Off With Their Heads, Four Letter Word, Alligator, Vultures

October 21, 2007


Tuesday October 23rd at Shantytown. Four great bands. Early show, starts at 9pm.

Off With Their Headsmyspace – (pictured above) From Minnesota. New collections CD on No Idea. For fans of FYP, Dillinger Four, Samiam, J Church, Descendents, Panthro UK United 13 etc.

Four Letter Wordmyspace – From the UK. BYO style straight up punk rock.

Alligatormyspace  – (pictured below)  From St. Augustine… from the website “Alligator: a merry troupe of time and space travellers; nay, not even stopping there, but engaging in a decent dose of of inter-speciation, whereby it’s not an unhealthy lust after the primordial, primitive, and/or evolutionarily stable, all that is ancient and dinosaurian, but simply a clever appreciation for a decent reptile. ”

Vultures – myspace – I play guitar and sing in this band. And, no – I’m not going to describe it.  We play first though. So get there at 9pm promptly.



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