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November 21, 2007

Real quick.. We’re closed November 22nd and 23rd.  Otherwise, normal hours.  Enjoy your holiday!  on to the post…

So a “Stop Pirating Music” myspace account has posted a blog with some questions for labels to respond too.  You can look at the Blog post here.

Answers from Visible Noise Records, Revelation Records, Lookout Records, 31G Records, Ninja Tune, and Deep Elm.

Highlights, of sorts, include…

Deep Elm being referred to as “THE Original Emo Rock Label”, as well as it’s owner coming across as a total jerk as well as a lyricist for most his label’s bands… “Think about that record that you love so dearly…the record that makes you feel better when you are down…the songs that make you smile and the songs that make you cry. Now imagine that they never existed. Shame on you.”

Justin Pearson of 31G Records commenting on cross marketing thusly – “But for us, it’s a bit harder to see something like Orthrelm on a car commercial.”… and in regard to people’s perceptions changing over paying for music downloads – “Well people in the bigger parts of Europe, say Germany, hated the jews and that changed.” … and in response to the final question of ‘any other comments?’…  “We’re screwed”


And filed under the “Thing to Listen to”… here’s some of my favorite bands from Florida right now.  And yes, I’m more than aware that these are all bands Dead Tank has either released records with, or is planning on releasing records with – that’s the point of a label, to release music you love.

(Adrien on Gomek at the Firefly in Miami)

If crusty kids played Orchid songs? Drunk gators and a punk show? Tough female vocals over a barrage of tons of crazy shit going on at once, gently falling into place. Hear it
here.  Gomek plays with Iron Lung and Religious as Fuck at Inertia Nov 26th.

Picture 006
(I don’t have any pictures of Brainstorm playing, this is Austin tho…)

Just listen to this band. They’ll be in Jacksonville in December, and touring the east coast late December. And, holy punk rock surprise, the record won’t be done by then. Listen to Brainstorm here

Dead Friends
(…and real Florida hardcore genius would know that this picture of Tony is of him playing not with Dead Friends, but his other band – Assholeparade.)

Dead Friends from Gainesville. Think Assfactor 4  – tipping the hat to Twelve Hour Turn’s harsher moments? Listen to them here and decide for yourself.



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