Busy Times

October 24, 2007

Last night’s show was rad.  Thanks to everyone who came out – especially people who drove from St. Augustine and Deland.  Ya’ll are some troopers… See you again soon at The Fest or as Vultures play in your living room.  

Inertia will be closed Oct 26th – Oct29th and Nov 1st-5th.  We’ll be at Gainesville Fest.  Then we’ll be on tour. We’ll also be taking a small break from blogging.  Unless, of course, I get my cable in the mail for the digital camera that Jacob and Liz got me for my birthday (Thanks again!). In which case I’ll be posting tons of photos.

Here’s some details and some other fun events that will keep me mostly away from computers and mildly away from job.  

Oct.24 @ Transistions (Tampa) – The Ergs, Environmental Youth Crunch and a ton more…
Oct.25 @ Cafe 11 (St. Augustine) – Triclops, Tubers, Greeness, Alligator.
Oct.26 @ Jack Rabbits (Jacksonville) – Old Growth, Fin Fang Foom
Oct.26 @ The Fest (Gainesville) – Naked Raygun, Youth Brigade, Radon, Toys That Kill, Bitchin… Oct.27 @ The Fest (Gainesville) – Dillinger 4, Avail, Old Growth, Environmental Youth Crunch…
Oct.28 @ The Fest (Gainesville) – Seaweed, Small Brown Bike, The Draft, The Figgs, The Ergs!…
Oct.28 @ The Backbooth (Orlando) – Witchcraft
Oct.30 @ Inertia (Jacksonville) – Freeschool / Pumpkin Carving Party. 7PM
Oct.30 @ Beta Bar (Tallahassee) – Witchcraft
Oct.31 @ Good Idea House (Jacksonville) – Vultures, Two Legit, Mommy’s Mistakes.
Nov.1 @ Transitions (Tampa) – A Death in the Family, The Tim Version, Vultures.
Nov.2 @ House (Orlando) – Vultures
Nov.3 @ House (Deland) – Environmental Youth Crunch, Vultures

Oh hey – I’m free on Oct 29th, who wants to hang out? Ha.  This list makes me realize I need to update the sidebar of events…

… and later.. .
Nov.6 @ TSI – Busdriver
Nov.17 @ Inertia – Grits Eating Competition sponsored by THE FOX, Craptastic Craft Fair, Punk Rock Flea Market, and some bands play.. .
Nov.22 @ Inertia – Mt. Eerie
Nov.26 @ Inertia – Iron Lung, Religious as Fuck.
Dec.1 @ Inertia – Tuffy
Dec.2 @ Inertia – Lou Barlow
Dec 6/7/8 @ Florida Somewhere.. Environmental Youth Crunch and Japanther.
Dec.28 @ Daytona – This Is For You Fest
Dec.29 @ Daytona – This Is For You Fest
Dec.30 @ Daytona – This Is For You Fest


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  1. we were rolling double digits deep

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