY I had a number of friends into bands like Cannibal Corpse whose records never really did anything for me. I was into punk rock. I didn’t care about speed or musical ability. I was into it because I was pissed. I didn’t yet know exactly why I was so pissed but I knew at the time that death-metal bands like Cannibal Corpse did nothing for me whatsoever (although today I can by all means appreciate “Eaten Back to Life”. While it may not make this specific list it is a killer record from the Corpse and I must say that now I am proud that they lived in my city when it was created).

A friend of mine brought the Assück – Misery Index record over to my house and INSISTED that I listen to it. Initially, I was impressed because it was far more intense than anything I had ever heard, but once again, it took scoping out the lyric sheet for me to be sucked in for life. Very intelligent, well thought out lyrics over top of the most intense, hi-energy, pissed-off, fastest music I had ever been privy to. How could I not absolutely love this record and this band!?

4) Uriah Heep – s/t LP – (named “Very ‘eavy…Very ‘umble” in UK) Released: June, 1970

A seemingly odd choice for a record list such as this, I feel it makes a whole lot of sense. For those of you not familiar with Uriah Heep, they are a British Prog-Rock band formed in 1969. Their self-titled record is absolutely incredible, start to finish. Melodic and catchy yet still having very heavy riffs and complex solos. Listening to this record makes it VERY easy to see where the inspiration for a lot of metal and prog bands comes from. I don’t have nearly as much to say about this one except to strongly encourage people to check it out. It’s a wonderful historic piece and is really interesting to hear so much complex yet still catchy and rocking stuff going on within one record. It definitely has helped me to appreciate the musical aspects of things more-so and was a great gateway into other genres like prog-rock and certain aspects of metal.

5) Skate Korpse – Discography LP – Released December 2006 Feral Kid Records

Skate Korpse was a band from Rochester and Buffalo, NY. They were a band comprised of incredible people and were always unbelievably inspiring to see live. They came around at a time when the buffalo hardcore-punk scene had by all means seen better days. For the most part of their existence they seemed very under appreciated in these parts. By the time of their untimely demise, however, people started to realize what an incredible thing we had all just been taking for granted. Their music is very classic sounding 80’s style skate-rock that doesn’t sound LIKE any specific band, but rather sounds as if they could have been alongside any of the classic pioneers of the genre such as JFA, The Faction, Big Boys or the Dicks.

Seeing how this record was released only a little more than a year ago it may seem a strange thing to put on a “5 life-changing records” list. The reason it is on here is not because it is an incredible record (although it TOTALLY is), but rather because this record helped me discover quite a bit about what I am passionate about. I was given the incredible opportunity to release the discography LP. I did not run a record label or have any of the knowhow that comes along with doing such a thing, but I had been toying with the idea for years. Being given such an opportunity really forced me to step it up because I would have done absolutely anything to help this band that I cared about so much. I ended up silk-screening all 1000 of the covers front-and-back, on not exactly the most adequate of equipment and had one hell of a time with it, but absolutely everything about the experience has been well worth it. Now Feral Kid Records has become a VERY big part of what I do with my life.

So, if any members of the band stumble onto this, thank you Skate Korpse for such an opportunity, I would not be doing what I am these days if it were not for you.

You can check out Biff’s band and label at these sites.

Next up is Joey Marchy. Here he is…

… and here is Joey’s response.

Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
I listened to this tape for a year straight when I was in 6th grade. It was my first introduction to hip hop and it sealed the deal for hip hop in my life. Forever.

Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation
Probably the most influential song on this album, to me, was Teenage Riot. Up to that point I’d never had a favorite song. Teenage Riot became my favorite song and is till this day. Hearing this album opened my eyes to the fact that there is more to music than what they play on the radio. Last years highlight: Seeing Sonic Youth perform Teenage Riot live in Chicago.

Nas – Illmatic
1994 and 1995 were a pivotal year in the evolution of hip hop and my music life. Listening and trying to find the samples used on this album put me on a path of discovery that has made me what I am today. Many of the samples came from a movie called Wild Style which led to my interest in in New York and graffiti. Which led to street art, fashion, and an all around Urban lifestyle.

DJ Shadow – Entroducing
This is another album I listened to for a year straight. My friend Matt gave to me when I was working at Ramworks right after college. In the car, at my house, at work, wherever. This album introduced me to DJs and led to a love for combining two pieces of music together to create a remix.

MP3 Blogs – The New Album
The album is dead to me. Today I get all my music from MP3 blogs like the ones listed below. To me these are the new albums and how I discover all the new music I listen to.


You can visit Joey Marchy’s blog here – http://urbanjacksonville.info


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