Best Blog? Best Record Store? Best DJ? Franzia?

October 10, 2007

What happens when the (possibly) best blogger and (possibly) best record store owner go head to head DJ style on the wheels of steel? Biggie Tea, AKA Tony Allegretti, laments of downtowns shortcoming for rock are revealed here. Not really, we just txt messaged enough to find out like 9 more people came to Shanty Town last night.

But yea..
Tuesday at Mark’s Downtown is Teatime!
And Tuesdays at Shanty Town Brendan, Jason, Dylan and myself DJ. We get paid in beer. Funny how it takes four of us to DJ.

More recreational news…


The Jax Urban Assault crew have whipped up this little event. We’re the starting point and finish line. Here’s a message from them.

“So the time has come to put on a rediculous bike race that combines the wonderful world of bike riding and getting tore up from the floor up.

For all those unaware Franzia is a magical and delicious wine sold in the finest form that an alcoholic beverage can take a box.

The start will unofficially be taking place at the new Inertia Books and Records Location in SpringField. 1529 N. Main St.

There will be a ten dollar registration fee due at the start point or you can bring your own five liter of Franzia and the fee will be waved. You must RSVP on this page if you want to race, well have a few spare boxes of Franzia but we need a rough number of how many we need to get.

Overall this will be a 3 to 4 mile loop through Historic Springfield. Well be having check points throughout the course where you will refill your water bottle provided by one of our gracious sponsers. The name of the game is who can hold there boxed wine while keeping their peddles moving the longest. Well be doing 8 laps. Whoever is left and crosses the line first after that eighth lap wins mad respect, sweet prizes and probably a hell of a hang over the next day.

Besides the race we’re going to try to pull off Jacksonville’s first Bike polo match. Well try to provide as many mallots as we can but if you can put any together yourselves it would be greatly appreciated. And also due to an impressive number of tall bikes being spotted around town were gonna see if we can get a little bike jousting comp together.

Come on down and race!! Or just come down and experiance the festivities. Also if you want to do a little more we need volunteers to help out with checkpoints and to ride the course keeping an eye on the participants.”


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