Top 5 Records That Changed Your Life Vol #2

January 27, 2008

Vol #2 of the “Top 5 Records That Changed Your Life” posts features Edwin Turner, local teacher and blogger, and Samantha Jones, Gainesville musician, yoga teacher, and mother.

Here is Eddie.
…and his contribution.

“R.E.M.–Out of Time
My dad, of all people, bought this for me in the sixth grade when he gave me a discman for Christmas. It was like the first CD I owned.

The Pixies–Doolittle
I bought this on tape in the seventh grade. I was cherry picking the Pump up the Volume soundtrack for artists like Pixies and Sonic Youth and Rollins Band. I used to ride my bike to Vintage Vinyl on the weekends and buy used cassettes. I have this wonderful memory of listening to this album for the first time riding home on my bike, and then listening to it repeatedly in the front yard, playing basketball until it was dark and time to come inside.

Bob Dylan–The Freewheelin Bob Dylan
This is still one of my favorite albums. I always liked Bob Dylan, even when I was really little; I just liked his voice. I never had to “get into” Dylan. Another one of the first CDs I ever owned. It’s such a great album, everyone should own it, really.

Gastr del Sol–Upgrade and Afterlife
One of my favorite all time records. I got this when I was, like, a senior in high school I guess. It really freed up my idea about what music could be, how a person could make music, what was beautiful and what was harsh.

Public Enemy–It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Down
The first album I ever bought for myself. It was on tape. This was probably, 1989, 1990. If it seems like I’m trying to build hipster street cred, I willingly add that the second album I ever bought for myself was a Fresh Prince cassette. In the late eighties, I simply liked all rap: Ice-T and NWA were categorically equal to M.C. Hammer.”

Eddie’s blog, Biblioklept, is here – http://biblioklept.wordpress.com/.

…..next  up is Samantha Jones.

…and here she is (perfroming with the now defunct band Slang)
..and her list…

“Bad Brains “i against i” – This record is the reason I SHRED on guitar!!

Cap’n Jazz “Analphabetapolothology” – When I first split up with Chuck I decided I wanted to teach yoga all the time.   I used to listen to this album and do this crazy yoga dance.  Very freeing.

Lightning Bolt “Wonderful Rainbow” – (Sorry, another yoga story) I would listen to this record over and over again while learning to stand on my hands or forearms. very intense music for a very intense yoga practice!

Dag Nasty – Anything by this band.  I don’t know why.  These songs just made me feel ok when all else was teenage angst and disillusionment.

Iron and Wine “The Creek Drank The Cradle”  I would crank this record and dig and dig and dig in my garden.  Best crop ever.

I know there are probably some records that affected me before like, ten years ago, but these are the ones that leap to mind.  You know, short term memory and all.”

Samantha has been in a handful of Gainesville Bands, including Bitchin’, Rumbleseat, and Slang.  You can listen to her current projects, Cassette and The Deep and Holy Sea, at these links.



  1. Hey. I should probably point out that the name of the PE record is It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us BACK, not DOWN. Sloppy proof-editing + not thinking about what I was writing + 18 years + a bad memory in general = Chuck D’s tears. The S1W will be at my door any minute.

  2. 1) Dismemberment Plan- Emergency & I
    2) Aesop Rock – Bazooka Tooth/ El-P – Fantastic Damage
    3) Dinosaur Jr- Where You Been
    4) Blink (pre-182 affixed)- Chesire Cat
    5)Ice-T – O.G. Original Gangsta

  3. Good call, Ed. Thanks again.

    Joe, Hey man! Thanks for the comnment of your Top 5’s. In the first post I mentioned that submissions should be emailed, I probably shoudl do that for every post. If you want to add some content as to why these 5 records changed your life and email them to me that’d be great. Thanks!

  4. Deadtank (josh?):
    Thanks for the offer, but i’d like to remain anonymous. Hope posting it in the comments doesn’t piss you off:

    Dismemberment Plan- Emergency & I:
    – This record is my #1 favorite of all time. It didn’t come along at a particularly important time in my life, but it really just struck me as so different from everything I was listening to at the time. For anyone who hasn’t heard it, the creative/good/insightful/artistic lyrics, the danceable rock way before danceable rock was cool sound, the spot-on drumming, and the refusing-to-be-pigeonholed variety in the songs made this an instant classic for me.

    – Aesop Rock Bazooka Tooth/ El-P Fantastic Damage:
    – I put these two together because they came into my life at roughly the same time, give or take a few months. Both these records were just so different from all other hip-hop. In fact, at first I didn’t much care for either of them beyond a few songs, but I think that is the sign of any incredible album; something this good is going to take a while to digest. The dense rhymes, the bombastic production, the overall complete difference from all hip-hop that was popular at the time (seriously, compare one of these to Nelly or some of the shit that was so popular in 2000-2002), made these so compelling to me. Plus, the Aesop Rock record has one of the single most mind-blowing verses ever: in a song about a summer when he and a friend did a bunch of acid, the word pattern goes ‘L…S..D” (e.g.: “Lazy summer days/Like some decrepit land shark dumb luck squad dog lurk sicker diluted/Last sturdy domino lean secluded./Don’t let stupid delusions lessen super-duty labor students dragnet lifer solutions.) And that continues for probably two minutes. This shit was revolutionary.

    – Dinosaur Jr. Where You Been?
    First heard this record driving to school with my brother, when I was in 7th grade. It was 94 and grunge was king. But, my adolescent mind wasn’t aware of many bands beyond Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Sonic Youth. So, when my brother put this on, I was blown away. Puberty was hitting, I was confused, and the songs seemed to be speaking to my feelings and situation exactly. I had no idea that these guys were, by that time, pretty much just one guy, or that he/they were widely respected and revered. To me, they were some random band with the best songs I had ever heard.

    – Blink- 182 Chesire Cat
    When I got this, they were just Blink, and they were the best thing my 16 year old self had ever heard. Catchy as hell punk songs about girls, or, more specifically, not getting girls, and farts. Summed up my world about perfectly at that point. Songs by immature white suburban guys who surfed and skated for immature white suburban guys who surfed and skated. Despite what the band became later, I am an unabashed lover of this record.

    – Ice- T Original Gangster
    Like Blink above, Ice-T’s present persona/reputation doesn’t do this record (or, for me, tape, because that is how I got it) justice. I didn’t know much about hip-hop when I got this tape, but I loved it. It’s kind of funny, now that Ice-T is on ‘Law&Order: CSI Hospital’ or whatever, but this record is largely responsible for my present liberal political beliefs. Everything about this tape was revolutionary to my middle-class white boy perspective, and it intrigued me enough to check out Public Enemy, Ice Cube, and NWA.

  5. Its proven in town?
    Its making me frown?
    Flava Flav is a clown?
    a verb not a noun?

    it takes a nation of millions to hold us down.

    1. Same as above. PE – ITANOMTHUB
    2. Operation Ivy -Energy
    3. Johnny Cash – Live at San Quentin
    4. Ani Difranco -Not so Soft
    5. Mofro – Blackwater

    Honorable mentions to Nina Simone, Minor Threat,Hank Sr., RATM, and Jimmy Buffet.

  6. iam deeply disturbed by the lack of Weird Al records on anyones lists!!

  7. […] universe if the creator had not spent sixth grade rockin “She Watch Channel Zero.”  Biblioklept includes them as well. He obviously “Don’t Believe The […]

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