The New Space – 1520 N. Main St.

September 1, 2007


Here we go.  Tony Allegreti, Ian Rainey and myself recently got a great space at 1520 N Main St.  Inertia will be moving to this location.  Tons of parking.  The working title of the whole building is the Buyers Market Lodge, though Inertia will be situated with it’s own signage and entrance.  Actually the address on our door was 1520 1/2 N Main.  Our alley leads directly to a pub called Shanty Town, perhaps you’ve heard of it?  Ian Rainey, of Hip Hop Hell and Shanty Town, will have his record shop located just across the commons area in Buyers Market from Inertia. So… records! records!

We’ll be open as soon as possible but dates have not been announced.

Concerning our old space – Heartworks is not closing.  Some investors are giving it a much needed push to be open full time and ship shape.  Having a record store in the middle just didn’t make much sense.

Back to the new space, and what a space it is! More space means more projects for the community. 

* Tim, from the Jacksonville Film Festival / San marco Theatre, will be doing a film series at the new space.  Right on Main St – a group of late night picnicers watching a movie on the big screen outside.

* Steve Sikes, after finding his land legs from 2 years aboard the Sea Shepherd, and whom has always been enthralled with our Freeschool programs, has decided to be the primary organizer of the Freeschools.  Day and time pending, but it will be the same day and time every week.  The classes will offer the same programs we’ve had before such as bike repair, silkscreening, plumbing, composting, as well as programs like how to handle debt, how to write a resume.  So, stay tuned for that.

* Bizarre Market.  We’ve had a few people interested in being the primary organizer of Bizarre Market, and now we have TONS more space for it. Good things will happen with this.

* Wi-Fi. Free.

*  The Riverside Health Resource Center is super down for using some of the space for an outreach location.  So weekly free STD testing is on the roster.

* We’ve procured a projector, so video game competitons on the side of building are a full reality. Guitar Hero, or that 007 Golden Eye for the N64. Classic. 

* Oh, and speaking of games, the commons area will have a free / donation pool table, foosball (Europeans call it kicker man!) , ping pong, some swank couches, that Double Dragon Game from Shanty Town, and, as a friend described it in a bar to me last night, “a shoot em’ up video game with those two big guns.” Said friend promised she could procure that game for us.  So come play games and listen to records! 

* I mean, we are a bookstore.  Author discussions are going to happen, but until we can procure anyone big (at least to us) to come and talk about a book they wrote,  get a $1 cup of bottomless free trade coffee and talk to your friends about books you’ve read.

* We have space for shows. Live music. Think of those shows at The Pit in Riverside we’ve set up for the past 5 years… And the shows we’ve set up at our old store location… get stoked.   

This project is only possible because of benevolent landlord Mack Bissette of SRG Homes and Neighborhoods.  Also a big thanks again to Tony Allegreti and Ian Rainey, who, with this project, are helping to keep Inertia going.  

Tony talks about it more on his blog here. Thank to Joey Marchy of Urban Jacksonville for mentioning the space and taking that picture. I’m still kinda bummed my camera got stolen on tour in Europe.

Click on our New Items page here to scope out some new things we’ve ordered for the new space.



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  2. wow, awesome.
    guys, this sounds seriously great!

    can’t wait to come and see you there.

  3. This is fantastic! Can’t wait to play a gig there. Congrats!!!

  4. sounds awesome; I am from miami and gainesville, and have been to the old location, and was very saddened b/c i thought it was actually closing. you guys had an awesome store there, and this just sounds fucking kick ass! it is so awesome seeing people trying to build true community, and doing so much! the std testing, movies, everything. bad ass you guys!


  5. This is incredibly exciting news. Just the kind of place I’ve been craving for Springfield. Now that you’ll have more room, I’m hoping that your inventory of books and cd’s will increase? I don’t mean to be greedy or sound unappreciative, but sometimes I come in to Inertia and buy stuff I don’t even really want just to support the business.

  6. so stoked

  7. I’m stoked Inertia’s not closing, a little bummed it will be out of the way for me by being in Springfield.

  8. Caitie, Thanks in advance for doing the article on the space for your school paper – I’m excited!

    Lily and Paul, Yes! Out-of-towners come back soon!

    Jefree – I know right? Thanks for your support and YES, we are trying our best to expand our inventory drastically.

    Joey and Brian, stoked indeed! Sorry if it’s a bit out of the way. Hopefully enough rad record/books and events will warrant a trip to the new space! We’ll be getting a sweet bike rack soon too.

  9. dude, fuck yes. i’m so excited to come check it out. also i put an ad for deadtank on my site, want one for this blog too?

  10. Treymon! That’d be awesome. A post is coming soon about your great website project!

  11. JOSH –

    This sounds incredible! I can’t wait to visit!

  12. this is so awesome! this is what jacksonville needs! i wanted to participate in the bizarre market last time but my schedule was already busy, so it’s good to hear there will be others! i know alot of people that do handmade crafts and things (just from going to shows in savannah and stuff), so whenever you have another one i’ll be sure to pass the news along!

    ❤ stephanie

  13. YES!
    I was so sad at the thought of Inertia going away, and I am extremely happy at the thought if it not going away, and instead growing.

    Our JCNI community garden will be right down the street, next to The Pearl. We’ll be there all the time. We’ll teach free schools on climate change and gardening…it will be lovely.

    Please let me know how I can help.

    This makes my day, week, probably half-month. Thank god Mack Bissette gets it. Dear Jacksonville, you don’t suck half as much as you did last week.

  14. I’m going to be right up the street from you!

  15. hey this is awesome, i cant wait to come and visit!

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