Riverside Area Neighborhood Watch

January 24, 2008

I’ve mention it before, but just to reiterate, Riverside now has a neighborhood watch program.

And, though it’s not the same area, an armed robbery at the Southside European Street with an AK-47 and shotgun definitely raises some eyebrows.

Contact Jennifer McCharen to get on the email the email list here – jmccharen@radocdc.org.

From a recent list email..

“I was researching crime statistics recently, and I wanted to share the link for those of you who haven’t done this.


Click to accept the terms and conditions. This opens the mapping system. You can click on the map, zoom in, or enter a street address. Then click the “crime stats” button for a readout of crimes within a ½ mile radius of that location.

I was surprised to find that where I live, on Oak and King, is no safer than portions of North Riverside. Neither is the area immediately surrounding RADO’s office. The numbers for assault/battery are particularly alarming to me. Note that these numbers are just for the past six months. I think we should track these statistics over time, to see if our activities have a positive effect.”


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