New Stuff… Some Brazilian Hardcore

December 14, 2007

Not in yet, just on the way..

DISCARGAQUE VENHA ABAIXO –  7´ EP New exclusive tracks from this brazilian local heroes. With no doubts Discarga is one the best bands that came out on 90´s in Brasil.Playing their fucking fast hardcore, they remind us Manliftingbanner and late Lärm with a brazilian early 80´s punk feeling. This exclusive Peculio Discos release includes 6 new tracks and a Septic Death version. Go faster if you can!

ROT + WOJCZECH – SPLIT 7´ Brand new tracks from both bands, total brutal and insane old school grindcore. Rot is the brazilian longest standing grindcore band and Wojczech is german grind assault!

AÇÃO DIRETA + CONTRASTO – SPLIT 7´ Ação Direta is still doing great after so many years; this recording brings an intense and brutal brazilian hardcore, includes an unreleased track plus a Wolfpack cover version. Contrasto is a political fast and noisy hardcore band from Italy, I´m shure you´ve heard their name before, they have two unreleased tracks here as well.

MY OWN LIES + BETERCORE NO MORE IMPERIALISTIC WAR – 7´ Two of the best bands that appeared in Europe in the 90´s! My own lies is the ultra fastcore heroes from Germany, Capitalist Casualties meets Drop Dead with some metal touch on the guitars. Betercore is the fucking-youth-crust-sXe-but-not-assholes straight in your face!  Directly from the Netherlands maintaining the tradition of awesome bands. Unreleased tracks from both bands.

I SHOT CYRUS / DISCARGASPLIT LP  Ultra brutal hardcore crossover with rocking guitars vs.super fast hardcore punk heroes. Brazilian hardcore at its best!

B.U.S.H. – New American Century – CD After the huge acceptation of their debut 7´ EP here comes the debut full-length. B.U.S.H. is getting a lot of attention lately with their unique sound that band consider themselves as a jam session between Minor Threath, Wire and brazilian early 80´s punk. This album is fantastic and puts them on the history of hardcore/punk forever.

B.U.S.H. + BRUCE BANNER– SPLIT 7´ Brazilian punk rockers B.U.S.H. seems to be the greatest revelation of the scene lately. 80´s american hardcore and skate punk with 60´s feeling and early 80´s brazilian punk all together makes this band awesome! Bruce Banner from Sweden can combine Scandinavian raw sound with 80´s american hardcore and thrash like nobody does. Now with duo male/female vocals.

BANDANOSWE CRUSH YOUR MIND WITH THE THRASH INSIDE – CD Veterans of the Brazilian scene who passed on several bands (Warhate, Prime Mover, NoViolence, Rot, Point of no return, Questions, …) for the last two decades joined together to play 80´s crossover in such a way that you can only think about bang your head and circle pit. Combination of Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I. and The Accused is the best definition of their sound.


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