Brent Green and Sin Ropas at San Marco

October 8, 2007

at San Marco

On Thursday at 9:30  – $5 will get you some super animated short work by Brent Green. Brent creates these other-worldly, rickety and crusty short hand made films.  Brent will be on hand to not only present the work but he will be lending his shouting abilities to narrate the shorts.  Brent’s films have screened from Sundance to the Warhol Museum. He even had an evening at the IFC Center in NYC which he found completely preposterous.  The shorts will also be accompanied by a two piece from the mountains of North Carolina, Sin Ropas.  They will be providing their jangley, jagged scores to accompany these silent animated shorts.  Sin Ropas will also stick around to perform a short set. 



  1. forgot to mention there will be free hadacol hunch punch too!!

  2. I had a phenomenal time, thanks for posting this information.

    I was confused though. Was Brent there? Was that him doing the narration? I believe so, but when he began playing guitar with the band (and not simply narrating), I wasn’t sure since the band doesn’t list him as a member? So then I began thinking that I misunderstood and that Sin Ropas there to provide the soundtrack for Brent’s work and that Brent wouldn’t be there.

  3. Brent yells the narration AND plays music.

  4. But he’s not in the band Sin Ropas, correct? Thanks. That’s the only thing that initiated my doubt (when he began playing with the band when I thought he would only narrate.) Thank you.
    It was a great experience.

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