November 26, 2007


Saturday’s show with Antarctic, Dark Castle, Vultures and Iron Eyes Cody was fun. Urban Jacksonville mentions the show and drools over Antarctic a bit here. Joey’s pictures form the show are here. We’ll have pictures up soon. And finally, concerning pictures if you took any please email them to us at deadtank (at) gmail (dot) com.

Tonight’s show / Nov 26th – IRON LUNG, RELIGIOUS AS FUCK, and GOMEK

(Iron Lung)

Some important notes for the Iron Lung show. We’re normally closed on Monday so… The store opens 6pm, doors for show 7pm, show starts promptly at 8. Everything will be over at 10pm. Show up late, miss out.  After party at Shanty Town?

….then on Saturday December 1st, at Inertia – Following a Jax Against War protest.
Environmental Youth Crunch, Peace Trout, James K. Polk and the Family of Friends, Laura Bullard, and Joe Gaskin. More information on the protest here.

Last but not least…
… mark your calenders for this upcoming show in January..

January 13th – Mekago N.T, Howl, St. Jude. (Early show, ends at 10pm)

Mekago N.T – Southern Florida’s newest thrashing maniacs. Pummeling fast, raw and heavy. Five tracks of old school heavy grindcore with a twinge of dbeat. These are surprisingly lengthy and brutal songs with heart. Features members from TORCHE and SHITSTORM.  Listen 

(RI) – “Bong ripping, labyrinth metal.” listen

Saint Jude (RI) – listen


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