Wild Edible Food Hike, Bike Polo Pictures

October 15, 2007

These kids at UNF got some great things going on. Malory says, this wild edible food hike “will be either or both a class and a hike to learn about recognizing wild edible plants (as well as poisonous ones to stay away from). We need at least five people and up to 25 people. Twelve people (including me) have told me they are interested so far. I’d like to get as many people as possible to make sure that enough people show up the day of. No date is decided upon yet, So for those interested please give days/times you are available to do it so I can try to figure out the best day for everyone. I’ll find out if a weekend day is possible for the teachers.”

So email progressiveactioncommittee@gmail.com and let them know if you are interested in this, and what days are good for you.


Joey Marchy of Urban Jacksonville (Best Blog?) FAME stopped by the store last night, with a sunburned Jaguar nose, the brilliant gameday ‘I’ve been drinking since 1pm’ attitude, and a digital camera.  More pictures of the Bike Polo match that took place before the Tour De Franzia can be found here.  Thank you Joey for not posting pictures of me.

We have some more Tour De Franzia pictures up here soon.   The winner, Christian, came from Gainesville.  Congradulations Christian!  I didn’t get the person’s name who took second place, he starting taking a nap soon as he passed the finish line. 

Everyone have fun? 


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