Summer is slowing down…

August 26, 2007

…at least for me.

Save this evenings Wayward Council Benefit show with Environmental Youth Crunch in Gainesville, I’m done.  The summer has been jammed packed with shows, tours, records and the naturally accompanying great times. But it’ll be nice to recede into the cooler months with a much needed deep breath.  

Part of this is my decision to not do mailorder.   I was so excited about everything in Europe, and I come home and add to my already busy life by trying to do mailorder?  No thanks.  An error of exuberance and excitement perhaps, but an error none the less.  Concerning mailorder, I’ll only be dealing with Dead Tank releases and friends releases as I always have.  

Speaking of the label, the Environmental Youth Crunch “Let’s Ride” LP has been completed and copies are available at Inertia. The CD version on Bakery Outlet Records will be available at the store soon.  Other upcoming releases on the in-house label include Gomek’s “What The Hell Happened?” 7″, from Orlando, and New York’s Dessert Storm on a 7″.  For good measure, Gomek’s myspace page is here, and we posted previously about Dessert Storm here. I’ll be doing an LP version of the Cassette LP on Bakery Outlet Records, with the bakers themselves – that is, a split label release. Cassette is Samantha Jones of Bitchin/Rumbleseat/Slang. Listen to her songs here.

Lily from Tampa, who rode with us to Best Friends Day, sent me some pictures BFD stuff. Check out our flickr page, linked to the right.  Playing with Environmental Youth Crunch at Richmond’s Best Friends Day was unbelievable. Thanks to all of Richmond for everything and the massive amount of Floridians who made the drive.

Oh yeah…

All this talk… sometimes I lose sight of the fact that this is a blog for a record store.  Here’s the cut n’ dry of it.  We’ll have these new two great records soon from Richmonds Rorschach Records.

* Brainworms / The Catalyst split 7″ 
* V/A – Best Friends Day Compilation feat.  Brainworms, Pink Razors, Snacktruck, Kylesa, Ultra Dolphins, Deadfall, Environmental Youth Crunch, Tigershark, Best Fwends, Iron Lung, Rager, Dynamite Arrows. All proceeds go back to the bands, Best Friends Day(so they can keep stuff cheap), and Marty Zanin’s efforts in El Salvador.

And some not so great news…

Don’t have any big orders for new records on the horizon, we recently did that a bunch and still have something for everyone in the bins. 

Otherwise, summertime commerce, as it were, has been slow.  And while I’m not sweatin’ that by any means, it’s been slower in fact for the Heartworks Cafe with whom our fate as a record store resides.  We opened the store a means for them to stay open,  and despite Inertia’s fruitful efforts at earning rent, dutifully paying taxes, and increasing general interest in the space – Heartworks is still sort of plodding through these hot months of drippy AC units. 

That being said, swing by for a carrot dog or for weekend brunch.  I’m not even sure what plan B is at this point.  Though believe me I’m working on it. Right now all it looks like is one less vegetarian/vegan place to eat, a town with no independent record store, and my garage having a lot more records.  Sticking to plan A sounds good.


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