Friday Opening…

September 12, 2007

We open on Friday.  Every second I’m not at the library doing storytime for the kids, I’m  busting ass to get this place open ASAP for “the kids.”  Friday it is.  Floors and walls painted, new records and books are in,  and new shelving and displays built and painted.  

Official hours as of this Friday.

Tuesday – Thursday 1-8
Friday / Saturday 12-10
Sunday 1-8
Monday – closed 

Get a google map to our new location here.

So stop by and visit before these rad shows at Shanty Town.


The Followup Update…

Once the store aspect is open and running smoothly, I’ll be getting the other great things scheduled and set up.  This is what’s on my list to get set up next.

* As mentioned in previous posts, Steve Sikes is working out a freeschool schedule – that should be alive and kicking by mid-late October. 

* Although the community room space isn’t nearly complete, I’m talking with James Shanks, owner, of the new and neighboring Viva Computers (located in the SPAR building actually) about procuring some hot, and local, deal on Wi-Fi. 

* I called the clinic yesterday to make sure they’re still on board for the free STD testing and they are.  I’ll be meeting with them next week at the space to see how we can accommodate them for a few hours once a week.

* Coffee. Yum.  I need to shop around for a big ol percolator. Donations of ‘hey, we got a percolator we don’t use’ are much appreciated. Get in touch.  Percolator donation by Laurel Lee will be picked up shortly.  Thanks Laurel!

And to not forget we’re a record / book store… 

>>  New store construction playlist..

* Old Growth “s/t” CD – Local, who now resides in Portland, John Magnifico belts out some great rock tunes great for building a wall.

* Lemonheads “Hate Your Friends” CD – Garage rock played at hardcore punk speed. Whenever I hear the song “Uhhh” I think of the Pink Razors covering it, so that’s one more reason to smile.  Not for fans of the later Lemonheads stuff, but good painting music.   I actually got this at the local library, which is Inertia’s largest competitor for CDs – I love it!  The Jacksonville Public Library has so many good albums. Please check out what they have.

* Ten Volt Shock “6Null3” CD – Noisy buzz saw guitars to go with my circular saw.  This German band does some serious rockin’ on this record.  Wonderfully noisy post hardcore.

* Tubers “s/t” CD – Total classic in my mind. Toured with in Europe and love every song.  In fact, just go here and listen to them.

* Dead Friends “s/t” Cassette – Chris, from Merkit, has a label called Drugged Conscience based in Naples FL. That’s what this cassette release was done on. Dead Friends is Gainesville’s take on early 90’s hardcore ala Assfactor 4.  Super good.

>> And Reading list..

* On Subbing: The First Four Years by Dave Roche – Ok so I’ve read this before.  But when it came in I had to read it again.  Casual tone, but clear and concise.  Really funny, cute and often touching stories by a substitute teaching assistant. Short little entries on a day-to-day basis about subbing in on Special Ed classes. Some of the classes Dave, our friendly author, subs for include children with extreme behaviour problems or kids in wheelchairs/kids with severe handicaps. The writing is honest, earnest, and hilarious.  If you’re a punk rock/indie rock geek/nerd whatever you’ll love this. ” You get cute little drawings by the author’s friends and lots of entertainment – I’m partial to how the kids make fun of him and how often Dave gets kicked in the balls.

* My Brain Hurts by Liz Baille – A graphic novel about a group of teenage queer punks.  I’m not queer or in High School but it was still a good read.  It’s like they were your actual high school friends tho – pissing off the administration and taking care of each other when they get beat up.  Good dialogue, characters, and storytelling for sure.

Huey: The Spirit of The Panther by David Hilliard – Written by the chief of staff of the Black Panther Party, this book is a good insider view of the party’s beginnings.  It illuminates Huey’s use of not only the gun, but moreso the law as a gun. I got the this at the library too.



  1. What is your address in Springfield. I dont want to google it. I want you to tell me directly. And I will come. Jim Crooks

  2. Please tell me your address as I want to visit. Goodgle is not good enough for me. Jim Crooks

  3. 1520 N Main St
    Jacksonville, FL 32206

    There it is Jim!

    If you click on the google maps link it says the address. And if you click on our ‘contact’ page it also has the address. See you soon!

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