September 9, 2007

As mentioned before, Steve Sikes will be organizing the Freeschool classes at the new location.  Here’s a message from Steve…

Freeschool/Skillshare Project: coming soon to an Inertia near you.

The Good News: Freeschool is coming back.
The Bad News: We need something from you.

What we need is feedback. Looking back over the last year or so we have what we see as it’s successes and we have other things we see as failures.  But with the change in venue and such, we’re looking to make Freeschools better as well.  Help us out w/ some feedback if you would:

1) What do you think about Freeschools being centered more around issues that will help folks better their lives?  (think: less classes on papermaking and animal rights issues and more classes on resume-writing or how to get a better job, time-management, etc…)

2) What do you think about a skillshare program where folks sign up for projects they want to do in the community or even in their own apartments/houses?  (ie:  would you help a TOTAL STRANGER paint their living room or start a garden on a Saturday afternoon just ’cause they needed some help?)

3) The best one:  What classes would YOU like to see taught at a Freeschool.  Feel free to list as many as you like… suggestions are always welcome, and in this case… NEEDED!


You can email Steve at raindog2@riseup.net, or respond to these questions here as a comment.

Also an aside… We are officially closed now at the Heartworks location. Things are moving right along with the building. I could see us being open for business as early as September 12th. We’d still be putting up a sign and painting and plenty of whatnot, but our initial goal of having records and books available to the public should be met.   You’ll hear the official word on our ‘lite’ opening on this site.  So check back.



  1. While I sincerely believe both papermaking and animal rights issues should be present at freeschools they should not supersede skill classes that would help people be more independent and better living situations. Perhaps have those but keep them less frequent than skill classes?

    when I think back on the freeschools I’ve missed I’m more bummed about missing the one that involved fixing sinks than screenprinting.

  2. I think there may be room for fun stuff as well as more practical classes, but I definitely think the latter should be the focus. It makes the venture something good to promote to other community development groups, especially in the urban core area…and anything that gets folks to communicate with groups a little beyond themselves is great.

    RADO will hold one on credit, and subsidies available for low-ish (80% of the Duval County median, which comes to $33,800…which is probably three times what most of us make…) income homebuyers. I just asked. They’re down.

    I’m strongly in support of not just doing static classes, but mobilizing work crews to help people with projects. This might grow into something beyond a freeschool, but could be extremely interesting. “I’m poor, I need to fix my bathroom, what do I do?!” Call Inertia.

    Anyhow, good news, good news.

  3. Jennifer, thats actually an interesting Idea. Springfield has a lot of great long term residents that would love to continue to be a part of the neighborhood, but simply cant afford, or don’t know how to keep up an old home. Find a way to help these folks out would be awesome.

  4. Word. Good feedback… keep it coming!

  5. Skillsharing would be awesome.

    I’d to see like another bike repair class, an organic/native plant gardening class, and I’d especially like a class on housey skills, things like fixing leaky faucets and learning some basic wiring.

  6. Although this reply is a little late, I can’t help but wonder about many of the same fixer-upper classes, I’de love to be able to do some home repair without having to contact my landlord all the time. In the same vein, while I am looking forward to another bike repair class I also think it would be great to do a car repair class. I think being able to check/change the fluids in a car, and how to change a tire, etc. would be extremely valuable!

    Other ideas
    -personal finances
    -safe dumpster diving!
    -traveling (safest, cheapest ways and great mini-trips!)

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