Weekend Party Starts Tonight!

December 13, 2007

Noise complaints for doing shows means we move ’em to livingrooms. Get stoked! 

Jacksonville ***  Thursday (Dec 13th) @ 343 west 7th st (springfield)

Hadouken (Local jax party tunes)
Gomek (orlando rippers sounds like infest/relics kickin orchids ass – new 7″ on dead tank)
Brainstorm (gainesville – show up on time they play for like 8 minutes)
2 legit (watch dunn get it done)

Jacksonville *** Friday (Dec 14th) @ Misdemeanor Manor

Alligator (st. augustine’s surf party jammers)
Antarctic (fancy jammers)

s Latin (Annuit Coeptis, Novus Ordo Seclorium)

Delray Beach *** Saturday (Dec 15th) @ Backbone Music
61 SE 4th Ave. Call for directions! (561) 266-BONE (2663)

1:00pm bands SHARP
$12-15 (sliding scale)

Mekago N.T (traveling from Miami — hardcore that guns at how truly sick and disgusting we are
Shitstorm (traveling from Miami — grueling gring reminding you that you’re fucked)
Consular (traveling from Miami — sinking florida one backyard at a time; just listen to allapattah blues)
Devices (traveling from Melbourne — it’s been a while since their last show and it’s going to be a while after this show)
Molten Guava (traveling from West Palm Beach — remember the minutemen and dead milkmen?)
Mouthbreather (traveling from Richmond, VA — ex. Wow, Owls & the Setup dudes getting together to sweat out some babies)
New Bruises (traveling from Tampa — turn up the scruffy pop punk on Kiss of Death Records)
Brendan Sullivan (traveling from Baltimore by way of West Palm Beach — writing some of the best possible music right now)
Monument (traveling from College Park, MD — catchy emo reminiscent of Braid and all of the late 90’s that came along with them)
Howmba Sowmba (traveling from Boynton Beach — he only comes out maybe once a year and it all makes sense afterwards)
Tubers (traveling from St. Augustine — three dudes eating a ton of vegetables and listening to Fugazi)
Solid Pony (traveling from St. Augustine — tubers + 1 rearranged and playing quirky alt jams)
Dukes (traveling from Miami — one of their final shows!)
Monsters (traveling from West Palm Beach — trio of new kids smashing out jagged and spacey post-rock jams)
Reflexes (traveling from Miami — the nicest kid in the world pretty much singing about friends and video games)

Delray Beach *** Sunday (Dec 16th) @ Backbone Music
61 SE 4th Ave. Call for directions! (561) 266-BONE (2663)

1:00pm bands SHARP
$12-15 (sliding scale)

Monarcs (traveling from Miami — sick angular shredding with melodic undertones from members of Capsule, Tyranny of Shaw, Dead Lions, and more)
Capsule (traveling from Miami — new LP “Blue” out on Robitic Empire soon, sick thrashing and screamy post-hardcore)
Carrier (traveling from West Palm Beach — loud, fast and annoyed screamy hardcore)
Coffin Dancer (traveling from Miami — sludging riffs slugging the shit out of you for fans of Isis, Cult of Luna, etc.)
Stampede (traveling from Charleston, SC — new hardcore band touring with Thank God)
Thank God (traveling from Columbia, SC — crazy and discordant hardcore featuring ex. Guyana Punchline & Antischism)
Environmental Youth Crunch (traveling from St. Augustine — environmentally conscious bike pop punx)
Seabass (traveling from Ft. Lauderdale — math riff writing and mad beat driven screamy post-hardcore)
Khann (traveling from Orlando — fueled on vegetables and weed with a new album out now on Black Market Activities)
Run Like Hell (traveling from Miami — big crescendo’s and clashing finger tapping)
Cop City/Chill Pillars (traveling from West Palm Beach — the 90’s never cheered up)
Seven White Cats (traveling from Gainesville — atmospheric down trodden ambiance from ex. Cowboys Became Folk Heroes singer)
Whales (traveling from Miami — fun, fresh and positive singing alongs)

* BOTH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY MORNING’s outside of Backbone Music there will be an open potluck for everyone! please participate by bringing something for everyone to eat (vegan, vegetarian, or none of the above welcomed) while helping to provide eats for the out of area bands! hang out, get to know each other, then step INSIDE where young miami artisit Lazaro Rodriquez will be exhibiting some of his wonderful visual music installations! this begins around 11:30am and ends when the first band goes on at 1:00pm SHARP.


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