Upcoming Three Day Rager

September 29, 2007

Last Friday was loaded. Riverside house parties. Jaxcore benefit at The Pearl.  Airport Factory and Wuden at TSI.  Dark Castle, Antartic, Hadouken and 2 Legit at Yesterdays. Well, weekends are one thing. Active, nice – but kind of expected.  Weekday events that rule… That’s the sign of a killer city gone right.  Every day of the week something exciting.

Two weeks ago there was a house show on Myra – featuring Livewire Boys, Shitagoddamn, 2 Legit and one other band.  This show was on a Wednesday night in someones living room!! (not what’s pictured above – that’s Shittagoddamn playing at The Pit.)  Anyway, totally crucial times.  Turned to a friend of mine who wants to move to Portland – “Why do you want to move to Portland? This rules.” 

So… weekday events.

Day One. Oct 2nd @ Shanty Town.

Wednesday’s ‘Crucial Helping’ DJs, Dylan, Jason and Brendan, haved switched nights. Tuesdays and getting crucial now.  They’ve also taken a rookie into their ranks – me.  I’ll be spinning records on Tuesdays now as well.  I promise Television, Bayonettes, Observers, Wipers, The Vicious, Jay Reatard, Kill The Hippies, Onion Flavored Rings, Carrie Nations, and some Cypress Hill for good measure.  Dude, they’re good.

Day Two. Oct 3rd @ Downtown – A celebration of my birth… and Art Walk.
Yep. Downtown Vision whipped us this little event for my birthday, thanks guys!

Day Three. Oct 4th @ Shanty Town – Shitagoddamn and ICU.

You think you’d get tired of this place, you really would. But nope. Enough diversity between nights and it’s all good. Plus some record store, with righteous hours of operation, is right next door.  ICU is some New York punk ‘featuring’ Dave (of local Pull The Trigger fame) on Bass.

And then rest up for the Vegan Potluck October 6th at 7pm @ Inertia.


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