December 21, 2007

Time killer? All killer-no filler? 


The December Issue of New Scientist, talks about how computer servers are as bad for the environment as SUVs. Hmm..

In a very “off the record but potentially going in my blog” conversation with Jennifer McCharen (you know, jaxgreen.org), the following statements / information was culled…

“Nothing is safe from the overwhelming pessimism of the environmental movement! … I knew it already, I just hadn’t read a comparison that direct… The EPA issued a report on data center energy usage….It’s currently at 1.5% of all energy consumed in the US, expected to double in 5 years.”

Lengthy, but interesting, article about a Chinese Factory in Shenzhen at The Atlantic – Try to read that in time for your winter holiday, especially you last minute shoppers.

And speaking of gifts, here you are! – You can watch Philip Glass’s short films for Sesame Street, from 1977, here.

Also, bored record goons take note, I’ve started ‘cataloging’ all of my records – you can look at the list here. Mostly for trading / whatever purposes. I have a list posted on viva la vinyl as well, but having one as a separate page means anyone can see it. Like it says, I’m not done typing it out.

Lastly, and speaking of potentially silly websites, I have a Facebook and Myspace account. Like everyone and there mother, I was on myspace first. Facebook had no one on it, and seemed weird for me to use – I’m not into like re-reconnecting to my friends. Anyway long story short(ish) Max Wood, of Applied Communications etc, gave me some rad code to wipe out the advertisement crap on Myspace – I did this as a short of half assed response to alot of the anti-myspace chatter in various punk/hardcore circle.  So… you can basically turn your myspace into what you want, but still have a connective point for your Myspace loving “friends.” Anyway MY space is http://myspace.com/joshtank. Email me if you want that silly code.  

Have a good holiday.


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