New Site. St. Jude, Howl, Mekago N.T.

January 15, 2008

Nothing crazy, I just got tired of looking at the old one.
The Mekago NT / Howl / St. Jude / Talk Sick Earth show at Doozers pub went super well.  Doozers pub is nice and not that far from the store.  I met this guy Andrew there who was taking pictures.  He put them up on his myspace profile here http://www.myspace.com/wasser88.  Thanks Andrew!

Got a few more shows in the works. Can Kickers, Zoraster, Minsk… Not a whole lot but good stuff.

Posting new hours soon.  I’m really tired.



  1. hot damn! can kickers will be good, you know when zoraster might be?

  2. Zoroaster! Nice job, Joshua.

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