Monthly Event Stuff

November 5, 2007

The weather’s nice, it’s a great time to get out, and… you know, plan ahead and the like…

—— November 10th – Talleyrand Festival
…more info at http://www.talleyrandfestival.com/.
Urbanjacksonville discusses the Festival changing venues here.

—— November 10th – Fest For The Rest
You betcha! What kind of city would we be without the punx coming up with there own music festival for those of us without fifty bucks or an interest in Against Me? Nice flyer you guys! This is at a house in Springfield, and like it says, ask around.

—— November 17th – Crap Fair at Inertia

Crap Fair

—– November 22nd – Mt. Eerie, Woelv at Inertia


—– November 26 – Iron Lung, Religious as Fuck, Gomek at Inertia

—– November 30th to December 2nd in Orlando


One comment

  1. awesome! I just commented on the Talleyrand fest over at UJ…but I’ll totally go to the fest for the rest. Thank god! Thanks Jacksonville!

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