October Events at Inertia

October 2, 2007

Mark your calendar! Some of the events planned for later in the month we’ll be reposting more information about.

October 6th – Vegan Potluck 7PM
Remember to bring a mix tape or CD to trade.  And if you know you’re showing up late, bring dessert!

October 14th – Tour de Franzia 6PM
It’s like the Tour De France, except fueled by high power Franzia box wine, drunken earnestly at every checkpoint. The “race” starts off at Inertia.  After the race we can all inflate those Franzia space packs into pillows for a comfortable rest.   Some silly bike fun is planned for the parking lot.  Stay tuned. 

October 16th – Get A House Freeschool 7PM
Representatives of RADO (the Riverside Avondale Development Organization) willl be teaching a class on buying a home. How to get financing, what assistance grants are available to lower-income and first-time buyers, what to expect, and information about some lovely properties available in the historic district. RADO Marketing Director Jill Liberatori and Jennifer McCharen from the RADO office will be presenting.

October 23rd – Chessskool Freeschool 7PM
1997 US Open Champion (in the under 1800 division) and resident chess guru, Joseph Flowers will be teaching a class on the fundamentals of the game.  What opening moves are, how to develop, how to attack, and discussing different ideas about one of the oldest games in the history of human civilization.

October 30th – Pumpkin Carving Party 7PM
Freeschool cancelled to allow for the 1st annual Inertia Pumpkin Carving Party!  Show up with a Pumpkin at 7:00 and get down with some cutting action on hearty gourd-like vegetables in efforts to eventually frighten small children through the cunning use of candles.


One comment

  1. I’ll try to bring some pumpkins back from the farm festival this weekend…they’ll still be good three weeks from now, right?

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