Best Friends Day #6, Post 1

August 20, 2007


Refer to our previous post here to get the info on what Best Friends Day is…

So get prepared for a series of random and half prepared posts as I find pictures online or friends email me pictures.  The one above is one of the group photos from Hadad’s on Saturday.

Day one was the show at Skatelab.  I was in Jacksonville playing a show at The Pit with EYC and Landlord.  But I found from flickr photos from that show here. I’ll forever be amazed that this place opens its doors to hundreds of punk kids on rollerskates, kegs, and hardcore bands for evening on insanity.

Friday was the Scavenger hunt.  This photo was taken from this myspace profile.

Haven’t found any pictures from Saturday’s show yet with Rager,  Ultra Dolphins and Baroness.  We left Jacksonville just it time to get to Richmond for this show.

Saturday was the infamous Hadads.  Here is a video of Nate from Snack Truck / Ultra Dolphins playing at Hadads. The following pictures from Hadads were culled from this flickr account.

Dance Machines


The Other Bikes

Intense Slides


That night, the show was cancelled for some mysterious reason.  Things stilled pulled through and Environmental Youth Crunch, Pink Razors, and Dropdead playing in a Richmond basement. Word travelled fast and the basement, backyard and street were full of people.  After all was said and done the basement was sadly ruined.  The drop ceiling w/ ceiling tiles was completely obliterated, and the floor had caved in. 

Oh, and I found  a video of some Best Friends Day 5 footage here.


I’ll post more things as I find them etc.  The next few days I’ll be out of town on tour with Civilization, Black Cobra and The Kult of Ouroboros.  Listen to newly recorded Civilization jams here.

Tuesday – Common Grounds in Gainesville
Wednesday – Transitions in Tampa
Thursday – Uncle Lou’s in Orlando



  1. I found you in the first picture!

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