Dylan Invalid

January 29, 2008

We’ve got a weekly guest columnist now!   Look forward to this every Tuesday, and come by Inertia every wednesday to talk about it with Dylan.  Bring a 6-pack too.

Hi, I’m Dylan.

I’m at Inertia on Wednesdays and Shanty Town most of the other time. Nice to meet y’all.

I was telling Josh the other night that I refuse to participate in his “5 Albums that changed my life” inquiry because it’s just too difficult. But holy shit I love talking about music, especially the shit that I like. So Josh, being a rad dude, said I could write pretty much anything I wanted. I’ll do my best to use real adjectives instead of the usual profanity and I’ll keep the Ebonics to a minimum for all you squares out there.

The first person I have to bring up today is Jay Reatard. I’ve been boring the shit out of everyone, telling them he’s a genius, making sure they know how to spell his name, etc. I might tend to get a little excited, but it’s worth it. Reatard’s been making quality pop-punk (pop like Ramones not pop like Yellowcard) rock for a while now (you might remember his old band, the Reatards) and his new solo album “Blood Visions” is pretty much perfect from start to finish. He was also in a band called Lost Sounds which is like Devo/Ramones but more grim. I’m pretty sure both of those records are on the Goner label which boasts some of the coolest bands around right now.

Also kicking ass in my ears lately is the new Pissed Jeans album “Hope for Men.” It’s noisy, awkward, nihilistic sound is perfect for rush hour traffic, shaving, and drinking whiskey all at once. I’ll attempt this task tomorrow.

And then there’s the new Annihilation Time record aptly titled “Annihilation Time II.” If you’re not already familiar, these guys were pretty much Black Flag clones on their first album and they pulled it off really well. I heard diehard fans were pissed when their old singer left and they started to sound like Thin Lizzy, but “AT II” is killer, so fuck them. It’s not as charged or angry as their first one, but it’s not as dad-rock as Baroness’s new one (which I also like). People are just afraid of mad riffage, I guess.

Another one I can’t get enough of is “Here Comes the Waterworks” from Big Business. I saw these guys with the Melvins two Holloweens ago at Jack Rabbits and it quickly became one of the best shows I’d ever been to (except for the fact that some kid split his leg open and I had to shine a flashlight on it). If you’re into heavy stoner rock and epic singing and van-ins, you’ll probably really enjoy the new BB. I know you can find at least one of these bands at Inertia right now, and if we don’t have it in we can order things.

End Notes:

Bob the Samaritan wants you all to support 1460 on your AM dial. It’s Jacksonville’s only progressive news/talk station. Visit them on the web at http://www.1460.us/. They also broadcast basketball games.

His Name was Iron and Hallelujah will be at Shanty Town on February 9th and that starts at 10pm. Rager (from Chi-town), Talk Sick Earth, 2 Legit, and Tokyo Face Punch will be there on February 13th. This is an EARLY SHOW because it’s on a Wednesday. Please come support. Bands start at 7:30pm.

Lastly, I need any Jacksonville show flyers that you may have saved from over the years. I’ll scan them in and give em’ back. To see my progress so far check out www.flickr.com/people/dylaninvalid. I’ll upload more as soon as I can afford to go pro.



  1. I also witnessed that Big Belvins show at JR’s. That show alone convinced me to buy a drum kit.

  2. baroness=dad rock
    ha haha…
    I am old.

  3. 1060 AM also is hosting a local independent rock n roll, punk n shit music sundays from 6:05-8:00 its pretty cool

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