Introducing James Siboni Picks #1

September 21, 2007

Welcome full time employee, and now part time blogger, James Siboni to the site.  Unlike most humans living in Florida, his job mostly involves sitting at a record store, listening to records and reading Snakepit.  If you thought this wasn’t taxing enough for one man to handle, his “spare time” is used running Medusa Buttons, and playing bass guitar for Casey Jones, Vultures and (the now defunct?) Chinese Horses.

We’ll be posting weekly (or so) updates of whatever James thinks about the records he’s been cranking up at Inertia.


1) Chuck Ragan – Feast or Famine
You know Chuck Ragan as the singer/guitar player of the ever so loved post hardcore legends HOT WATER MUSIC but he has just released his first solo studio album. I really was not expecting much from the record because I was not really a fan of the last few HWM releases but this record is actually really good. Musically it is very different from anything he wrote for HWM. The songs are very early country and folk sounding including many instruments like fiddle, banjo, mandolin etc… But vocally the he still has that gruffy shout similar to his vocal styling in HWM and it matches the music well. Also there are guest vocals on some songs by Matt Skiba of ALKILINE TRIO and Jolie Holland of BEGOOD TANYAS.

2) ANS – The Process of Getting Stoked
ANS stands for AWESOME NAKED SQUAD and they are four crucial dudes from Texas. This is a rad skate punk/surf rock record that was released a few months ago but sounds like it could have been released twenty years ago. Now this band plays shows with bands like BONES BRIGADE and MUNICIPAL WASTE but if this were the 80’s they would play shows with BIG BOYS, AGGRESSION, JFA, ADOLESCENTS and AGENT ORANGE.

3) Dead Kennedys – Plastic Surgery Disasters
You already know what DK sounds like and you like them or you do not. I like them. I have owned a copy of the record since the 8th grade and I still put it on sometimes. This was their 2nd full length LP and one of their best. These songs were written in 1982 but the lyrics are still relevant today. This new reissue comes with a rad 28 page booklet. STOKED.

4) Ghost Mice – Europe
For the past 5 or 6 years the whole folk punk thing has really blown up and on of the labels that have been putting out (mostly) quality records of the genre is Bloomington Indiana’s PLAN-IT-X RECORDS. GHOST MICE is made up of the 2 people who run that label, Hannah and Chris. Those two have been in a lot of bands over the past few years including OPERATION: CLIFF CLAVIN and THE DEVIL IS ELECTRIC but EUROPE
is defiantly one of my favorite records that Chris and Hannah or PLAN-IT-X has ever been a part of. The two of them went on a three month long trip through Europe with only $900 each and no real plans on what do while there. This record is a concept album about their trip. Every song on this record is a story about their experiences in a different country. This album is adventuress and inspiring. Also Matty Pop Chart played on some of the songs. Did anyone see GHOST MICE when they played in Josh’s dining room in 2002?

5.) Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady
I am sure most of you reading this already know all about the BUZZCOCKS… And if you don’t I am sure you can find a thousand websites dedicated to them. They wrote some pretty amazing songs between 1977 and 1979. This record is 16 of those songs. ORGASM ADDICT, HAVE YOU EVER FALLEN IN LOVE?, NOISE ANNOYS just to name a few. This band had a huge part in the development of punk and indie music. You can tell really tell by listening to these songs. I love them.

6) Tristess – Vad Ska Vi Bli?
I really know almost nothing about TRISTESS. I know this record is really good. I know it was released in 2004. I know they are from Umea and I think they did a tour with (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY in Sweden a few years ago. I don’t have the Internet right now so I can’t look anything up about them for you but you might want to look them up for yourself. They are great. For fans of THE KIDS and THE REGULATIONS.


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