Show at THE PIT, Vegetarian Potluck.

August 8, 2007

Pit Show!

The show starts on time.  Weird, right?  I want to party and have a good time, but it’d be nice if the show was accessible to everyone, that means not having it go till 3am.  8pm is a good time to hang and eat food, and 10pm is a good time to get loud and crazy.  No underage drinking.  Please don’t ruin this for everyone else.  Definetly come hang out, but stay inside the fenced area and clean up after yourself.  I know it’s just a parking lot, but people pay rent at The Pit – people who get fined by the city and pissed when you leave it a mess.  Please respect this space, bullshit attitudes stay home.

The band Instrumenstration will be playing during the potluck.  It’s Carmen and Kia from The Mountain Yellers.

Bring food to the potluck already cooked and prepared, we won’t have a grill or anything at The Pit.  If you show up a with a pizza, you and a friend get in for free.  I mean cooking is good and all, but pizza is also good.  Also, beer is not food.

Bands links..
Shitagoddamn myspace link
Extorbosocial myspace link
Section 802
FTN myspace link


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