Weekend Times

July 12, 2007

So, my first weekend back in Jacksonville and it’s jammed packed with rad things to do…  

whman.jpgI should mention first off, since we’re a music store and all about the music,  that Vinyl Frontier is having a record show that lasts all weekend!  So if you thing is buying records, you have no excuse not to go. Here’s the stats…

July 13th, 14th and 15th.
Friday 5-10pm = $10
Saturday / Sunday 10-5pm = $3
A three day pass is only $10

2116 Atlantic Ave.
Jacksonville, FL  32207
For more info call 483-0650

Right-Oh. And here’s the rest of the weekend day by day.

>>  Friday 

So, it seems like everyone is planning on going to the Monster Art Show on Herschel St… you can get a map here.  I am so stoked based on what of the submissions I’ve seen. There will be Creatures from artists such as Mark George, R.Land, Shaun Thurston, and Urban Art Warfare as well as some pieces from artist’s as young as 9yrs old. See you there.  

Also on Friday, is a show at Inertia – 10pm, after the dinner.  You can totally do both and have fun I promise.  Its a nice walk or bike ride from one to the other. The show has two touring bands, Nice and Friendly (myspace) and Life Under a Tree (myspace) and then three of your favorites locals Tuffy, Becky from Peace Trout and Max Wood. 

>> Saturday

First things first – get brunch at Heartworks and look through all the new items at the store.  


Shanty Town hosts a show Saturday night for two touring bands. Republicorpse (myspace.com) from Orlando,  FL bring Man in The Bastard/Assuck style grind. They just released a 7″ (pictured) on a new label from Orlando called Deathroll Records (myspace.com).   Dead Radical (myspace.com) hails from Scranton, PA – and play sort of technical thrashy grind. They’ve done a split 7″ with XBrainiaX.  Local band Hallelujah is also playing.

Saturday night also has a show at Yesterdays (corner of Park and Dancy).  I don’t know much about it except that Tuffy and The Yusge are playing along with like 10 other bands, and it’s a benefit to raise money for better sound equipment at Yesterdays.

Also, if you’re in the traveling mood. Orlando is hosting an Alley Kat Bike Race (link), finished off by a set from The Holy Mountain.  I’ve heard it will be one of the Mountain’s last shows.

>> Sunday

And of course Sunday means more Heartworks brunch. Noice!

Then Hip Hop all day!  Bike to this event!



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