Shellshocked Distro

August 11, 2007

Our in-house label Dead Tank started out as a distro in 2001.  Setting up a table at shows to sell records and books.  That turned into the label, and all of that turned into our store six years later. 

Cory from Shellshocked (far right) emailed me a while back about his distro.  I was really excited because not many distros exist in Florida.  I thought I’d pass on the word about what he’s doing.

“Shellshocked Distro was started back in 2004 and due to some financial trouble I had to take a break for a year but now I’ve started it back up again.  I’m hoping to keep it going for good this time. Same as before, all money that I make will go back into buying other records. I try my best to get crust, d-beat and stenchcore records that you don’t normally see in a FL distro, especially releases from Swedish, Japanese, Finnish, Polish, South American and yes even US bands. If there’s anything you’re looking for that I don’t carry let me know and I’ll see if I can get ahold of it for you. “ shelshock.jpgTo order just email or contact him through his myspace page with what you’d like. Shellshocked is currently operating out of Venice, FL –  but is moving to Tampa shortly.
You can contact Cory via email at hammeringthenails@hotmail.com, and through his myspace page here.

Click the “More” link below to see the current Shellshocked Catalog.New additions…D.S.B.- Wait Tremblingly Radical Punx Attack 7′

Disclose- Apocalypse Of Death 7′

Disclose/Framtid- Split 7′

Kvoteringen- Vidrig Maskinell Framfart 7′

Pisschrist/Apparatus- Split 7′

Severed Head Of State- Charge Ahead 7′


Amebix- The Power Remains LP

Criminal Damage- S/T LP

Dodsdomd- Samhallets Fiender Nummer Ett LP

Kvoteringen- Bister Prognos LP

Pisschrist- Nothing Has Changed LP

Sawthroat- Inde$troy LP



Guided Cradle- Axe Logo

Hellshock- Font

Icons Of Filth- Peace Logo

Inepsy- Nuclear Nightmare

Nuclear Death Terror- Consumed/Destroyed

Nuclear Death Terror- Peace Skeleton

Pisschrist- Goat Skull

Visions Of War- Font

Visions Of War- Apocalyptic Crust Punk

Visions Of War- 10 Years Of Booze…




Burial- Hungry Wolves 7′

Germ Attack- Canadian Concentration Camp 7′

Germ Attack- Zapatista 7′

Pisschrist/Kvoteringen- Split 7′


Filth Of Mankind- The Final Chapter LP

Framtid- Under The Ashes LP

Wolfbrigade- Prey To The World LP


__ Main Catalog __


AGE – The Spider Rules Your Emotions 7″                               $4.50

(Crushing Japanese metallic crust)


ANTICHRIST- Damed Those Who Prefer… 7′                      $4.00

(Heavily distorted Polish hardcore)


ASSAULT – Martyrdom 7″                                                      $4.00

(Japanese hardcore)


AUTORITAR- S/T 7′                                                              $4.00


BURIAL- Hungry Wolves 7′                                                    $5.00

 (Amazing Japanese metallic crust)


CONSUME/RESOLVE- Split 7′                                             $4.00

(Two great bands who both share members of State Of Fear)


D.S.B.- Wait Tremblingly Radical Punx Attack 7′                     $4.00

(Japanese fast paced hardcore punk)


DEFORMED CONSCIENCE / 3 WAY CUM – Split 7′        $5.00

(Classic CT crust paired with Swedish crust)


DESOLATION- S/T 7′                                                          $4.00


DESPITE-The Last Breath Of A Dying Race 7′                        $4.00


DISCLOSE- Apocalypse Of Death 7′                                      $4.00

(Condensed from their LP)


DISCLOSE/FRAMTID- Split 7′                                              $5.00

(2 legendary Japanese d-beat bands together on one 7′)


DISCLOSE / CRUELTY – split 7′                                           $5.00

(No explanation needed, fans of d-beat pick this up)


DISCLOSE/SCARRED FOR LIFE – Split 7″                            $4.00

(Last 7′ released by Disclose before Kawakami died)


DISCLOSE/WORLD BURNS TO DEATH- Split 7′                 $4.00

(Japanese d-beat meets raw Texas crust w/ members of Severed Head)


DISKLEMA- S/T 7′                                                                $4.00

(Blistering Finnish crust)


DISKONTO- More Power To The Cops 7′                            $4.00

(Swedish hardcore punk)


DISSECT- Todettista Todettisuuta 7′                                       $4.00

(Finnish hardcore crust)


DOG SOLDIER – Ghosts 7″                                                    $4.00

(Portland crust w/ members of Blood Spit Nights)                                   


ECONOCHRIST – Another Victim 7″                                     $3.00

(Classis political punk)


EXTINCTION OF MANKIND- Scars Of Mankind…           $4.00

(Don’t need to tell you about this) 


FINAL MASSAKRE – The Bells of Hell… 7″                           $3.50

(Portland crust w/members of Severed Head Of State)             


FORCED MARCH- Wasted Existence 7′                                $4.00

(Hardcore punk out of Portland, comes w/ screened obi strip)


GAUZE – Gauze 7″                                                                  $4.00

(Legendary Japanese crust)


GERM ATTACK- Canadian Concentration Camp 7′               $4.00

 (Canadian crust/d-beat mix, 1st 7′)


GERM ATTACK- Zapatista 7′                                                $4.00

(2nd album of Canadian crust/d-beat) 


GIVE UP THE GHOST – Year One 2×7″                                $8.50

(Members of American Nightmare, limited edition double 7′)


HELLSHOCK- Warlord 7′                                                     $4.00

(Portland stenchcore)


HUMAN BASTARD- War Of The lords 7′                             $5.00

(Brutal Crust out of Spain, think Anti-Cimex)


HUMAN BASTARD/DISUNDEAD- Split 7′                         $4.00

(An early split Human Bastard did with Disundead)


ICONOCLAST – the first 7″                                                    $3.00


IMPERIAL LEATHER – Antibodies 7″                                    $4.00

(Melodic Swedish female fronted punk)


KONTEMPT- S/T 7′                                                              $4.00

(Raw hardcore punk from Canada, think Anti-Cimex)


KULTURKAMPF- Too Cold To Smell The Dead 7′              $4.00

(Punker than a 2 foot Mohawk and piss stained stretch jeans)


KUOLEMA- Noise From The Sick City 7′                              $4.00

(Finnish noise punk legends)


KVOTERINGEN- Vidrig Maskinell Framfart 7′                       $4.00

(Great S. American d-beat out on Terrotten records)


KYLESA – No Ending 7″                                                         $4.00

(Powerful metallic punk out of Savannah, GA)


OI POLLOI- Resist The Atomic Menace 7′                             $5.00

(Scottish political anarcho crust)


OI POLLOI- The Only Release? 7′                                          $4.00

(Scottish political anarcho crust)


OROKU- S/T 7′                                                                      $4.00


PISSCHRIST/APPARATUS- Split 7′                                      $4.00

(Australian and Malaysian raw d-beat, the latest Pisschrist album)


PISSCHRIST/KVOTERINGEN- Split 7′                                $5.00

(All out d-beat attack, 2 amazing bands, highly recommended)


RUIN- Distort Confuse 7′                                                        $5.00

(Dark d-beat, members of Doom, Disaffect)



(Swedish crustcore and female fronted Swedish hardcore)


SANCTUM- S/T 7′                                                                 $5.00

(Seattle< ST1:CITY> stenchcore)


SANCTUS IUDA/REGENERACION-Split 7′                        $4.00


SCHIFOSI- Half Lit World 7′                                                  $4.00

(Dark melodic hardcore from Australia)


SEVERED HEAD OF STATE- Charge Ahead 7′                     $4.00

(One of SHOS’s best 7’s)


SHIKABANE- Ego And Desire 7′                                           $4.00

(Dark and heavy Japanese hardcore)


SKELETON- What Will You Do?                                           $4.00

(Raw d-beat, think Disclose)


SMOL- I Couldn’t Care Less… 7′                                          $4.00

(Members of 3 Way Cum)


SONGRE DE LOS PUERCOS- They Lie We Die 7′              $4.00

(Really loud and raw shit)


TIERRA DE NADIE- Sordos A La Tierra 7′                           $3.50

(80’s style d-beat thrash from Chicago and Madison)


TODAYS OVERDOSE- S/T 7′                                              $5.00

(Members of Wolfbrigade take on a more Poison Idea feel)


TOTALITAR – Klass Inte Ras 7″                                             $4.00

(Classic Swedish hardcore)


WORLD BURNS TO DEATH – Human Meat Tossed.. 7″      $4.00

(Raw crust out of Austin, TX w/ members of Severed Head Of State)




ALL SYSTEMS FAIL- S/T LP                                               $9.00

(Gatefold, members of Aus Rotten, fast paced political crust)


AMEBIX- The Power Remains LP                                          $10.00

(1 Studio side and 1 live side from this legendary band)


AUS ROTTEN – …And Now Back To Our… LP                     $10.00

(Classic Pittsburgh anarcho crust)


AUS ROTTEN- The Rotten Agenda LP                                   $10.00

(Last album from the legendary anarcho crust unit out of Pittsburgh)


AUSGEBOMBT – Hellbomber LP                                           $9.00

(Raw Portland metallic crust, members of Hellshock, BSN)


BALLAST- Fuse LP                                                                $9.00

(Melodic political punk)


BEHIND ENEMY LINES – Know Your Enemy LP                $9.00

(Political crust with a metal edge from PA, members of Aus Rotten)


BEHIND ENEMY LINES- The Global Cannibal LP             $10.00

(2nd album of political metallic crust, w/ members of Aus Rotten)


BESTHOVEN/SKELETON- Split LP                                    $9.00

(Brazillian d-beat horror crust with Canadian d-beat)


CHRIST ON PARADE – Sounds of Nature LP                       $9.00

(Classic East Bay hardcore, a must have)


CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE – Invention… Gatefold LP                 $9.00

(Needs no explanation)


CONFLICT- There Is No Power Without Control LP              $10.00

(2002 album from this classic anarcho punk band)


CONSUME – Discography LP                                                 $9.00

(Compiles all their 7’s and some previously unreleased material)


CRIMINAL DAMAGE- S/T LP                                              $9.00

(Melodic punk out of Portland)


CROW – Bloody Tear LP                                                        $10.00

(Latest release from these Japanese crust masters)                                                        


CUT THROAT – S/T LP (1 sided)                                          $8.00

(Portland d-beat w/ members of Hellshock, Blood Spit Nights)


DEAD KENNEDYS- Bedtime For Democracy LP                  $9.00


< P>

DEPRIVED- Discography 89-92 LP                                        $9.00

(Compiles all their material from 1989-1992)


DISSASSOCIATE- Symbols, Signals & Noise LP                   $9.00

(Brutal grindcore out of NY)


DODSDOMD- Samhallets Fiender Nummer Ett LP                 $9.00


DOG SOLDIER- The Barking Of The Dogs Of War LP          $9.00

(Portland crust w/ members of Blood Spit Nights and Defiance)


DROWN IN BLOOD- S/T LP                                                $10.00

(Metallic crust from Hamburg, w/ members of Instinct of Survival)


ENDROPHOBIA- S/T LP                                                       $9.00

(Hardcore punk from Stuggart, Germany, members of Severed Head)


EXTINCTION OF MANKIND- Northern Scum LP               $9.00

(New album from this legendary band)


FILTH OF MANKIND- The Final Chapter LP                        $10.00

(Dark crusty metal from Poland) 


FRAMTID – Under The Ashes LP                                           $12.00

(Super distorted Japanese d-beat, 1st time pressed in the US)


GUIDED CRADLE – System Survivers LP                              $11.00

(1st album, epic raw Czech stenchcore)


HAMMER – Yellow LP (Japense Text)                                    $9.00

(Japanese raw punk)


HELLKRUSHER- Doomsday Hour LP                                   $10.00

(Classic discharge style punk from Newcastle, members of Hellbastard)


HOLOKAUST- Into The Void Of Oblivion LP                        $9.00

(Califronia d-beat, an amazing album)


KAAOS- Ismit LP                                                                   $10.00

(Classic Finnish hardcore punk)


KAAOS – Ristiinnaulittu LP                                                      $9.00

(Classic Finnish hardcore punk)


KVOTERINGEN- Bister Prognos LP                                      $9.00

(South American d-beat)


LIES FEED THE MACHINE- S/T LP                                     $9.00

(Dark and melodic d-beat from Berlin, think State Of Fear)


NAKED AGGRESSION- March March Along LP                  $9.00

(Classic female fronted political punk out of CA)


ORDER OF THE VULTURE – LP (gatefold)                          $10.00

(Portland based horror crust with a black metal feel)


PHOBIA – Serenity Through Pain LP                                       $8.00

(Another grindcore epic from Phobia)


PISSCHRIST- Nothing Has Changed LP                                 $9.00

(Australian d-beat with a more Japanese feel)


PROOF OF EXISTENCE- Scriptural Disaster LP                  >$10.00

(Japanese d-beat)


RUIN- Ghost Of The Past LP                                                  $9.00

(Dark d-beat, members of Doom, Disaffect)


SAWTHROAT- Inde$troy LP                                                $9.00

(Members of Doom)


SHIKABANE- Why Do You Live LP                                     $11.00

(Dark and heavy Japanese hardcore)


STORMCROW – Enslaved In Darkness LP                             $10.00

(Epic stenchcore from the US)


STORMCROW/SANCTUM – split LP                                   $10.00

(Gatefold LP: stenchcore meets crusty sludge)              


SUBSTANDARD- Singles And Demos Discography LP          $9.00

(Mid 90’s anarcho punk from the UK)


TO WHAT END?- Concealed Below The Surface LP             $9.00

(Melodic Swedish crust, male and female vocals, members of Wolfbrigade)


VARIOUS ARTISTS- Amebix Japan LP                                 $10.00

(Age, Effigy, Acrostix, Life, Zoe & Raw Gauge covering Amebix songs)


VARIOUS ARTISTS- Vi Lar Av Historien                              $9.00

(Features: Human Bastard, Martyrdod, Autoritar, Dissect, etc.)


VISIONS OF WAR/COP ON FIRE- Split LP                        $9.00

 (Amazing split between these two d-beat monsters)


VISIONS OF WAR/OLHO DE GATO- Split LP                    $10.00

(Raw Belgium d-beat meets anarcho punk from Holland)


VOETSEK- The Castrator Album LP                                      $9.00

(Female fronted thrash/grind) 


WARCRY -Deprogram LP                                                      $9.00

(Heavily influenced Discharge style d-beat out of Portland)


WARTORN- In The Name Of The Father… LP                      $9.00

 (The new Wartorn LP)


WITCH HUNT-…As Priorities Decay LP                               $9.00

(1st LP from this female fronted political punk band out of PA)


WITCH HUNT- Blood Red States                                          $9.00

(Newest release from this female fronted band out of Philly)


WOLFBRIGADE – A D Beat Odyssey LP                              $9.00

(Swedish melodic d-beat)


WOLFBRIGADE – Prey To The World LP                             $11.00

(Brand new album from this long running Swedish melodic d-beat band)



GUIDED CRADLE- System Survivors CD                              $9.00



*All patches are $1 each, they come of very tough black fabric (expensive kind) and are printed with grey ink


Guided Cradle- Axe Logo

Hellshock- Font

Icons Of Filth- Peace Logo

Inepsy- Nuclear Nightmare

Nuclear Death Terror- Consumed/Destroyed

Nuclear Death Terror- Peace Skeleton

Pisschrist- Goat Skull

Visions Of War- Font

Visions Of War- Apocalyptic Crust Punk

Visions Of War- 10 Years Of Booze…



  1. just curious:

    what are “d-beat and stenchcore?” are these some movements i should be curious about?

  2. Nick!

    They are two genres / subgenres..

    D-beat is a style of hardcore punk. Owing it’s name, in part, to the band Discharge. Older bands Anti-Cimex, Bastard and like Modern bands Tragedy, Totalitar, Decontrol.

    Stenchcore is a subgenre of crust punk, it’s kind of just early crust punk. Bands like Amebix, Antisect, early Bolt Thrower. Current stenchcore bands would be like Hellshock or Extinction of Mankind.

  3. Hi, located Buenos Aires, Argentina. Knew about you through PE mag. This may strike you as kind of weird but the peace-skeleton logo is THE coolest one I´ve seen EVER. It would make a hell of a tatoo, I´m tellin ´ya. Can it possibly be purchased in the form of a big backpatch for my jacket or maybe a small embroided patch ?

    Thanx a lot——-Martin (46) oldest punk in Argentina.

  4. hi how are you

  5. Hello there,

    we are H.I.V. from Turin,Italy.

    Can you put our last cd “Insanity Or Death” in your distribution?

    If you want I can send some copies,don’t worry about the money.


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