Want to Download Out-of-Print Florida music?

September 17, 2007


OK, so this pretty much rules. Fucking Sunshine State is a fairly new website supporting Florida’s DIY music scene. The site has 2 main features: show listings and free music. Anybody can submit a show to the website and it shows up instantly. The music section is an attempt to document and share rare music, ranging from albums that have been out of print for a few years to demos from brand new bands. Music is added in issues.  It has 20 albums total, including quite a few unreleased albums (most notably from Kite Flying Society and Aphid Ant Constructions), label samplers, and a lot of demos from bands you may not have ever heard of. The second issue is already being worked on, so if you have any rare music to share please visit the site to find out how to submit it.

All the out of print releases from our in-store label, Dead Tank Records, will be available through them at some point.


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  1. i heard this site is cool

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