Gainesville Fest / Halloween House Show

November 1, 2007

Some pictures from Gainesville Fest and last nights Halloween show. More pictures on our flickr page.  

Gainesville Fest
…in Gainesville. I didn’t get many band pictures…
In order of appearance. Old Growth, selling records on the sidewalk, people at Environmental Youth Crunch show, Environmental Youth Crunch, fresh tattoos “See You Next Fall”, Off Minor.
old growththinkin eyc eyc See you Next Fall. offminor

Halloween Show
…at the Good Idea House.
Halloweenshow 032

Halloweenshow 005 Halloweenshow 009

Halloweenshow 026Halloweenshow 024

Fun Costumes
Halloweenshow 033 Halloweenshow 037 Halloweenshow 043 Halloweenshow 035 Halloweenshow 034



  1. come on man!! i worked really hard to get an extreme close up of the mohawk kid during eyc

  2. G’ville Fest was fucking fantastic this year! I hope you didn’t miss the Municipal Waste show…best set I saw all weekend. I couldn’t get it to see Monotonix on Saturday night, but caught them at TSI on Sunday…book that band!

  3. You mean the mowhawk guy whose ass I nearly destroyed? He was crying outside after EYC about me.

    Fest was great but I was silly exauhsted…and angry at extreme punx.

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