New Records, New Shows

September 16, 2007

New records that we don’t have, that is..

I feel like I haven’t even been talking or thinking about much music lately – what with all the new store stuff.  And I know a bazillion “amazing” records are coming out soon etc. These just sort of caught my eye – and what a better reason for a Sunday post.  


The new Om record was announced recently… Southern Lord will be releasing it October 2nd. The album, “Pilgrimage”, was recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL. by Steve Albini. The album is currently being mastered by Bob Weston (also in Shellac) at Chicago Mastering Services.  And that’s really all I know about it.  We’ll have it the store soon as I can get them.

Oh, and there’s a video on Youtube with OM playing one of the new tracks here.


Miami’s Mehkago N.T. played last night in Jacksonville at the French Quarter.  I didn’t go for a few reasons. 1. It’s a strip club, right? 2. $10 show. 3. Weird death metal bands, no thanks. 4. Roomate’s birthday 5. Worked the store till 10pm.  Yep. So, sorry to you all – because that means I didn’t get a chance to get the new Mehkago N. T. / Ruins split 7″. Getting copies for the store in the mail promptly, until then listen here. This band features members of Torche and Shitstorm. Sounds like old school heavy grindcore with a twinge of Dbeat.  Think…Discharge, Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Cro-mags, Doom, Onslaught, Infest.


Brainworms/The Catalyst split 7″!  I got the vinyl sent down with the help of a traveling friend, but that was before the covers were done. Richmond’s Rorschach Records have since finished the covers and they are being mailed to me as we speak.  So expect these in the store super soon. Five great tracks between two of Richmond’s finest bands.

Speaking of Richmond (and Rorschach Records), we do have The Best Friends Day 6 Compilation LPs.  13 tracks total by Brainworms, Pink Razors, Snacktruck, Kylesa, Ultra Dolphins, Deadfall, Environmental Youth Crunch, Tigershark, Best Fwends, Iron Lung, Rager, Dynamite Arrows. All proceeds go back to the bands, Best Friends Day(so they can keep stuff cheap), and Marty Zanin’s efforts in El Salvador.  This record is awesome so hit it up!

New Shows

I updated the “Upcoming Events” section to the right. That show with Iron Lung isn’t 100% confirmed so don’t go quitting your job and selling all of your belongings just yet.  

Also Emperor X and friends November something or other. YES! 

And this has nothing to do with anything posted above, but the The World Beard & Moustache 2007 Championships webpage is here. Wow.


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  1. why yes, i would love to play the emperor X show. sweet.

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